Five Mistakes RUSSIA towards Ukraine

Muscovy - sneaky backstab Ukraine. It always has been.

Five Mistakes RUSSIA towards Ukraine

Russia in recent years has made five errors in relation to Ukraine, which will have long-term significance.
Russian first mistake - this is the unleashing of information warfare ukrainofobskogo and then aggressively hostile to Ukraine for the purpose of opposing the content of its Russian-speaking and Ukrainian population.

Sooner or later, already apparent in connection with the geopolitical changes produced in Ukraine, Russia will be forced to curtail pumping aggression within the Russian people to this aggression tore herself from the inside.

Then very quickly deceived Russian-speaking population of Ukraine will understand that Russia its spread: that there is no threat of fascism in Ukraine was not. On the contrary, instead of nationalist fascism, which attributed the Russian Ukraine, there is a terrible imperial fascism that exists in Russia.

And then there will existential breakdown of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, their confusion and pain of deception turn into a hatred of Russia.

And the greater will be the geopolitical changes imposed by Ukraine Russia, the stronger will be deceived hatred of Russian-speaking Ukrainians to Russia.


The second error Russia - this denial of civil protest in 2013-2014 and then for the people's revolution as.

Russia has acted as a reactionary and counter-revolutionary force in the revolution, which is also inevitable for her.

Revolution in 2013-2014 Ukraine stands in the form of the overthrow of the oligarchic-police-gangster regime, ie a regime that exists in Russia.

However, there is a substantial content of this revolution - the clash of the old world of territorial unitary national identity and a new network of corporate-politarnoy soobschestvennoy identity.

For the most part in this revolution was interested in the whole world. And Ukraine is here for the world of the ground, which is very soon going to happen in other countries.

In this sense, Russia braked historical transformation of the whole world, trying to keep their archaic world.

Here against the Russian rebel entire world egregore. And it's not in the economic war of the West against Russia. It's the least that can be expected Russia.

The fact that such large-scale containment of global processes can not just split the Russian, and generally terminate its existence as an historical and geopolitical education. Russia got in the way of world development, and global forces will sweep her as a feather.


The third error of Russia - this is what she sheltered bloody dictator Yanukovych in his state and used it to split Ukraine.

Outcast whole country, wanders around the country and found refuge elsewhere, Yanukovych received state protection in Russia. Revenge Yanukovych issued a public call for the destruction of his ousted Ukraine and Russia supported this appeal.

Thus, Russia has risen to the position of supporting an unjust revenge outcast in his own country bloody dictator. This unrighteousness understand not only in Ukraine and around the world, but even in Russia itself.

This position is combined with the anti-Ukrainian lie, which does not trust anybody in the world except zombiruemyh TV Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians, is a moral wormhole, which sooner or later will corrode the foundation of any geopolitical project, which grows out of this.


The fourth mistake of Russia - that Russia took advantage of the weakness of Ukraine after the revolution and wanted to realize its geopolitical ambitions.

Yanukovych regime brought the economy of the country into bankruptcy and default, destroyed the army, corrupt power structure, led to a loss of confidence in law enforcement agencies. Ukraine was weak as ever. It is very much hoped, if not on the hand of friendship, then at least cautious noninterference. Instead, Russia meanly backstab Ukraine.

Even at the level of mass consciousness zombies in Russia, which whitewashes power and blackens the external enemies, the Russian people is well aware and sees attempts to annex territories of Ukraine as to preserve official corruption, theft of state oligarchs and banditry in Russia by joining the victorious territories. < br />
Sneaky hit in the back of Ukraine Russia puts an end to the friendship of the Russian and Ukrainian people - it destroys the trust that we are part of Ukraine tried to keep no matter what.


The fifth error Russia - that Russia has chosen the most vile method of annexation and disorganization of the territory of Ukraine.

Question with the Crimea and the south-east of Ukraine, even by force can be solved in different ways. However, Russia has chosen the path of abuse and humiliation of Ukrainians.

It is perceived as Ukrainians Russia's actions towards Ukraine.

Russia has chosen the path of historical humiliation for Ukraine and Russia has earned on the historical humiliation.

All social energy to be fed with injustice, humiliation, pain and revenge - all those baser that spawned Russia, will now be facing Russia itself. Against this negative social energy Russia will not be able to resist.
These errors are not only Russia errors of the Russian government, which took all these decisions with regard to Russia and Ukraine.

These errors are also errors of the Russian elite, which created a massive imperial stultification of the Russian people, while excommunicated from the people of their own intellectuals.

Can not fail to amaze something stupid, vile and maniacal persistence with which the Russian elite is trying to cling to the old dogma of imperial vision of the world.

And sadly, the Russian intellectuals will have to share the responsibility for the mistakes of his people and his power - because they were not able to build a new vision for the future non-imperial Russia.

And that means the intellectual defeat of Russia in the long term.


These errors are not as Russia, which can be compensated through diplomatic negotiations with Ukraine or some political actions in relation to it.

These errors can not be corrected. We can only reduce the harm from them.

This error, which caused irreparable harm to Ukraine.

This error, which permanently injure Russian identity.

This historical errors of Russia, and they will have a negative historical consequences for Russia itself.
P.S. Throughout the long history of Moscow considers such actions are not errors, but his greatest achievement: no wonder so Putin aspires to it. Sorry for such actions, and now no one will, because as a result there will not be a country that will be suppressed by the international community as a global teroristov and invader, or people who have not had time to form a conscious self-sufficient existence.


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