Putin has mastered a planet without war

The foreign media are increasingly inclined to think that Russia to achieve its strategic goals do not need to fight. No need pulyat nuclear missiles towards the United States, nor to trample down kirzachah Poland, it is not necessary to spend a week on the capture of Sweden and another two weeks on the war with Finland. Even a petition for the return of Alaska - and that is not needed. The world is about to surrender himself Russian. Raises the presser foot to the cunning Putin.

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I. Fear, America!

Polish resource «Blogpublika» Adam Petrasevicha article appeared, in which fun is told about why the world is quite royally soon begin to rule Russia. And it for this and do not need a war.

Before proceeding to the review, we recall that the West says is now on new sanctions against Russia. However, in the EU do not all support the idea of ​​sanctions Barack Obama. However, Washington is going to introduce strict prohibitions against leading Russian industries. However, while it is just talk. The author of the article in Polish resource for some reason believes that it does not allow Washington to punish Russia.

Petrasevich wondered why few people explains why the United States are not allowed to enter serious sanctions against Russia? And myself (as well as readers) gives the answer: Russia - the world's second producer of oil, and it has the weapons to which Americans can only respond with a nuclear strike. It turns out that Washington "there is no (original caps. - Charles O.) non-military means of pressure on Russia».

The journalist recalled that the US has so far, as long as their dollar acting as global reserve currency, but at the same time, of course, the calculated currency. The United States currently provide high returns, printing oil money, which is always a demand. But that could change. The journalist cites opposition dollar domination of Iraq and then Libya. Hussein decided to trade the euro, and Gaddafi thinking about the gold dinar. What is the result? Both countries have been eliminated.

But with Russia this trick will not work, says Polish author. She - a toughie.

Moscow has a weapon that can destroy the United States. No Petrasevich meant not nuclear missiles. Moscow may simply declare that begins to trade oil in rubles. Let him and another currency, but not in dollars. Russia is in fact already on the way to such a deal: she announced that Iran will purchase five hundred thousand barrels of oil per day in barter. If Russia starts to sell all of its oil and gas and, for the other currencies, the hundreds of billions of dollars sent home in the United States. "And then, - exclaims author - Americans Taste hyperinflation, such as it was in the Weimar Republic in the early 20-ies of the XX century". And that's what will happen to the planet:

"And then the world economy will collapse. All. Russia could take advantage of it, because it is a very small extent dependent on foreign countries, and its debts are not so great ».

And another quote:

"That's it: that's why Putin would lead to the division of Ukraine, then take the Baltic states, and then probably put in Belvedere Palace and its people Ujazdów Avenue. After all, he will not grab Poland with the help of the army - what's the point?

And we in the EU can only discuss how stupid Putin as Russia's economy will suffer from these sanctions, and other such nonsense ».

Petrasevich concludes. Economic power in the world will receive Russian. It is able to operate in the state of autarky, and the citizens it is not too demanding. They do not believe in democracy, they are accustomed to rigid royal power. Therefore, Russia has all chances to be a "haven of peace" - in the bad day when "the world economy will collapse».


II. The teeth and the cars will rise in price

The site "Quartz" April 14 published an article Jason Karajan called "Russia has a secret weapon against the West, and it's not oil, not gas or nuclear missiles».

Comrade Karajan recalls that energy markets have recently become a bit unstable because of "violence in the Ukraine and the war of words between Russia and the West».

According to the author, both sides play in the "pipeline politics", accompanied by rhetoric, full of threats and kontrugroz. In fact, the world's major suppliers and consumers of energy resources threaten each other. As a result, even the most tranquil traders scared.

From the analyst did not escape and something more than oil to gas. Traders are sounding the alarm: the price of palladium reached its highest level for the last 3 years. Again, talking about Russia.

After all, this country - the world's largest supplier of this metal, which is an important component for catalytic converters in cars, electronics, capacitors, for jewelry, finally, for dental crowns - and for many other things.

West threatens to introduce tough sanctions against Russia over Ukraine? Well, Russia could respond to it with my own trade restrictions - it can easily restrict the export of palladium. This will be a painful blow, rather than a ban on entry into the country entered in respect of certain high-ranking Western officials, and yet not be as provocative as the embargo on oil or gas.

"Palladium policy" may be more successful for Russia because now there is a miners' strike in South Africa (the country - the world's second producer of palladium). Almost 80,000 miners went on strike in January. They do not come to work today. The debate in South Africa are due to pay.

Russia and South Africa own more than 75% of world reserves of palladium. Meanwhile, in 2013 the global demand for palladium (25, 4 thousand tons) exceeded the supply (23 thousand tons).

It is not clear what Russia will go. But we know that the price of palladium this year, the spot market rose by 13%, and is projected to further increase it, the author points out the material. This may seem strange, but the dispute over Ukraine could affect prices in the European showrooms in the US dental clinics.

Now, add, when an American citizen comes to the dentist, he surprised his double price. When a citizen is troubled, enlightened dentist told him that to blame Russian.

III. Shaky codes

Renowned analyst Jerome R. Corsi few days ago published a «WND» an article entitled "As soon as Russia refuses the US dollar, the stock will go down».

On Friday last week, the stock market faltered. Analysts believe that a politically motivated attack on the Russian petrodollars can cause the biggest stock market crash, which happens on the background of the global loss of confidence in the dollar, which is already low because of the policies of the Federal Reserve System. The result of Russian actions may be hyperinflation in the US.

On Friday, the stock market Nasdaq index fell by 54, 37 points (1, 3 percent), to a value of 3999, 73. (By the way, the fall observed the third consecutive day.) Dow fell to 143, 47 points, or 0, 9 percent to a value of 16026, 75. Finally, the index Standard & Poor's 500 fell by 17, 39 points, or 1 percent, until 1815, 69.

«USA Today» reports that investors are nervous. During the previous week Nasdaq fell by 3, 1 per cent, which is the worst figure since November 2011. S & P 500 fell 4 percent from its record high reached on April 2 and 1, 8 percent below its average value. The Dow lost 3, 3 percent compared with the record high of 31 December 2013 (16576, 66).

Economist Peter Koenig, a former employee of the World Bank, warned last week that Russia is going to abandon the petrodollars, it is used as a trade units for oil and gas operations. But trade in Russian hydrocarbons is estimated at about one trillion dollars annually!

Who came up with such a terrible plan - to abandon the petrodollar?

The main proponents of this plan - Sergei Glazyev, an economic adviser to the Russian president, and Igor Sechin, CEO of "Rosneft", Russia's largest oil company and a close ally of Vladimir Putin. This radio station "Voice of Russia" on April 4. These persons in favor of replacing the dollar in the calculations of the ruble. Some other Russian high-ranking officials also promote the plan.

Jerome R. Corsi, and recalls that, according to the agency "Reuters", Russia and China are close to completing a deal, under which "Gazprom" will supply China 38 billion. Cubic meters of natural gas per year. Currency - the dollar? Oh no. Settlements will be made in Russian rubles and Chinese yuans (or perhaps gold).

Economic ZeroHedge.com blog reported that Putin thanked China for its support for the position of Russia in the Crimea.

Jerome R. Corsi writes about the impending deal between Russia and Iran (barter: 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day in exchange for Russian goods).

An era of dollar depreciation. Economist John Williams, editor ShadowStats.com, warned that the policy of the Federal Reserve system, aimed at the continuation of quantitative easing (QE), has undermined confidence in the dollar in the world.

«WND» wrote that the chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen (Janet Yellen) announced in March 2014, the Federal Reserve has not done everything necessary to combat unemployment even after the maintenance of interest rates at near zero for more than five years, and continues to participate in the policy of quantitative easing. Yellen's words were interpreted by investors as an indication of the Federal Reserve that it will continue to buy US government debt.

The above-mentioned John Williams warned that if such a policy of the federal government and the Federal Reserve will be squeezed in the framework of self-destructive fiscal and monetary policy. As a result, the confidence in the world and in the country of the dollar will be ruined completely. According to scientists, the inflation rate in the United States by the end of 2014 can reach 90%. Against the background of the depreciation of the dollar will be the main means of payment gold.

IV. "The Death of Money»

Not only observers, analysts and traders are sounding the alarm. The collapse of the current international monetary system is devoted to a new book by James Rickards, "Death of money» («The Death of Money»), in which he told about «The Week» John Aziz.

Demand for dollars leads to the fact that the international monetary system gives the advantages of the United States.

Dollar - means calculations on international energy markets. And the United States, unlike other states, US would never end. Monetary system to the dollar led creates a stable market of US debt. Global demand for dollars allows the US government, US companies and individuals to make loans at a lower rate. They win this year, an estimated $ 100 billion.

But what next? Rickards paints a bleak future.

The scientist believes that the current methods of monetary policy the US Federal Reserve - only props supporting a parasitic financial sector. According to Rickards, "parasitic behavior of bankers, manifested as a result of the cultural phase transition is completely characteristic of the society, which is approaching its collapse».

The dollar is doomed, "the Federal Reserve can not understand that making money can become an irreversible process. At some point, confidence in the currency could be undermined in any way and can not be recovered; in its place he will have to appear different, completely new system ».

Rickards believes that "future war - a war of finance." The war of modern times would cover "a wider theater of operations, which includes stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and derivatives».

Rickards points to a risk that the hedge funds under the control of Chinese or Russian will get rid of dollars and US bonds with the intent to provoke a financial crisis in the United States.

V. Meanwhile in Russia ...

On April 16, the media have an interesting economic news.

Russian imports products 335 bln. Dollars. Per year, and export volume is about half a trillion dollars. As Minister of Economic Development of Russia A. Ulyukayev, his ministry together with the Ministry of Industry conducts the selection of projects related to import substitution. The idea is to replace the domestic foreign goods. And the possibilities of such a substitution there. «BFM» cites the opinion of the chief economist of AFK "Sistema" Evgeny Nadorshin. According to him, it is necessary to focus on more advanced processing of Russian raw materials.

"Special types of steel, the finer processing with greater added value, various alloys, if we are talking about the industry. If we talk about the oil products, it is everything that goes into petrochemicals. The same is true with woodworking. We are easily able to supply to foreign markets, and even the wood itself some papers, but, nevertheless, good quality paper and high-quality paper products, we still largely import ».

However, there is one "but". Russian companies prefer not to do this: the work in these niches requires a smooth flow of the process.

"Profit is not so easy, not so comfortable, and it is not always profit, because we are not the first year trying to implement it. I can not say that I am very optimistic about these projects, import substitution ».

Ulyukayev also urged the Minister to invest National Wealth Fund is not in dollars and euros (as it is today), and in infrastructure projects.

Finally, a lit economically and Crimean issue. Alexei Ulyukayev said that preparing a law on establishment of the special economic zone of the Crimea - territory with tax and customs privileges.

* * *

Here they are, modern wars, add in conclusion. While third-bloggers and the media gossip about the impending nuclear war, economists have counted all the versions of the future - by squeezing dollars out of international payments to projects of import substitution in Russia. And you no occupation of Poland, Finland, the Baltic countries and the bombing of Wall Street.

I think it's time the American people to compose a petition for the site "e-government". The content of it can be something like this:

"Dear Mr. Obama, Nobel Peace Prize! Please forget about the Crimea. Do not scare Russian, and especially their king Putin, different sanctions. Do not tease the bear. Let Putin sells its gas, its oil and its palladium. Let sells them - he sells them for our dollars. With every deal we become a little richer, and the Fed may continue to create miracles paper. Mr. Obama! Do not make their homeland bankrupt. Or do you really born in Kenya? »



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