Newfoundland - Companion Dog (80 photos)

I have long wanted to tell YaPovtsam about this wonderful breed of dog, faithful companion and a wonderful human creations. This is my first selection, so please do not kick, but constructive criticism is welcome (if you tell me how to do better). Some dynamic images is not the acme of perfection for the "technical" quality, I know myself. But everyone who saw them - they caused a kind smile and a positive attitude. Cause and put them in a collection.

All photos were taken by me, in other words - copyright, aka © belongs to me, in other words - SMSha.

Important! A selection of large, 80 photos, please take a human being and not to break. The commentary to the last photo added, "I will give the go-ahead" for commenting.

So, Newfoundland. In a few words - it's a big, smart, kind and very friendly dog. The history of the origin of the breed, you can search the Internet, it is important not so much a story, but the fact that breed solely for interaction with people in difficult environmental conditions (help the fishermen of Newfoundland) - dog had to be strong, smart, good company, do not be afraid of bad weather and great feel in the water. Actually, that is exactly what happened.

In the photo - a portrait of Newfoundland on a winter forest glade

As I wrote in the opening post, I breed conclusions for human interaction, so Newfoundland (they Newfies or nyufiki, there are plenty of diminutive nicknames) feel taken place dogs in constant communication with people (ideally - home), without They communicate very sad experience.

In the photo - Newfoundland on a summer lawn

Pro features the character, you can write a lot (which I will do), but first tell you about the different types of color Newfoundland, in order to clarify this issue.

Newfoundland classic colors - black. In some countries, only those dogs are admitted to the exhibition and get well-deserved titles. However, in many countries, dog experts recognized additional options Newfoundlands color - brown (as the photo - a sort of live chocolate), black and white, gray. Honestly, gray Neuf did not see, so I can not say. Black and white - handsome, of course, but my love - it is brown Newfies, for me as a photographer - they are the most photogenic, and in general - the color I like most of all.

In the photo - "Spring! The farmer, swearing on wood-sledge kneads the mud "- but seriously - nyufochka seized upon fresh green grass.

As can be clearly seen in the photo, from Newfoundland thick and fluffy fur coat - which allows them to mock the masters of the long walk in the frosty winter days. At most there are times when after hours of walking in the cold feet I felt - and the dog seemed to be even more fun and more active than at the beginning of a walk.

So - advice to those who want to have a dog. If you're really freezing in the winter - the Newfoundland - not your choice. No offense, guys, this is the dog for the "hot guys" - who almost any frost - no frost.

In the photo - a walk in a winter park.

And another shot Newfoundland illuminated winter sun - clearly visible play of colors of wool, as I said - chocolate Newfies - the most photogenic. So another tip for those who want to get a dog of this breed. If you love taking photos - then take the "chocolate" - brown Neuf, honestly - you will not regret.

As I said - Newfoundland - very sociable and sociable dog. Moreover, on many long walks from Newfoundland, I noticed an interesting feature - they find "their". That is, for a walk, at a meeting with his four-legged friend - Neuf, like any dog ​​will wag its tail happily, looking forward to meeting and games. But Newfoundland I have seen an amazing feature - at the sight of even a complete stranger Newfoundland (distance) - they happily raised tail, on the face of a smile and they are happy to greet each other (sometimes against the wishes of hastening the owners - and you try to "hurry up" sort of giant ). In general, the relationship between the dogs of this breed - a very interesting and are the subject of observation and discussion.

In the photo - two strangers Newfoundland have just met, and black chocolate lady gentleman shows his possessions.

However, the friendliness and willingness to communicate and start a fun game at Neuf applies not only to the representatives of their breed - they are ready to play with all dogs, regardless of size. Of course, many small dogs are afraid to play with such great guys, but in fact - nothing. Newfoundlands are very "sensitive" - ​​and will never come to his little friends. Sam watched the scene over and over again how much the company Neuf - 6-8-10 dogs - playing, ran straight at the place where he slept or were working very tiny puppies the same Newfoundland - and none of the running or step on the kids.

In the photo - two friends on a field road

And now - attention - is another very important point. Thick and fluffy Neuf coat protects it from frost. And what to do in the summer, in the heat? On the one hand, in the hot sun (in direct sunlight) - this coat protects as his cap and cloak - but on the other hand, if there is no direct sun, and it is hot outside - may overheat or even heat stroke. And then come to the aid hairdressers - Newfoundland for the summer can be cut! However, after clipping a dog can not be a long drive under the direct rays of the sun daily, long walks must be either in the shade or at sunrise and sunset.

So attention, photo Neuf after a haircut - on display

In the photo is clearly visible musculature and the powerful legs straight (as they should be). And in general, Neuf - it really is very large dog, is considered normal height at the withers in bitches - more than 65 cm in males - more than 70 cm. And accordingly, the weight of females - about 55 kg, males - about 70 kg.

In the photo - went for a walk in the open field

When we hear that Newfoundland, you see, is not modern and not fashionable because "can not be a champion" - you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Because - as mentioned above - it is a big and solid-looking dog - first. A lot of you know the suicides at risk to look askance at a man with such a giant on a leash? But the most important - is that wonderful feeling Newfies aggression and very clearly divided on its "unserious" and serious. All types of aggression frivolous remarks "Che stood not pass" or something like that, when words are not going to go into action - Neuf ignored, and they remain with his usual good muzzle. But aggression is real - there Neuf transformed. Wool becomes erect, fall demonstrates a very impressive teeth, throat hear a low growl on the verge of infrasound. Neuf is ready to defend his master. Although in this Newfies preserves the original - they are defending, prefer not to bite the enemy, and with a running start hitting him in the chest with all his weight. The consequences - usually a concussion after a fall and a couple of broken ribs.

So anyone who thinks that Newfoundland does not protect you and your loved ones - I assure you, you are very sadly mistaken. But aggressively throw with or without reason to passers this dog, too, will not (personally I really like is their property).

In the photo - the continuation of a walk in the

Yet there is a perception that the Newfoundlands - very apathetic and lazy dog. I hope that the next few pictures show the doubters, how can behave in a very Neuf adult (over 8 years). Then I'll tell you what one of the secrets of this "miracle", but for now - a photo of two friends

In general, there is no secret here - just when the content of Newfoundland should remember that these worthy friends love to eat human - and very easy to gain weight. Therefore strongly recommend the following - let your Neuf is slightly undernourished - is not God forbid overfed. Sitting on a strict diet of Newfoundland will be ready for hours to accompany you on walks with joy included in the game Dog site (or anywhere else) - as in the photo, even in adulthood will resemble a puppy by their behavior (we are still asking - how many months your puppy - and thank God, that is).

In a medium dog lover constantly maintained disputes about how to properly feed Newfoundland - there are supporters of the "natural foods" and dry food, and it is impossible to reconcile them. And she and the other side "are measured pipiskami" argues in the form of awards our dogs obtained at the exhibitions and competitions. I will not say who is right - but we have chosen for your dog's diet based on dry food. Adult girl weighing 55 pounds (the heroine of all the above photo), a day to eat 240 grams (note number) of dry food. Of course, not "Chappy" - God forbid, only Royal Canin (can be other varieties of premium and super-premium segments). As a "vitamin supplements" acts cottage (in the eye, a few spoonfuls of low-fat cottage cheese in the morning), a cup of yogurt at night (well a glass somewhere in the half liter package), as well as all members of the family share with her raw vegetables and fruits. Thank God, the dog feels great and is very active.

With such a diet - every day she walks at least 4 hours (the total length of walking), is that 6 hours, and even more, many kilometers of runs and plays with four-legged friends on the site.

The next three photos - Newfoundland saw returning from a photoshoot host and happily rushes to greet

Ears flapping in the wind, muzzle - happy and cheerful

Strong, thick and very strong legs throw Neuf over the road, sometimes it seems that it runs without touching the road - this time it is difficult to catch the camera, but nevertheless, it is the feeling of running.

At leisure, none of Newfoundland will not give up "floss" - an artificial "bone", actually represents a thin skin flap, rolled into a tube and tied knots on the edges.

Note to easily hold the bones are actively used by the front paws, and in general all the dog's behavior resembles the behavior of people - affected part of the dog-companion, this is not the shepherd Shepherd, who for months could not see a shepherd near ...

By the way, these leather "bones" are considered to be very useful for cleaning teeth 'natural' method, but should not be abused, too frequent cleaning of the teeth leads to abrasion. Furthermore, such a delicacy rather calorie, and frequent use it is necessary to consider the total diet. If you give a bone once a month - in the diet can not be ignored ...

Go to the "external" manifestations of life in Newfoundland. Hopefully, the role of a pet is already clear and beyond doubt. By the way, the role of the nurse in the small child - too. From the history section of the Newfoundland Club DOSAAF - none Neuf has not never hurt even the most annoying and pristavuchie child.

But what can these beautiful and noble dog?

The photo - Training School of water rescuers, it is officially called CER - Water Rescue Service.

One of the exercises - towing a boat, which lost oars

Of course, that part of the towing device, which captures the dog's mouth - try to make as convenient and collapsible, but in real terms it is able to produce Neuf towing by a sufficiently thick rope / rope / rope, if only out of the mouth does not slip.

Another version of this exercise - the dog must bring from the shore to the boat tow rope. By the way, in training in schools, along with Newfoundland CER work their "little brothers" - Retrievers (Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and others). Actually, in the photo is exactly the "Labrador" (generic name of these rocks in our school CER)

No less important stage in the life of Newfoundland - this exhibition. Which are divided into "mixed" and monobreed. From the perspective of the audience - interesting mixed exhibition where you can see many dogs of different breeds in one day, but for peace of Newfoundland preferably Dane dog show - under the feet do not confuse "every little thing" and did not announce the air incessant barking - at the sight of each other, big dogs and the list goes on (in my opinion, from small dogs at such exhibitions mouth does not close).

The photo - Black and White Neuf waiting for their turn to enter the ring

He - tired to sit and lay down to rest on a table (not to soil thoroughly combed wool). By the way, "bib" - a very necessary item before the ring, for all Newfoundlands have large flews - and as a consequence, salivation is right on the chest. Especially those different dogs, although bitches Toce often seen "bibs".

Meanwhile, in the sunlit ring already appear handsome Newfies

And someone else is waiting for their turn to tie a towel - well, not everyone gets Neuf almost lacy "bib", but the love, care and affection - it certainly gets everyone

Meanwhile, in the ring he has already determined the best puppy - kids hard to wait long for their turn, so they often skip ahead in the ring.

He (best puppy) - close-up

Following the puppies are juniors - they are just a little older, but feel "big and smart»

As a rule, once for juniors are veterans - honorary members of many rings in the past, often ring veterans consists of one Champions Interchampions - dogs are older, they absolutely stunning eyes ... This is a case when the old drill horse at the sound of battle pipe remembers youth and filled with pride ...

Notice how brown Neuf "richer" shades than a mountain of black fur with eyes and tongue in the previous photo.

Truly - do not grow old soul veterans - our honored Neuf interested in the approaching closer girl (human) - Newfies like people and that's fine.

Jogging (it is important that the dog does not just look good, but also the right move) a group of adult dogs - in the prime of life. The hosts are trying to at least his players

Ring won our old friend in a lace bib. But few adult dogs win "his" ring - a lot of dogs, and the winners of the rings will compete with each other.

While there are other rings - a break in the native table

And the thing - the title of best dog gets not our friend black and white, but quite another dog, which on that day, recognized by more than worthy.

The exhibition - that's fine, but as the majority of Neuf passes CER school - after the exhibition (of course, the other day) competitions to save on water - Cup of Russia and Cup of Russia.

Before the start of the competition - the grand building of the participants.

But what happens when two male-Newfoundland were close and decided to find out who is the "alpha male." To the credit of this breed, the showdown among the "friends" - a bloodless (99.9%), so that even if the owners did not react in time - the dressing was not required to. Well bitch at Neuf in general almost never get involved in such "dispute", except that the two technye sukei not divide "gentleman" - but this is the exception rather than the rule.

And the beginning of the competition, as one of the exercises - you want to show the class in the management of the dog swimming next to the master - in fact they have a pair of swim on a particular path.

Kill me - but I think the rule of "dogs resemble their owners" operates on 100% in this frame

Other exercise - the dog is in a lifeboat and the host team must save the "drowning" and deliver it to the coast. Cut back to Labrador (retriever or not kick, please, for our school CERs they were Labradors).

In the picture - the host team obtained

Dog virtually flies over the side of the boat ... Autofocus little "made a blunder," but in general - could not put the frame.

And "splashdown" after the jump, then - "ordinary" rescue, it has not been documented.

Another series of frames jump from a boat (one of the most spectacular exercise, I must say), through the lens - another Labrador. It is clearly seen as a dog awaiting command.

Getting the jump - a dog drawn as an arrow

A rare shot - was just flying in the air. Ideally, it should be - that the Labrador that Newfoundland.

Splashdown is successful



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