Dog Breeds Part 1

In these posts I will try to outline the full diversity of all dog breeds, including unrecognized. To acquaint the reader with the hitherto unknown to him rocks, maybe it encourages someone to purchase a dog, or help determine the choice.

Canine around the world under the auspices of canine organizations whose functions include standardization of dog breeds and ensuring the unity of criteria for the development and examination of the breed in different countries. The biggest canine organization in Russia - Russian Kennel Federation (RKF) is a member of FCI (FCI). Pedigree dog breeding in Russia is regulated by the Regulations on breeding, approved by the decision of the Presidium of the RCF. The Regulation establishes that pedigree dog breeding Russia recognized pedigrees of dogs registered in the Russian genealogical book (RKF), genealogical books of other organizations - members of the FCI, and the genealogical books of American (AKC), English (ACC) and Canadian (CCS) Kennel Club ( these countries are not members of the FCI). Each of these organizations has its own canine list of dog breeds and breeds its own classification.

We will be based on a system of classification FCI, and later talk about unrecognized, but they are not less interesting rocks.

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The first group of rocks is called "Sheep dogs and cattle dogs, except Swiss Cattle Dogs." It includes her own dogs. long been familiar to us, and rather rare breed Cattle Dogs.

1. Australian Shepherd. Also called the Aussie, Aussie.
Australian Shepherd was created by crossing breeds such as the Pyrenean Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, and several varieties of collie, but reliable information about their species is absent. Homeland of the breed became the United States of America. The result exceeded all expectations, the breed was virtually ubiquitous, and fame. As for the name of the breed, it is due to the fact that the Basque shepherd dogs used in breeding her, came to America in the XIX century in Australia.

Australian Shepherd dog became a normal working and herding flocks of sheep on the farms and ranches of America. It is able to perfectly control the herd of bulls, or a flock of sheep, though not different high resolution. Australian Shepherd - sturdy dog, proportioned, somewhat elongated. Height 46-58 cm, weight 16-32 kg. The trunk is strong and muscular. Coat color varied: blue marble, red marble, black, liver, red with or without markings. Wool coarse. This beautiful dog it is necessary to use the work, otherwise it will disappoint its owner, but with regular load, it can be a great companion.

Many Aussies are friendly with everyone, well-exposed, make friends with other dogs and get along well with children, but the Australian Shepherd generally tends to be reserved and cautious with strangers. Restrained dogs can take people at once. Remember that a dog of any breed can become aggressive if it is bad to socialize or train.

Since these dogs were bred to work with livestock, if they do not work, their intelligence and energy to be used somewhere else. Highly recommended obedience (obedience), Aussies learn quickly. Also with them are engaged in exhibition activity, agility (passage "route" with a variety of shells), Frisbee (a special fishing disk), ski- and bikejoring (when the dog pulls the host-country skiing or cycling for a). When these children grow up with a dog - that love kids and quickly become their playmate. For the Aussies do not need to farm for training, but they need daily classes and attention - for example, with them at a company can ride a bicycle, jogging, hiking and picnicking with friends, swim. Note that the young dogs of any breed need more training in the first year of life than adult dogs.

Pedigree standard Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) describes the Aussie follows: "Australian Shepherd - is intelligent, primarily a working dog with strong herding and guarding instincts. It is also an exceptional companion. It is versatile and easily trained, performing tasks with grace and enthusiasm. She cautious with strangers but does not exhibit shyness. Being aggressive, authoritative worker, viciousness toward people or animals is unacceptable. " It says it all.

If this dog is suitable for your lifestyle, safely crank a best friend!

2. Australian Kelpie.
City Casterton in Victoria, Australia is home to a surprisingly clever Kelpie dog breed. Original "Kelpie" was born in 1871, her parents had a pair of black collie, brought from Scotland by George Uorrokom in Robertson. Jackie Gleason, cattle drover, who worked in the city wanted to buy a puppy dog ​​for himself, but could not find him in the town of Robertson. Gleeson met with Uorroka nephew and asked him to sell the puppy. Nephew initially refused to sell, but in the end persuaded to change Gleason puppy on a horse. Gleason puppy named 'Kelpie', which meant that water wanders ... a horse. Shortly thereafter, Gleason moved to another location and Kelpie was mated with native dingo in New South Wales. Progeny get blood Kelpie breed. The breed gained popularity among Australian farmers how skillfully herding dog, with a high capacity for training. Kelpie - tireless, agile, fast Shepherd, how to cope with the bird, and with cattle. It features the ability to go without water for a long time. Their purposeful selection of one of Australia's leading breeding farms Kelpie Enfinvale began in 1956. The owner of the farm, Tim Austin, lecturing to students Faculty of Agriculture, University of Munich, describes a number of genetically determined Kelpie qualities that distinguish them from other dogs. The most interesting for us is that they have a very wide viewing angle that best allows you to visually monitor the object of observation. Next, Tim Austin emphasizes especially Kelpie brain, allowing it to maximize focus on the subject.

It is even on the hypnotic properties of these dogs. And the last - this is probably a gift from God - the ability to anticipate future developments and on their own initiative to choose more effective ways to deal with undesirable manifestations in the behavior of the object ahead of his reaction to his actions. These are the dogs. It is not surprising that in Australia there are legends about them. Listing the features Kelpie, I used the impersonal word "object" to emphasize the universality of the working qualities of dogs and that they occur in Kelpie in any job. With its unique features and qualities Kelpie bring invaluable benefits, working sheep farm. "Take us and our dogs a year we go broke," said Australian farmers. These sharpness assistants in large pastures grazed thousands of flocks of Merino sheep, while carrying out a variety of functions without human intervention. One dog replaces the 23 shepherds. It took a sheep from the middle of the herd - please! Kelpie quickly make the way to it on the backs of other animals and deliver to the owner, takes a characteristic pose and holding her gaze, hypnotizing. Sheep stands as if spellbound, not move, stay away and do with it what you want - my, cut it ...

We can say that Kelpie is very hard-working, but it is not enough. Kelpie just dedication and work, give them free so they'll work until you fall exhausted. Sometimes any dog ​​during the harvest season of sheep mysteriously disappears, call - do not call. After some time, it found the keepers of the flock shepherds unnoticed or stray sheep. Every farmer has left a number of stories about how the dog exceeded the powers doing their job, defending at all costs the owner or even saved his life. Smart shepherd can trust. She is able to take decisions itself - they say. When Kelpie acts and not paying attention to your team, you take it on faith more visible. Better to bite my tongue and let her work in peace, say experienced farmers.

As part of the 150th anniversary of the city of Casterton in 1996, a statue was unveiled at the town hall Kelpies. Every year, held "Australian Kelpie Master" on the Queen's Birthday in June. Since its inception in 1997, this festival has become a very successful combination of family fun, entertainment and business. The festival is filled with fun activities that demonstrate amazing skills Kelpie. The auction provides a unique opportunity to observe the quality of service dogs and demonstrate their skills before the sale. Auction firmly taken its place in the calendar of dog breeders and buyers across Australia. Strikingly high prices at the auction Kelpie measured in thousands per dog.

Kelpies are very inquisitive and active, possess extraordinary jumping ability. They have excellent motor coordination and quick reaction. They are brave, decent free to overcome obstacles, can climb a tree, swim perfectly capable of catching the flying object. They are all interesting. Therefore, they are trained easily, especially if the work out methods of guard dog.

Under normal circumstances, to the person they never show aggression. It's very subtle, sensitive, emotional and grateful dog. They know how to smile, and quite human. In moments of emotional outbursts almost squints and serried lips pushing the corners of the mouth so that they become visible long teeth. Represent face? It becomes hitryuschie and at the same time mysterious. One is forced to think - and you've got it in my head right now? Wonder Dog, a dog-a mystery that we have yet to solve.

At home, the Australian Kelpie - a very popular dog, even about her lecture to students. At the same time outside the mainland animal does not have the fame. The fact is that, even though the high cost of puppies exported abroad Kelpie is organic - no more than 10% of the annual litter. And yet, in 1987, these incredible animals have appeared in our country. In Russia, even a Kelpie Club.

The appearance of this breed in the Russian government and we owe several specialists who have taken time for the maintenance and preservation of the legendary dogs. It is important to note that for each puppy was paid from 800 to 1200 dollars, which in those days was incredibly expensive. 30 puppies at the age of 1, 5-2 months were brought to Russia and immediately distributed in two nurseries - in the Stavropol region and Kazakhstan. Since then, Russian fans have the opportunity to breed to breed these beautiful dogs and enjoy their company.

3. White Swiss Shepherd.
Berger Blanc Suisse, also known as the American-Canadian White Shepherd, White German Shepherd - working companion dog with a distinct friendliness towards children; vigilant guard dog; easy and quick to learn.
BSHO his race or the American-Canadian white shepherd takes from the well-known German shepherds, and their history is inextricably linked. The fact that for a long time, scientists around the world have sought to create an ideal breed of dog that would not only not inferior to anything so popular breed as already existing at the time the German Shepherd, but in some ways superior to it.
Anguish a new breed was much, nobody has been able to get that perfect, that everyone expected. And the problem was that the ideals have all been different, and each in his own way represents the best breed of dogs. In the end, luck Max Emil Friedrich von Shtefanittsu hitting a dog show, where the best representatives of this family, he decided to continue to make it a reality, bringing a purebred German shepherd with Canadian white shepherd. The result exceeded all expectations.
If before all the kennels were full of German Shepherd enjoying phenomenal popularity, but now a new favorite, and it is none other than BSHO (American-Canadian white shepherd dog). These dogs are the same, however, as their ancestors, German Shepherds are extremely hardy and clever. It was originally dogs guards. They are not peculiar viciousness and aggression, but with the right approach to their education can get an excellent guard dog that will devotedly and faithfully serve his master all his life.

There are two types of white shepherd dogs: longhair and shorthair. They differ only long hair. In the United States and the Netherlands most popular shorthair white shepherd dogs, and in Germany, Austria, France and other countries prefer longhair white sheepdogs.

Berger Blanc Suisse is a resilient animal, not fussy and very attentive. It's a great keeper and a good guard dog. With strangers, she kept, but never shows unwarranted aggression or anxiety. White Shepherd is very reliable and responsible dog. They are very loyal to his master and try to meet all its requirements. Easy to train and learn new commands. In addition, they are very kind and gentle, and easy to find common language with all members of the family and other animals that live with them in the same area. This robust defenders and guards never leave his post.

Because of their relatively large size is best feel for the city in a private home. However, they are not quite demanding in life and can live where they reserved a place. Loves outdoor games and walks.

Care white Swiss Shepherd usually comes to grooming. Since the white color of these dogs, we have to bathe them often, sometimes several times a week. Also, even short-haired shepherd dogs, you should regularly comb is very hard and thick brush.

4. Belgian Shepherd.
Today, there are four varieties of Belgian Shepherd:

All of them differ only in texture and length of coat and color.

In the United States under the name Belgian Shepherd, known only Groenendael; Malinois and Tervuren are registered as separate breeds - "Belgian Malinois" and "Belgian Tervuren" and lakenua - the rarest of the four species - is not recognized at all.

a) Groenendael (Black longhair).
It is a big shepherd dog with a thick black hair. Groenendael can become a very good friend to the family. Also, he will fit very well in the role of watchdog. While Groenendael not acquired in Russia the popularity enjoyed by Europe. At the beginning of the last century Groenendael was used in the Paris police, customs officers took these dogs with patrolling borders, dogs helped the shepherds, worked as a watchman and was loyal and trustworthy working dogs, successful performance in working dog competitions.
Gryunendali - attentive, intelligent and very alert dog. Although they are usually kept on the street, they are well acclimatized and in the house, unless they regularly give to warm up.
Groenendael was bred dog breeder Nicolas Rose, who lived in the city of Groenendael.

b) Lakenua (zhestkoshёrstnaya).
Breed lakenua formed as an independent in the 19th century. This kind of Belgian Shepherds were taken in the area of ​​the city of Antwerp in Flanders (Belgium). The name of the breed owes its royal residence Henrietta Belgium (Chateau de Laeken), who loved these dogs. During her reign lakenua it was very popular, but today it is the rare variety of the Belgian Shepherd.

Lakenua distinguishes thick, tough shaggy coat, which should not be curly. Separate soft strands - are not allowed. On the face and around the eyes wool forms a mustache, eyebrows and beard, while it should not give the muzzle a rectangular shape. Color - reddish-yellow, to red-red with a slight blackening mainly on the muzzle and tail.

In lakenua strong character, an innate instinct to guard. Lakenua - unbeatable defense. They are obedient, hardy, easily trained and operational. However, there may be willfulness and stubbornness. This dog distinguishes the will power, it is necessary from an early age to teach discipline. Lakenua easily adapt to any conditions of life and can be a great companion. They love action games and tend to spend more time next to the host.

c) Malinois (shorthair).



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