Olympic flame (28 photos)

The Olympic flame has come a long way from Greece to Canada. 106-day marathon will end February 12, 2010 in Vancouver, thus marking the beginning of the Winter Olympics. Fire will make the longest journey on a single country in the history of the Olympic Games. The marathon will be held in 200 settlements, with the participation of 12 thousand people.

1. The Olympic flame on the shore Kvolikum Beach, British Columbia, November 2. (AP Photo / The Canadian Press / Jonathan Hayward)

2. The Working Group, responsible for the Olympic flame in Vancouver in 2010, is preparing for a marathon meeting in Montreal on 20 October. The largest manufacturer of planes and trains company «Bombardier» develops and manufactures torches for the Olympic flame. Now holds 50% of the work, 6,000 torches of 12,000 have been released. (ROGERIO BARBOSA / AFP / Getty Images)

3. Greek actress Maria Nafpliotou in the role of the High Priestess lights the torch at the stadium in Athens on October 29. Greece passes the fire Canada to overcome the long journey before 12 February ignited at the stadium in Vancouver during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2010. (REUTERS / Yiorgos Karahalis)


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