10 smartest dog breeds in the world

Intelligence - a loose concept, but to assess its dogs, there are special tests. Some breeds are traditionally considered more intelligent than others, and some mind altogether is on the verge genialnosti.Interesno that the mind is different. Some great teams recognize and act on the exhibitions, and sometimes may even be something to educate people. Others dogs are too smart, especially in their own eyes, and to train these - sheer torture because obedience and intelligence - are two different things.

Website is about the smartest dog breeds known to us.

Border Collie - a herding dog, bred in Britain. Traditionally considered the smartest breeds in the world, which is confirmed by studies of the University of British Columbia. The energetic, loyal and very fast to train the dogs.

Labrador Retriever - one of the most popular breeds, bred on the island of Newfoundland in the 19th century. I used as a working dog, but now can act as a hunter, guide and rescuer. It features the tranquility and kindness.

Pekingese not often get to the ratings of intelligence, largely due to the negligent attitude toward them, but in vain. This is one of the oldest breeds of dogs bred in the court of the Chinese emperors for about two thousand years ago. Pekingese arrogant, but in my mind they can not refuse.

Irish Water Spaniel - is not only the oldest breeds of Spaniels, but also one of the rarest dog in the world. Despite the name, the roots of this breed coming from Spain. The Irish Water Spaniel superbly trained, which shows high intelligence.

St.Bernards - large working dogs, whose name comes from the monastery of St. Bernard in the Swiss Alps. Extremely friendly, accommodating, often used in rescue operations in the mountains. Can smell a person in distress, even under a thick layer of snow.

Rottweilers have earned a bad reputation as a vicious fighting dog, but under normal handling is never any problems. Rottweilers have not only a sharp mind, and a good memory, one of the best among all breeds.

Sheltie, They Shetland Sheepdog - the breed, fairly reminiscent of rough collies, but not derived from them, and from the Border Collie and legacy "brand" intelligence. These herding dogs are capable of learning when it is alone to graze any herd.

Siberian Husky - Stars video on YouTube, the popularity periodically overtaking even seals. They are terribly energetic and independent, not if you persevere, for their playful nature can be found extraordinary intelligence.

Weimaraner or veymaskaya pointer - a rare breed of hunting. Perfectly trainable, able to track down prey of any size, from ducks to pigs, deer and bears.

Great Dane - a breed derived from the English Foxhound more than two hundred years ago. In addition to excellent hunting skills, highly intelligent, quickly learn the commands and extremely friendly.

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