In the world there are many dog ​​breeds

Dog - a creature that is of devotion and love for his master can not be compared with any other animal. In the world there are many dog ​​breeds that have been specially bred for a particular purpose. Some dogs are looking for people under rubble and snow ruins of houses, others - herds in the mountain pastures, and others - to help man hunt. Specially trained each person is able to find explosives or other lethal substances, serve as a guide a blind person, nurse children, catch criminals. And that's not all, what these animals are smart and dedicated.

Apart from the purely useful features, dogs are also designed to serve as aesthetic: that is simply pleasing to the eye of the owners to its unbeatable views. Of course, every dog ​​if it is well maintained, looks beautiful. However, there are breeds that are generally accepted considered the most beautiful. Consider the top ten, which includes the most beautiful breed of dog.

1. The head of list of the most beautiful dogs Scottish Terrier. Originally this breed was bred to hunt rabbits and foxes. Then the dogs were spotted color and only a few decades acquired its current black. This is the most beautiful dog in the world, and recognized officially. It is a Scottish Terrier in this year won the Westminster Dog Show in New York - the most prestigious exhibition-contest for dogs. And although it is now more likely to give birth to the Scottish Terriers for decorative purposes, the call of the ancestors still living in them, they still know how to love to hunt.

The secret of the beauty of the Scottish terrier - in its highly complex unique hairstyle, which was invented in the post-war period and remains a prerequisite for the beautiful appearance of these dogs. The main thing in the care of this dog - a timely haircut at the barber a good dog.


2. In the top ten, which constitute the most beautiful dog, part Siberian Husky. This breed has been bred as a sled, but now it no longer used as a companion dog or decorative purposes to participate in shows and exhibitions.

Husky - a dog is easy, rapid and robust. With the average size, it nevertheless has a great strength dog. One of the components of its beauty is the thick soft fur of black, white, brown or brown color that makes this dog like a stuffed animal. These dogs have a beautiful shape of the skull, a fox tail and unusual dog blue, almost transparent eyes. To this beautiful dog remained, it should be subject to regular physical activity.

3. Looking for a dog breed golden retriever, we can say without hesitation that this is the most beautiful dog. This breed is named so because of the beautiful color, reminiscent of the gold (golden - golden). These can be not only hues of the precious metal but also cream. Wool Golden Retrievers can be smooth and wavy.

The beauty of these dogs is especially visible during their movement. They move much rapidly, large and smooth pace, without fussy mincing steps. Muzzle Golden Retrievers wide and deep, the body has a short loin and powerful chest.

4. a rating of the most beautiful dogs, we can not ignore the breed German shepherd. These dogs, being extremely beautiful animals, and still have an extraordinary mind.

Sheepdogs - the descendants of the northern wolves and originally they were intended to protect the flock. And now the dog is used to protect the territories and as a bodyguard, and for many other purposes. In this regard, the German Shepherd - one of the most versatile breeds.

5. The title of the most beautiful dog in the world deserves the dog breed pomeranian or Dwarf Spitz. This cute little doggie bright red, orange, cream or black color. Despite his small stature (about 23 cm), the storm Spitz are thieves and intruders, as they have acute hearing and, therefore, are considered ideal watchmen.

Dwarf Spitz have a strong body, a small pointed ears, fox-faced, thick and long hair, especially in the legs and neck. The special decoration - a beautiful fan-shaped tail, which Spitz gracefully held at the level of the back.

6. In the list of "the most beautiful breeds of dogs" is the Afghan Hound. These dogs have a growth of about 70 cm and a thick long coat. If we describe this breed in one word, it would be the word "elegance". Special signs Afghan Hound are almond-shaped eyes, long, well furred ears, strong neck and high withers. This dog knows how to skillfully maneuver, since it has been bred for hunting in the mountains, and to this day has retained these abilities at the genetic level.

7. None of the competition "Most beautiful dog" can not do without the exotic dog breed Chihuahua. It is a charming creature with big soulful eyes clear eyes and sweetly-huge growth for its tiny ears. Tiny chihuahua with an increase of not more than 15-20 centimeters, has the desperate and courageous temper, that it can not compete in this characteristic even large dogs.

Chihuahua may be long-haired and short-haired, and their color has about a dozen shades. The head of the dog resembles a bull's-eye, which are placed vertically sharp little ears.

8. Rating of "The most beautiful dog" would be incomplete if it did not enter the breed Labrador Retriever. This is a breed that loves famous people: presidents, kings, singers. Labrador Retriever - big good-natured dog, which was originally designed for hard work.

The first Labrador Retriever were black, but later there were other colors, yellow and brown. These dogs - energetic, strong, sinewy animals. They have a big head and broad chest. A distinctive feature of this dog - a thick long tail.

9. beautiful breed is considered to be a mastiff. This large dog (an increase of about one meter and weighing about 100 kg), affecting the body proportionality, noble bearing and grace in every movement. Dog resembles an antique statue, majestic and proud. The most common color of black dogs, but there are also other shades, such as marble.

10. Rounding out the top ten most beautiful Dalmatian dog breed, easily recognizable by the characteristic black or brown mottled coat color on a white background. These dogs are large, hardy, having harmonious proportions of the body. In black and white Dalmatian nose should be black, while the brown-white brown. This is determined by the purity of the breed. Particularly glad to see the Dalmatian when he moves. Its movements can be described as free and wide.



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