The most blatant cases of advertising copy

The same idea, followed by the same visual image at different times came up with creatives from different known agentstv.K use the same idea in different advertising agencies can certainly take it easy and call it "mysterious coincidence" or " creative recycling. " But after egregious cases, like using the same pictures in the advertising of various brands like Dove and Epson, unwittingly raises the question of plagiarism.

Ideas, as you know, are in the air, and there is a possibility that one and the same thought at the same time come up with a few people. But in order to visualize the same one and the same idea, the two agencies shared time and kilometers, you should try both.

Following the mysterious coincidences in the TV commercials we focus on copying ideas and ways of implementation in print advertising. Here are a few examples of the most blatant cases of advertising copy.

Cable TV «Metropolis Intercom» 1999

Agency: BBDO Chile

Ladies Pro Golf on ESPN 2007

Agency: A bunch of Monkeys (Mexico)

SKY satellite TV in 2006

Agency: 1861 United Milan (Italy)

Peace Queen Cup / Women Soccer 2007

Agency: LG AD Seoul (South Korea)

Barclays Bank Pension Plan 2002

Tagline: «Born again at 65 years old»

Agency: Ad Hoc Young & Rubicam (Spain)

Magali's Workout System 2010

Tagline: «We push you to the limit so you can feel alive again»

Agency: Road, Barcelona (Spain)

SNCB 2003

Tagline: «One day you'll forget about the road»

Agency: Grey Brussels (Belgium)

Decathlon Sport Stores 2010

Tagline: «Make room for hiking»

Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris (France)

CESVI Giant Condom Mob / AIDS Awareness 2009

Agency: Now Available (Italy)

Durex / Israel Aids Task Force 2010

Agency: Obsessive Creative Mkg (Israel)

Road Safety Ministry in 2009

Agency: Zavod (Russia)

Or Yarok Road Safety, Anti drink driving in 2010

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Y & R (Israel)

Brainobrain Jumeira Chil Dev Program 2009

Tagline: «For bright and imaginative young minds»

Agency: FP7 Dubai (UAE)

Marathon Kids 2010

Tagline: «The outdoors for your kids, the museum for their toys»

Agency: Latin Works Austin (USA)

Head Tennis Rackets - 1998

Tagline: «Shoot to kill»

Agency: JWT Lisbon (Portugal)

Nintendo Star Tennis 2000

Tagline: «Kill the game and your opponent»

Agency: Leo Burnett (Brazil)

The Gay Liberation Front of Catalonia 2005

Agency: TBWA Barcelona (Spain)

Israel Gay Youth Organization 2009

Tagline: «It's easier than you think»

Agency: Gitam BBDO (Israel)

V Energy Drink 2006

Tagline: «Beware of speeding»

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi (China)

Olympikus Running Shoes 2010

Tagline: «Hi Performance Technology»

Agency: DCS Comunicações, Porto Alegre, (Brazil)

Milk producers of Lux 2008

Agency: Binsfeld (Luxembourg)

Viking Lawn Mower2009

Tagline: «Nothing cut the grass better»

Agency: Publicis Conseil Paris (France)

Land Rover 2005

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Mexico)

KTM 250 SX off-road motorbike in 2009

Agency: DDB & Co Istanbul (Turkey)

Canac 2010

Tagline: «Hardware Made Easy»

Agency: LG2 Montreal (Canada)

Tramontina 2010

Tagline: «Build it easily»

Agency: DCS Porto Alegre (Brazil)

Volkswagen Touareg «Car Wash» 2004

Agency: DDB Istanbul (Turkey)

Land Rover «Car Wash» 2009

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Athens (Greece)

Priorin Shampoo 2008

Tagline: «Extra Volume Shampoo»

Agency: JWT Frankfurt (Germany)

Apoteket Swedish Pharmacy 2010

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors (Sweden)

Caja Espana 2006

Tagline: «Express Money Transfer»

Agency: The Farm CF Madrid (Spain)

FxPro Money Transfer 2010

Tagline: «In speed we trust»

Agency: Freeger, Moscow (Russia)

Matchbox Toys 2001

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Brazil)

Hobby Town USA 2009

Agency: TunnelBravo, Mesa, Arizona (USA)

Land Rover 1998

Tagline: «the best 4 × 4xFar»

Agency: The Campaign Palace (New Zealand)

Seat Leon Cupra 2005

Agency: Grey Milano (Italy)

Sexy Magazine 1997

Tagline: «We know what goes on in a man's mind»

Agency: Fischer Justus Total (Brazil)

FHM Magazine 2009

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Singapore)

Copenhaguen Zoo Ambient 2009

Agency: Bates & Werksette (Denmark)

Le Choc des Titans / Clash of the Titans Ambient 2010

Agency: Unknown (Paris, France)

London City Poster 2009

Designed by: QuentinNewark - Atelier Works

Penguin Books 2010

Tagline: «Travel with words»

Agency: IESP João Pessoa (Brazil)

Molson Canadian Beer Cans 2006

Agency: ZIG Toronto (Canada)

BetClic Poker Online Gaming 2010

Agency: La Chose, Paris (France)

13e Rue TV «the crime channel» April Fool 2001

Agency: JWT Paris (France)

13e Rue TV «the crime channel» April Fool 2010

Agency: BETC Euro RSCG Paris (France)

Secretaria da Saude 2010

Agency: Agencia Matriz (Brazil)

Kimberly Clark 2010

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather (Costa Rica)

Stress Shoes 2006

Tagline: «Shoes can tell who you are»

Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Zagreb (Croatia)

Tervolina 2009

Tagline: «Because shoes matter»

Agency: BBDO Moscow (Russia)

Road Safety «Baby On Board» sticker on the back of the hearse. 2004

Tagline: «Buckle them up. The back seat too »

Agency: DDB Brussels (Belgium)

Road Safety Toronto «Baby on Board» 2010

Tagline: «80% of child seats are installed incorrectly»

Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto (Canada)

Nissan X-Trail SkiPower 2005

Agency: TBWA (Italy)

Land Rover Defender «Go beyond» 2010

Agency: Young & Rubicam (Italy)

IKEA Home Furnishings Bus Stop Ambient 2006

Agency: Deutsch New York (USA)

HomeBase Home furnishings Train Station Ambient 2010

Agency: Mindshare (United Kingdom)

36 Feria Libro / Buenos Aires Book Fair 2009 36

Agency: Sentidos (Argentina)

Gandhi Bookstore / Books - Music - Video - Café 2010

Tagline: «Less Faces - More Books»

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico City (Mexico)

Road Safety 1999

Agency: Idea Company Ljubjana (Slovenia)

Road Safety / Verkehrs Wacht 2010

Agency: Scholz and Friends (Germany)

Land Rover Defender 2008

Agency: Young & Rubicam Dubaï (UAE)

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan TDI

Agency: Agence .V. (France)

Lycra Stretch 2001

Agency: Young & Rubicam (Brazil)

Canterbury Clothing Apparel «Incredibly tough» 2005

Agency: BBDO Cape Town (South Africa)

Evonik Chemicals 2008

Tagline: «who helps your teeth shine so white?»

Agency: KNSK Hamburg (Germany)

Trident 2009

Tagline: «long lasting whiteness»

Agency: JWT (Morocco)

Seat Leon Cupra 240 HP 2008

Agency: Grey Milano (Italy)

Volkswagen Scirocco 2009

Agency: Medina Turgul DDB Istanbul (Turkey)

Alberta Tourism Board Ambient 2007

Agency: Venture Communications Toronto (Canada)

Vitamin Water Ambient (Vancouver Olympic Games) 2010

Agency: Brokaw (Canada)

World's biggest BBQ 2002

Fundraising BBQ for Childhood Cancer

Agency: Euro RSCG (Australia)

Calgary Farmers' Market BBQ 2009

Agency: Wax Calgary (Canada)

Humo Magazine «Men's Magazine» 2007

Agency: Leo Burnett Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Jump! self promotionnal «boiling hormones for 15 years» 2010

Agency: Jump! Comunicação, Maringá - Paraná, (Brazil)

Old Lady's London Dry Gin in 1988

Tagline: «A true original, born in Great-Britain»

Agency: Callegari Berville, Paris (France)

Dean's Finest Old Scotch Whisky 2010

Tagline: «Surprisingly mild»

Agency: Scholz and Friends Dusseldorf (Germany)

Canal Digital HD-TV in 2008

Tagline: «HD-quality means five times better image!»

Agency: Grey Stockholm (Sweden)

Sky HDTV 2009

Tagline: «Discover the world in Hi-Definition»

Agency: Heye Group, Munich, (Germany)

Kawasaki 2002

Tagline: «reassuringly fast bikes»

Agency: TBWA Berlin (Germany)

Perodua Myvi 2007

Tagline: «Fast enough»

Agency: Naga DDB (Malaysia)

Eurostar Train 2004

Tagline: «directly to London»

Agency: Leg Agency, Paris (France)

V Line Trains 2010

Tagline: «The only way to get to the jazz festival»

Agency: McCann Melbourne (Australia)

BMW 1999

Tagline: «Winner of both the Paris-Dakar and Le Mans races in 1999»

Agency: TBWA Paris (France)

2010 Volkswagen

Tagline: «Congratulations to our three cars which won the Dakar Rally».

Agency: Agence V (France)

Samsung Washing Machines 2007

Agency: Cheil Worldwide (Korea)

Constructa Washing Machines «Keeps on working» 2008

Agency: GPS Advertising Tel Aviv (Israel)

Diesel Jeans 2005

Agency: Euro RSCG (France)

Taboo Jeans 2009

Agency: Unknown (Lebanon)

The Hairdressers 2007

Agency: MDA creative (United Kingdom)

Pineda Hait Transplant Clinic 2009

Agency: TBWA Makati City (Philippines) 2006

Tagline: «Do not let the unrighteous do»

Agency: Ebb & Flow (France)

Casa Do Menor 2010

Tagline: «Set the kids free from abuse and violence»

Agency: Mc Cann Erickson (Spain)

Samu Social 115 Ambient (Homeless Awareness) 2005

Tagline: «Help give a roof to those who do not have one»

Agency: TBWA Paris (France)

Arrels Fundacio Ambient (Homeless Awareness) 2010

Tagline: «For many people in Barcelona this is their home. Give Barcelona a roof »

Agency: Altraforma, Barcelona, ​​(Spain)

Monroe «Shock Absorbers» 2007

Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg (South Africa)

Dunlop «For smooth ... comfortable ride» 2010

Agency: KID, Bangkok, (Thaïland)

NICEF Anti-Landmines «table soccer» Ambient 2008

Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt (Germany)

AACD «Anti-Landmines table soccer» Ambient 2009

Tagline: «Supporting children with disabilities»

Agency: Fischer America Sao Paulo (Brazil)

On Computing «Apple Repair-Service» 2001

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin (Germany)

MacHerman «Mac Repair Service» 2008

Agency: New Message Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Diet Pepsi 2001

Agency: BBDO Bangkok (Thailand)

KY Lubricant Gel 2009

Agency: Kolle Rebbe Hamburg (Germany)

BMW Mini «Rock legend» 2004

Agency: BBDO Milan (Italy)

The Peugeot 207 «Spice Up your Life!» 2008

Agency: McCann Erickson Dakar (Senegal)

Rowenta Neo / Orchid with electric plug 2003

Agency: Publicis Conseil (France)

Ambi Pur / Orchid with electric plug 2009

Agency: Grey Worldwide Warsaw (Poland)

Fiat 2009

Tagline: «Going forward or backward, it's all the same».

Agency: Leo Burnett Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Mercedes-Benz 2009

Tagline: «Backwards as well as forwards»

Agency: Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zurich, (Switzerland)

Sabugosa Bookstore «Fat Batman» 2008

Agency: Fields (Brazil)

Active Life Movement «Fat Superman» 2009

Agency: Latin Works Austin, Texas (USA) «lifelike stickers» November 2008

Agency: Serve Marketing, Milwaukee (USA)

Youth Off the streets «Lifelike posters» December 2008

Agency: Lavender Sydney (Australia)

Pro smokefree 2005

Agency: Fahrnholz & Junghanns & Raetzel, Munich (Germany)

ADESF association
Agency: NeogamaBBH (Brazil)

Band-Aid «100% waterproof» 2008

Agency: JWT (Brazil)

Boots «Waterproof plasters» 2009

Agency: McCann Erickson Bangkok (Thailand)

World Vision (Public Service) 2000

Agency: TBWA Frankfurt (Germany)

The Star - operation snowball 2009

Tagline: «with your help this could be a real blanket»

Agency: Volcano Advertising (South Africa)

Goteborgs Symfoniker Orchestra 2004

Agency: SCP Goteborg (Sweden)

Duracell Batteries - 2009

Tagline: «Our most powerful battery ever»

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Paris (France)

Roca Taps 2003

Tagline: «Narcissist? Maybe ... »

Agency: Publicis Casadevall, Barcelona (Spain)

ISCA Taps 2009

Tagline: «Beautiful taps»

Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town (South Africa) «adopt a dog» January 2009

Tagline: «you will not come home to this»

Agency: Leo Burnett, Beirut (Lebanon)

Stockholms Hundforum October 2009

Agency: Jung von Matt, Stockholm (Sweden)

Donna Benta Flour 2007

Agency: Lew Lara TBWA (Brazil)

La cucina italiana magazine 2009

Claim: «Your product will look more tempting in La Cucina Italiana»

Agency: D'Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO, Milan (Italy)

Kit Kat «Have a break» 2008

Agency: JWT Dubaï (UAE)

Routon GPS 2009

Agency: ZR4218AD, Shanghai, (China)

Asthma Info Website 2001

Agency: ACHT99 Kommunikation (Germany)

Asthma Foundation 2009

Tagline: «Help New Zealand Children breathe easier»

Agency: Ogilvy Auckland (New Zealand)

Labelle Women Razors 2003

Agency: Mindspace (India)

Gillette Fusion Razors 2009

Tagline: «We love a challenge»

Agency: BBDO NY (USA)

Playland «You are here» 2003

Agency: DDB Vancouver (Canada)

Alka Selzer Hangover Relief 2009

Agency: BBDO (Khazakstan)

S.O.S Pregnancy 2000

Agency: Nova Publicidade (Portugal)

Clearblue Pregnancy Tests 2009

Agency: Leo Burnett Milan (Italy)

Braun Nose Trimmer 2007

Agency: BBDO Dusseldorf (Germany)

Elta Nose Trimmer 2008

Agency: KNSK (Germany)

Playboy «Guys, pray for rain» 2002

Agency: Rempen & Partner (Germany)

Calvin Klein Underwear 2009

Agency: Chosun University, Gwangju (South Korea)

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