Strange and wonderful pictures of the year

Fotoitogi year does not have to be terrible and serious. They can be funny, cute and very strannye.Kazhdy year photostocks, photo sites, information agencies, publishing houses and other fotoitogi summarize and announce the best pictures of the year. Historically, that almost all such "Photographer of the Year" is a compilation of the horrors of natural disasters, wars, hunger and other suffering. This is understandable - such images cause the viewer the greatest number of high emotional intensity. But look at it hard, frustrating and very sad. Good photos happen unless at National Geographic and similar publications.

It turns out that it is not necessary, the photos must be either about nature or about the nightmares. Website Totally Cool Pix collected the most weird and wonderful images of 2011 - no corpse, no suffering. Well, except that there wormed couple eruptions, little lightning, one fun looking dispersal of the rally and a rabbit-hawk future victim.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, 5.10.2011

College students at a rally in Tokyo, 8.02.2011

Egyptians pray during Friday prayers in Tahrir Square, 4.02.2011

Eruption shinmoe in Japan, 28.01.2011

Spaniard Carlos Sainz and co-driver Lucas Cruz travel during the sixth stage of the Dakar Rally, 6.01.2011

Military parade in honor of the 68 anniversary of Independence Day of Lebanon, 22.11.2011

Polar bear under water in the Canadian zoo Saint-Felicien, 31.10.2011

The girl looks at the installation of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei "Forever Bicycles», 28.10.2011

Newborn in the pediatric ward of the hospital in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 21.10.2011

Swim triathletes at the World Cup triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, 8.10.2011

Sambeg Shakya 6 years preparing to play the role of the living God Indra Jatra festival in Kathmandu, 16.09.2011

The two-year chimpanzee tiger cub feeding from a bottle in a Thai zoo, 30.07.2011

Seoul diver surrounded by sardines demonstrates techniques of Taekwondo viewers complex Coex Aquarium, 22.07.2011

Working stroked the flag of the Communist Party on the table in the factory, on the outskirts of Beijing. Beijing factory "Red Flag" has made more than 30 thousand flags for the last three months of the upcoming 90th anniversary of the party, 28.06.2011

Chilean Puyehue volcano during an eruption, 5.06.2011

Novice Buddhist monk in the monastery of the Shin Ohtama Thar in Yangon, 31.05.2011

Elephant playing with sand in the enclosure of the zoo in Karlsruhe, 7.07.2011

Performance of aerobatov Ocovski Bacovia at an airshow in Sliače, Slovakia, 28.08.2011

Farmer passes terraces codonopsis pilosula, well-known medicinal plant, which in China is called "tribute Shen», 31.05.2011

Lightning over the "CN Tower» (CN Tower) in Toronto, 29.05.2011

In Kosice hospital for children who have been separated from their mothers, using a new technique for recovery - music therapy. The photo newborn baby listening to music through headphones, 25.05.2011

Kangaroo on the boulders of iron ore from the port of Dampier near Western Australia, 19.04.2011

The statue of Mao Zedong in a factory near Beijing, 11.04.2011

Chinese researchers have dressed as pandas, placed six giant panda cub in the box for the resettlement into the environment more close to nature, 20.02.2011

Spring Festival of Flowers, India, 19.03.2011

Monk Anthony roller-skating in the heart of Rome, 24.02.2011

Spiders cobweb envelop trees after the floods in Sindh, Pakistan, 7.12.2010

Simone Arrigoni tries to set the record for diving, pushing his two dolphins, whose name is Paco and Marco, 19.05.2011

Workers on a construction site in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar, 19.05.2011

Girl posing on a farm Kadelskhofen for "Calendar of Bavarian and Austrian farmers" in 2012, 20.06.2011

Cub brown bear Medo plays with the Logar family dog ​​in the village Podvr, central Slovenia, 1.06.2011

The dog barks at a wall of riot police near the Greek parliament in Athens, 15.06.2011

Holocaust survivor Betty Stein, 92, the coach helps to play ping-pong, the program for people with Alzheimer's disease, 15.06.2011

Pink tank since World War II returned to Prague for the celebrations of the Czech Republic 20th anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia, 20.06.2011

Emperor penguin on the beach on the Kapiti Coast. The appearance of this bird - the second in the history of the region - has attracted public attention as Emperor Penguins usually live in Antarctica, more than 3 thousand kilometers away, 20.06.2011

Indonesians are on rails under the electrical wires at the station of Rawa Buaya. Locals believe that this improves health, helps to prevent disease, 13.07.2011

Chinese boy swimming in algae South China Sea off the coast of Qingdao, 15.07.2011

The sculpture of a mermaid in the waters of the Alster lake, 3.08.2011

Zoo owner and artist Aleksandr Pylyshenko sits in a cage with an African lioness Katya. So he is trying to draw public attention to the plight of wild animals, 3.08.2011

Soldiers sit on the ground and looking at the woman, during a rally in Bishkek, 15.08.2011

Police used dyed water to disperse opposition supporters in the area Kireka, 17.08.2011

Thousands of starlings in Greece, 3.01.2011

Haitian players from the team Zaryen (blue) and the national amputee team (white) greet the crowd before the friendly match in Port-au-Prince, 9.01.2011

Zuhra, an employee of the zoo, walks with Vadik, 18-month-old lion cub, 20.01.2011

Crane eats fish wholesale fish market, 14.01.2011

Buddhist monks take part in a ceremony celebrating the Day of Vesak at the temple of Wat Dharmmakayya Patumthani in the province on the outskirts of Bangkok, 17.05.2011

The crater of a mud volcano, which Hindus are scrambling to bring in handouts coconuts, 24.04.2011

The audience dancing in the Coachella music festival in California, 15.04.2011

Hawk attacks during the traditional rabbit hunting competition near the village Uzynagash, Kazakhstan, 12.02.2011

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