Results of European creative advertising competition Epica Awards 2007

November 28 will be officially announced results of the European creative advertising competition Epica Awards 2007. As usual, this is the contest reveals trend of work which then receive the laurels of the Audience Award in the world and in Kannah.V prizes were awarded this year's four Grand Prix. They received a promotional work of the most innovative forms.

In the category "Television Advertising" was awarded the Grand Prix roller "Gorilla" - advertising chocolate Cadbury (Cadbury Diary Milk). He made the agency Fallon London, famous for his work for Sony Bravia.

The video lasts fifteen minutes. Of those 59 seconds we see the face of a gorilla close-up: the hit Phil Collins & quot; In the Air Tonight & quot; she closes her eyes, nostrils draws air, fully immersed in the music and concentrating. The camera slowly pulls back - we see that the beast is sitting behind the drums ... With 60 seconds of the gorilla explode powerful drum breaks and abandon chopsticks peel the remaining 30 seconds. And only in the end of the video image appears chocolates, Cadbury logo with a glass of milk and the slogan «A Glass And A Half Full Of Joy» («half glass full of joy"). We also recommend to look at the video parody of the Wonderbra.

The video confirmed the trend, which was discussed in the jury: to be successful, must become a brand advertising event in the world of entertainment. This video should be easy to look at the screen of a mobile phone. "Gorilla" just offers the advertising format. For almost three months scored clip on YouTube 770,000 views.

In the category "Print Advertising" and "Outdoor Advertising" was awarded the Grand Prix also entertaining works.

Agency Marcel (France) for the clock channel France24 made magazine advertisements, "What is the news": turns on the coffee placed mechanisms like hours. "Politics" is made of a wheel with Bush heads, wheel barrels of oil, which lowers the ballots wheels with tanks and planes, and the wheels with the hands that give and take bribes. Likewise arranged magazine layouts "Medicine" and "Science". Today, the audience is not enough news - he wants to know the reasons for what is happening.

Posters Pepsi «Dare to more" represent a tiny climber in a huge mountain gorge, microscopic surfer on the crest of a giant wave. Near the pictures impressive scale disaster, and far away and the mountain and the wave transformed into recognizable red-blue logo of Pepsi. The agency BBDO Duesseldorf.

The work, which received the gold i>

«Select the most important thing - get the full story" - advertising markers Stabilo alludes to the story of Dracula. Work em> Serviceplan Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) em>

«Men do not like to look at naked men" - men's underwear ads. Jobs & Co. (Denmark) em>

The competition has shown some nice trends that jury member Epica Awards of Russia Andrei Nadein, chief editor of the magazine "Advertising Ideas»:

"The jury worked for four days from early morning to late evening. When evaluated several thousand works, you know where to move advertising. Here's a brief conclusion of this year.

Packaging Wine "fat bastard". Work Turner Duckworth, shortlisted em>

Painting "Perfect." Work Turner Duckworth, shortlisted em>

Advertising glamor leaves - smooth work in the style of fashion photography is becoming less. My colleagues from professional publications relieved. Consumers fed up with the glamor - and increasingly appreciate the irony and simple solutions. Including packaging products, which is designed to "cling to the eye".

There are more decorative advertising, simple and positive. The leader is the United Kingdom, but the trend is gradually spreading throughout Europe. In addition to the longing for the positive that has accumulated in the depressive Europe, there is another reason: an overabundance of information and the growth rate of life demands to submit information is minimized - and it is best to make the picture. In addition, the means of transmission of pictures today, all in the hands - a phone. So the future of advertising - for graphic design, and it is to develop in Russia, because we have our own school.

Another growing trend - "fabulous" ads, with elements of fantasy, science fiction and a children's fantasy. Alternative worlds, where you can hide from the difficulties of life - they are in the minds of consumers, and therefore also in advertising ».

Several Russian papers this year were finalists Epica Awards. This is a decent success, given the high level of competition - and the reason for the success is that the Russian agencies have learned to do advertising that meets international standards.

The agency "Aurora" with posters for the insurance company (the dog stuck under the brake pedal).

"Realpro" with the poster for furniture Natuzzi (mosquito trying to pierce the leather arm of the couch - "Made of leather»)

The agency Saatchi & Saatchi Russia with TV advertising 'Laughing Bear' for crab sticks VICI (a teddy bear sitting on the couch, watching on TV, like bears fishing in a stream, eating crab sticks VICI and laughs - but here comes the master, and the bear flattens skin before sofa).

Agency Leo Burnett LLC with the video for cinemas (the woman hanging laundry on the street, it stretches the sheet and the entire screen is white, appears «Tide wishes you a pleasant viewing»).

Epica Awards - Europe's largest creative advertising competition. His goal - to encourage a high standard of European advertising and help agencies, production companies and photographers to achieve fame to develop its reputation.


In the category "Interactive" Grand Prix was awarded to campaign for Diesel Underwear - and this is truly a breakthrough work. The guys from the Swedish agency Farfar fully emancipated from television advertising, "eaten up with giblets" famous technology television shows. Six cameras 24 hours a day showed a Hotel room in which two spectacular mad girls abducted them kept locked up nice guy. Of course they were all dressed in underwear Diesel. These sex-terrorist In his first video message announced the goal of what is happening: to rename the brand Diesel ... in Heidies. They called themselves - The Heidies.

Look on YouTube & gt; & gt;

100% involvement of the audience! A huge number of texts, links and visual material on blogs - well, how it does not show? All pictures were taken from nature and placed in the Internet without any retouching - complete reality.

The response of the audience exceeded all expectations. The Heidies people send letters, cards, music videos ...

No one has so not unraveled fashion brand! No mediazatrat. Branded entertainment and shows were left far behind. Today merely refer the curious to the show, which has remained in history: «Welcome to our 15 MB of Fame». Em>

Open site & gt; & gt;

The competition jury consists of professional editors, marketing and advertising media: judging participate in the magazine 34 from 27 countries. Russia is in the jury of editors "Advertising Ideas" - since 1999. The unique scoring system provides an independent choice of the most powerful and trend of work and a lot of detailed publications on the winners - after the jury members of the press.


This year's competition is held on 21 th time. The number of participants Epica Awards is growing from year to year. In 2006, the contest received 5,461 works from 703 companies. In 2007 - 5600 works by 731 companies. I>



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