Interesting facts from the life of dogs

In Russia, the dogs were able to adapt to the underground for their needs: they have learned to ride on public transport in search of food, traveling on the most populated areas.
Dogs do not like obnimashek! For them it is a sign of dominance. So stop, finally, to do it!
Dogs distinguish ultrasonic whistle. Paul McCartney, knowing this, has recorded the sound at the end of the song "Day in the Life" especially for his collie.
In ancient China, the last line of defense of the emperor was a small Pekinese dog breed: she was hiding up his sleeve in case of danger, he jumped out and rushed to the enemy.
When Lord Byron discovered that his dog was not allowed in the Trinity College (Cambridge), where he studied, he led instead bear.
Wet the dog's nose is needed to determine the direction of the odor.
Collars with studs were invented in ancient Greece to protect the neck from the attack of the wolf dogs.
If your dog smells of chips, it does not mean that she ate your stash, do not rush to criticize it. There is a phenomenon of «Frito Feet», when due to bacteria accumulated on the legs, they can smell like corn chips. The reason - poor hygiene after a walk.

Boxer dog named Banks and goose Buttons became friends after the dog had an accident and became blind. Gus helped him to his feet and became his guide. Buttons directs another of his neck and screaming and not for a moment does not leave him alone.
In fact, dogs drink folding tongue-shaped spoon, but not up and down - from the palate.
Puppies 28 teeth, while adult dogs - 42.
The heart of a large dog, like a man, by the way, at rest beats 60 to 100 beats per minute, in small - 100-140.
72% of dog owners believe that their wards can predict the storm. Predicting the weather helps them excellent hearing: 10 times more acute than humans.
Dogs have three pairs of eyelids: upper, lower and nictitating membrane that lubricates and protects the eyes.
Dogs 1700 gustatory receptors. For comparison, a person - 000. 9
The dog smells 10 000 - 100 000 times better than a human. Keep your goodies in a safe place.
Speaking of goodies, chocolate is dangerous for dogs. It contains theobromine, which affects the central nervous system and the heart muscle dog. In humans, this substance is digested with enzymes.
Remember, according to the dog, you - the pack leader. At least it should be.
Dogs instinctively require the approval of the leader before any act.

Dogs, like people, can be a hiccup when eat or drink too fast.
Like human babies, chihuahuas are born with a soft spot - fontanelle - the top of the skull, which hardens with age.
"Always go scot-free," - these words can be fully attributed to nyufaundlendovym dogs that do not get wet in the water, and thanks to webbed paws are excellent swimmers.
Fastest Dog - Greyhound named Star title. Its maximum speed - 67, 32 km / h. The record is not beaten since 1994.
Obesity, alas, the problem number 1 health in dogs.
In total there are 703 breeds of purebred dogs.
Dogs judging the objects on their first movement and then in their brightness and finally by their shape.
Rin Tin Tin was the first dog "Hollywood star", and, like all celebrities, he signed all of its 22 contract for films - signet legs.
The longer the dog's nose, so it is more efficient internal cooling system.
The customs office in the United States in 1988 were a dog named Rocky and Barco, who were so good at patrolling the border between Texas and Mexico, also known as "Cocaine Alley" that Mexican drug lords appointed a reward for their heads in the amount of $ 30 000. < br /> 45% of dogs sleep in the master beds.

Dogs "Boxers," so named because of their manner of playing with his front paws.
Chihuahua dog named after the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, where they were discovered.
Puppies begin to see normally only after 1 month.
Dogs breed Lundehund have 6 toes on each paw.
The Bible mentions dogs 14 times.
Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic - Newfoundland, a Pomeranian and Pekingese. Of course, they were in first grade.
The first dog cloned a South Korean scientist Hwang Usok in 2005. Today, this procedure is 100 000 $.
The most venerable dog, terrier named Max, in August 2013 was 30 years old. By human standards - is 210 years old!
"Attention, the alarm" - an analog signal that the dog is wagging the tail to the left (with respect to a quadruped).
Height of the highest German dog breed dog standing on its hind legs - 2, 20 meters.

But most small dog - chihuahua named Heaven Sent Brandy. Its weight is 900 gr., And increasing it with the bank from the Coca-Cola.
The first law on the rights of animals was adopted in Japan in the 17-18 centuries. According to him, the killing of the dogs was punishable by execution, and the citizens had to apply to the stray dogs as "honor Dog».
The Canary Islands are named after dogs (from the Latin «canis»), which is worshiped by the locals. A bird "canaries" - in honor of these islands.
According to the code of laws from the 14th century, "the Metropolitan of justice", in ancient Rus dog was valued as one ox, 3 horse or a flock of sheep.
Dogs are descended from wolves straight.
The predatory nature of the dog determines its power - it must be the most biologically relevant, that is like a wolf more than animal protein, less carbohydrates.
We all know the sign "@" like a dog, but in other countries it is - a snail, monkey, strudel (in Hebrew), marinated herring (Czech and Slovak) and lunar ear (in Kazakh).
When the Soviet dog Laika was sent into space, it was clearly aware that it will die. Such an attitude to animals outraged housewives Mississippi, and they wrote to the UN proposal if the development of science should be sent to space beings, in our city for it has plenty Little Indians.
66% - so the owners of the dog moves more than the other people.

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