How to apply foundation: 5 common mistakes

Creams and other tools created to align the skin tone - clever products. It seems likely, it is a business: Apply and smear potschatelnee. Why then do we so often see women with shockingly noticeable "tonalnika" on the face? Perfect caused foundation - the success of any make-up, that's just the very first step is the hardest. Website with a star stylist from New York salon Rita Hazan Salon Sandy Linter talks about common mistakes made when applying foundation, and how to fix them.

1. Exactly matched tone h3> «Many women pick concealer one to one with the tone of the skin and remain disappointed with the resulting sluggish complexion," says Linter. To solve this problem, choose a concealer slightly warmer tone (with yellow and golden hues), especially if you have pale skin on the nature of the person, or if you notice signs of skin aging age. Warm undertones will give the skin a natural and harmonious appearance. Warm colors rouge also help straighten out the skin tone. If you have a tan or dark skin, it is necessary to keep away from pinkish tones that will look too obvious in natural light.

2. Excess disguise h3> Whether excessive pigmentation of the skin, rashes and pimples or wrinkles that you want to mask, excessive application of foundation will attract even more attention to the "raznosherstoy" the texture of the skin. "Tonal framework is intended to emphasize the existing advantages or improve skin tone," says Linter. To correct imperfections, use a special pencil and highlighter to hide pigmentation and wrinkles, and concealers "local action" for pimples and rashes.

3. Using the wrong consistency h3> Whichever brand you choose, concealer should blend smoothly with the skin, leaving no visible eye transitions, says Linter. Under these conditions, the tonal coating does not seem difficult, but the result looks very natural. Women with dry skin toning powder can settle in the pores and wrinkles and liquid creams give the owners of oily skin even more unwanted shine. Linter believes that please all do best at the tonal resources with a cream base. You may need to experiment a bit with different brands to find the ideal is for your skin.

4. The fear that the foundation ages h3> «We tonal creams bad reputation because many women use them correctly, but it does not mean that you should be afraid to use it," says Linter. Correctly chosen means hides traces of skin aging such as pigmentation and increase the long and, in contrast to popular belief, gives the face a youthful appearance. In addition, other cosmetics - blush, bronzer and a masking pencil - can lie down on the skin unevenly, if they do not have a solid foundation in the form of foundation. The main thing is to choose the formula that will lie on the skin smooth and does not become clogged in the pores and wrinkles.

5. Applying just everywhere h3> A sure way to make clear to do - is to put an even layer of foundation and powder all over the face. Linter advises using tonal resources only where they are needed, and corrective - in problem areas, such as under the eyes and around the lesions. The distribution of the cream warm fingers helps more natural to merge it with the skin tone. Powder is better to use only the central part of the face, where it is relevant. Excess powder will ruin the whole look.

Conclusion: the main thing - to find the right color and consistency of the foundation and do not abuse them. Less in this case - just better.



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