10 most expensive works of art sold in 2015

Season major trades have finished, but the results of the auction house Sotheby's and Christie's will sum only at the beginning of 2016. Nevertheless, today we can talk about works of art that have appeared in the past year the most expensive. < Website publishes a selection of the most expensive masterpieces, pushed under the hammer in the past year.

«Reclining Nude", Amedeo Modigliani - $ 170,405,000 h2>

Bidding The Artist's Muse house Christie's curators have collected the works of artists from the end of the XIX century to the beginning of XXI, depicting inspire them women. The record turned out Italian Amedeo Modigliani painting. Bidding for the painting lasted only nine minutes, a collector bought the product from China. He paid $ 170, 4 million, making it the second most expensive painting in the world of product sold at a public auction.

«Pointing man," Alberto Giacometti - $ 141,285,000 h2>

Italian Alberto Giacometti's famous experiments with the form in order to achieve their dramatic sculptural portraits, human figures, he did extremely thin and elongated. Created in 1947 by the "Decree man" made in the original style of Giacometti. After the sale May 11 at Christie's auction in New York, he is the most expensive sculpture in the world. The previous record also belonged to Giacometti and his "Walking Man", sold in 2010 at Sotheby's for $ 104 million-plus.

«Algerian women (Version O)», Pablo Picasso - $ 179,365,000 h2>

At the auction Looking Forward To The Past, which house Christie's held in New York on May 11 canvas of Pablo Picasso "Women of Algiers (version O)» set a new world record. With $ 179 million more than the picture broke the previous record set in 2013, "Three sketches to Lucien Freud" by Francis Bacon. Written in 1955, "Version O» - the last and most famous of the series "Women of Algiers". At the auction it was exhibited for the second time.

«Nurse" Roy Lichtenstein - $ 95,365,000 h2>

"Nurse" American Roy Lichtenstein exhibited November 9 in New York trading on The Artist's Muse house Christie's, became the most expensive work sold in the past year in the segment of "post-war art." Liechtenstein came to the style of pop art in the 1960s, after experimenting with cubism and abstract expressionism. "Nurse", made in recognizable - inspired by comic - style of the artist, written in 1964, in the most fruitful period of Liechtenstein.

No. 10, Mark Rothko - $ 81,925,000 h2>

"Cloth No. 10 "one of the founders of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko wrote in 1958 - at a time when he brought his painting style to near perfection. Two-tone painting was sold for $ 81, 9 million, not exceeding the record of the artist - $ 86, 9 million set in 2012 canvas "Orange, red, yellow».

«Untitled (New York)," Cy Twombly - $ 70,530,000 h2>

Written by American abstract painter and sculptor Cy Twombly in 1968, the picture is included in his famous series "school boards". To create this the artist used an ordinary chalk. The painting was sold at Sotheby's auction on November 11 in New York, and became the most expensive work of the evening, and at the same time set a record price for the artist's works.

«cabaret singer" Pablo Picasso - $ 67,450,000 h2>

"Cabaret Singer" - a portrait of a naked woman, written in 1901, 19-year-old Picasso and referring to the "blue period" of the artist. The product was sold 5 November at Sotheby's auction in New York with a small excess of the price of $ 60 million, which was planning to bail out of the web auction house.

«Bust of a Woman (Woman in hairnets)" Pablo Picasso - $ 67,365,000 h2>

This cubist female portrait Picasso painted in 1938 - when the artist's relationship with the photographer Dora Maar just beginning. "Bust of a Woman (" Woman in hairnets) "- one of the most famous portraits of Maar painted by Picasso. Exhibited the painting at auction May 11 in New York City house Christie's expected to sell at least $ 55 million - and rescued more than 10 million more.

«Social caretaker sleeps", Lucian Freud - $ 56,165,000 h2>

Cloth "Social caretaker sleeps" Lucian Freud May 13 at Christie's auction in New York went under the hammer with a slight excess of the upper estimate ($ 30-50 million). The painting, which is one of a series of four portraits of Sue Tilley, set the record price for the artist's works.

«Alley Alyscamps" Vincent Van Gogh - $ 66,330,000 h2>

Landscape "Alley Alyscamps" Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1888 - just at a time when the artist moved to Arles. His palette of bright colors appeared, and from under the hand of his main masterpieces are born. May 5 in New York at Sotheby's auction painting appeared at auction for the first time more than a decade.

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