How to organize a shelter for animals

The organization of the animal shelter relates to social and useful undertakings.

The shelter house is almost never profitable to its owner, this trend can hardly be attributed to the business, this is more of a charity.

Anyway, many people want to open your shelter, but you need to understand that they have the ability if not to make a profit, or at least substantially reduce their costs, and in some cases even to develop their enterprise since outdoor shelter is interesting to the patrons and sponsors, which are secured or well-known personalities. That is, when the competent organization can do to do what you love without investing too much money into it.

And, of course, the shelter house can be combined with purely commercial activities, this includes the opening of veterinary clinics, as well as the opening of the hotel for animals, which deals with the overexposure.

In other words, keep shelter for animals, as an additional organizational unit on the basis of already existing business.

A closer look at the work of the shelter.


The first question that needs to be addressed is the registration of the enterprise. If you do not want to do business, it makes sense to register as a nonprofit organization, it is better to choose the form of Autonomous NGOs, however, should think about the legal form in order to be able to receive any subsidies from local authorities.

Count on it, of course, today is the state of the people is not really supported what to say about animals. But if the orphanage would be posted in the press if they speak, you can connect policy, which will provide small funding support.

If the entrepreneur has no experience in registration of legal entities, you can seek a competent lawyer who will help in the selection form.


It makes sense to think about opening a shelter and to formally engage in charity, and this allows you to get tax deductions. For individual entrepreneurs this may be true, after all any savings, given that he is engaged in the shelter at the behest of the soul.

The lawyer will help to draw up the documentation and will be able to advise on a complex subject of charity. According to the current Russian legislation a system of tax deductions for charity is very complex, constantly amends the law, some activities are not relevant to the charity de jure (and here may get a shelter for animals), and it is necessary to correctly classify their activities.

Without a lawyer a person is unlikely that he will understand, and although such a person makes no sense to hire, have him as a assistant. The more his help will be needed in some organizational issues, because the animal shelter also shall be equipped and arranged in accordance with certain requirements. Further legal advice will be useful to those who want to organize and even veterinary clinic. The solution of all the bureaucratic issues can take a long time, so you need to count on several months.

The next issue is finding a place to work, and here begins the first difficulty. According to the law of the place of keeping animals regardless of its purpose (whether it be a vet or even some private zoo) must be located no closer than three hundred meters from the nearest dwelling, it is prohibited to place such institutions on the territory of residential areas. Also internally, the institution should be equipped with cages and fences height of fences must be at least two and a half meters.

That is, you have to find an area, if not outside the city, at least on some wasteland. And you need to expect that the territory was if not owned, at least in the long-term lease, that was not the reason near you can build a residential building. It's just a practical suggestion, given the realities of Russia.

A trivial example – some construction company decided to build a few buildings on site near the shelter, it will be interested in what buildings should be far away from it (in the end, corruption is not yet defeated, and for the money it is possible to obtain a permit for any project) and when a residential building will be built, that shelter, the least protected from a legal point of view, the institution will be forced to change the place of its location.

The size of the area defined by the capabilities of the entrepreneur, all ideally need a few acres of land and at least a small area for Pets.

The cost of land varies greatly from city work and location in it, but expect to still need several million more.

Additionally you need to build buildings, and then help the entrepreneur to save to choose of temporary buildings or prefabricated buildings, to contact the firm, which is engaged in timber frame construction. Options to save, of course, but even on a small pre-fabricated building will have to allocate not less than one million, and is without decoration and additional services such as insulation, a lining of engineering communications and so forth.

That is, if the entrepreneur is not an appropriate building area must be placed at least 2-3 million for the redemption of the territory and buildings. It is actually a very modest figure, usually requires much more.

Of course, you don't need to do very high-quality interior, too much to invest in finish, but in any case, the construction of the building and the beautification of the area – not cheap. Some funds will be needed for the asphalt, here comes the expense of several hundred thousand rubles, but the hard coating on the shelter really need is is one of the requirements for the animals.

At this stage you can do a search of patrons who may have old and unnecessary buildings somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Of course, to think that sooner or later will be able to find this option, not worth it, but sometimes some businessmen are very lucky. To count on the support of ordinary people at this stage is pointless at all.


The next thing is to purchase the necessary equipment. Here is to accurately determine the format of their work, because depending on which animals will be contained, and purchased equipment.

Usually shelters are focused on stray dogs and cats, you can hardly find a stray hamster or a turtle, so focus on other animals other than animals makes no sense.

Although the shelter sometimes, and expects to accept other animals because it picks up not just homeless, but those who brought not too nice owners, who decided to abandon your pet.

Let's focus on the shelter, which works with dogs and cats.

All incoming animals are divided into several categories:

  • patients
  • healthy
  • vaccinated,
  • well maintained (it's almost always the ones that brought the owners themselves).

However, even depending on the type of disease (cutaneous or infectious) animals are divided into groups.

Animals from different groups are kept in different blocks, they are not in contact with each other.

Also takes into account the breed, behavior and many other factors.

For the reception of animals at the shelter must work with a veterinarian and staff. Ideally, if the entrepreneur himself is a vet and can do without assistance. However, the assistants must still be, because not one person sometimes to deal with animals, especially wild. Moreover, if there really dangerous instances, for example, patients with rbinom. By the way, these animals, alas, have to euthanize (rabies in even slightly advanced form in humans is not treated). And then you need to think about how to get rid of the bodies, after all, bury them, too, need only be in accordance with sanitary requirements. Alternatively, you can find a pet cemetery or crematorium for them (but even in big cities it is a rarity).

You need to buy everything you need for veterinarians, at least the most simple equipment. A good veterinary office with all equipment will cost the owner in the sum about 2 million roubles.

A rare animal shelter can afford it, so usually goes the economy at all. No matter how it was sad, all the animals to help do not succeed, some of them still die from the disease, and the vets at least could just end the suffering of the unfortunate.


Next you need to buy equipment for animals, for cats and dogs are special cells. The cost of small cells – about 25 thousand rubles, a rather big enclosure for the dogs – about 60 thousand, then the final amount is calculated depending on the size of the shelter.

Small shelters typically designed for no more than ten animals (but less and it makes no sense to create), and vaccinated and non-hazardous animals can be kept simple in a fenced area, which significantly reduces costs.

If the shelter is counting on receiving, and small animals (Guinea pigs, turtles and the like), then you can buy a special rack with terrariums, which will cost 10-30 thousand rubles. If cells need to buy as much as possible, stand enough even for relatively large shelter because they bring such animals too often, and one strut can provide accommodation to about 10 animals.

To summarize, we can say that equipment for your shelter you need to have a sum of about a million rubles, the majority of these funds will go to the purchase of veterinary equipment and medicines, and is not the most equipped clinic, and a minimum.


Next time – search. We need a vet with higher education, and he will have to pay quite a lot. In the average city is about 30 thousand rubles, while the value of wages can vary greatly. In addition to the veterinarian – at least one assistant. His salary – 15 thousand rubles.

It should be understood that veterinarians should be prepared if necessary to come to the shelter. That is, you need to look not just professionals, namely those who love animals and willing to give their work. The benefit is usually to study to be a vet are people who are really caring to animals.

Next – you need at least two people who are engaged in cleaning the territory and enclosures, is a simple staff, but to take first, they must love Pets caught in a shelter, and it is much more difficult. To rely on volunteers is not necessary, but they happen sometimes, and it's great to work with ease.

The entrepreneur can (and should) participate in the working process, if he is not a vet, he should deal with all administrative and organizational matters.

Even in this company you need to look for a team of associates, maintain good relations in the team, but whatever people's desire to help animals, nobody will work for free. The payroll is usually in the range of 100 thousand rubles a month, and although it's not too big figure for the same veterinary clinic for shelter can be overwhelming. After all, in addition to the salary will be a lot of expenses:

  • food
  • medication
  • utilities.

The magnitude of these costs depends on the type of animal, its condition, the number of animals. But even one thousand rubles per month for one pet may critically be missed, especially if you have to deal with very sick animals. Medications can be very expensive, some preparations sometimes do not have analogues.

Total – funds for the maintenance of the shelter need a lot, so you need to look for sources of funding. If the entrepreneur does not receive hundreds of thousands of rubles per month from the main source of revenue (and it is desirable to have a passive income, because the contents of the shelter takes a lot of time and effort), he needs to look for sponsors. Save on all do not, otherwise, the meaning of the organization of the orphanage is lost completely.

But who is willing to help in this endeavor? Many people learned about the organization of a shelter, ready to support him, but their support ends where we need action, not words.

From the experience of many shelters can say that a certain part of the feed, medicine and some other things will come from the public. There is some movement, constantly organizing fundraisers, and among them there are those who care about animals, they will provide some help, but about the normal amount of cash or even materials, however.

Therefore, the shelter should think about promotion of their activities, report information about yourself to cause resonance in the society, to make people be indifferent to this problem. You need to go to the press, to their pages in social networks to attract volunteers. If the shelter no one knows, it will remain a place where the organizer brings hand-picked stray animals, which using a special.

The popularity of shelter may not be too useful because it will increase the flow of people carrying all the animals indiscriminately, but want to pick the animals are not too increase. But sooner or later became a popular shelter, which they say, and which attracts a lot of supporters who will be able to take quite a number of Pets, care for them and to pass in good hands. Thus, not acute problems with places of accommodation.

Do organizational work to be serious, you only attract poor people to this problem (or several companies and/or politicians because then we can get funding from all), the shelter will be significantly improved.


When you open your shelter you need to:

  • or, as early as possible, to look for sponsors
  • or have considerable passive income (and work exclusively for the satisfaction of his desire to help the poor animals),
  • or open along with the shelter centre overexposure and the vet.

The animal shelter is a very good and useful direction, if this problem paid more attention, it would not be so many abandoned Pets, and the poor wandering animals.

The animal shelter makes the world a little better, and if it is possible to open it, it's certainly worth doing. At least for karma's sake.

A good example is contagious, and once you are indifferent to people, others will catch up.


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This activity is not for everyone, because it's often a thankless and very hard work. And should show respect to all those who keep the shelters and really engaged in the fate of abandoned animals.published


Author: Mathias Laudanum




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