Outdoor advertising, which works (Updated!)

Simple outdoor advertising, which is the usual posters on all sorts of urban advertising structures, more goes into the background, and it's not a secret. The more meaningful activities and interactive displays outdoor advertising, the luchshe.Vsyu "work" outdoor advertising can be divided into two areas. The first - when the billboard or other structure which acts itself, arranging large, medium and very small performances for the audience, that is, for the target audience. And the second - when the ads will not work if it does not help people not launch, do not play, do not just pass by in the end. In both these areas have excellent samples that are collected in this survey.

independent activity 1. Mechanical deystvieNe each carrier will take delivery of the parcel, which is clearly written "to self-destruct ..." and then the clock is ticking. Not every city will allow to place almost in the center of the billboard, which completely explode. But all of this was possible in Auckland, the capital of New Zealand, not frightened by terrorists.

Campaign «Self Destruct» definitely go down in textbooks on advertising as a good example of creating a high-profile brand-event period, based on the standard vehicle. And it all began with the fact that Deadline Couriers, Oakland forwarding company, has decided to upgrade its position in the market, to raise awareness of and traffic to the site, ie, an advertising campaign. Deadline Couriers appealed to Colenso BBDO, where the young creative duo Jamie Hitchcock and John Lancaster (Jamie Hitchcock & Josh Lancaster), probably inspired by the way advertisers know every deadline, proposed the idea of ​​freight forwarders truly explosive. Forwarders, too, are familiar with the "dead line", agreed.

And in the summer of 2007 in the center of Auckland to Nelson Street there was a single design 3 × 6 expressly promised that the evening July 22 this message will self-destruct. In addition to the concise phrases on the board are only the logo and the url of the company, as well as the electronic clock in reverse counting the seconds to the state of emergency. Hours worked only a few days, but during this time, "word of mouth" has carried the news of the impending Destro throughout New Zealand and beyond. Naturally, the appointed time to the panel on Nelson Street tightened respectable crowd, and the web site curious besieged Deadline Couriers, where with the help of cameras installed around the shield could look at the approaching deadline. Videos, photos, stories of eyewitnesses second wave went around the New Zealand and Australian blogs, a story about to blow up the shield was even shown on television. At the same time actually spent only about $ 20,000, most of which went to watch stunts and pyrotechnic safety and PR-effect produced by this small amount in the millions. Deadline Couriers is not just a few months "does not peel off" with tongue and fingers potential customers (the company is also engaged in money transfers and electronic delivery), and has acquired a reputation for knowing exactly the price of a rush order and deadline.

French BETC Euro RSCG and artist Nadine Grenier created for anti-AIDS fund outdoor-installation, which was encased a plurality of mechanical watches. Arrows have been exposed to them in such a manner that twice a day they formed the inscription: "Every 12 hours Africa more than 2,000 people die from AIDS because they do not have access to medical care." Below the shield was placed the call for donations, the site address where you can get more information and the slogan: "Every minute counts».

The company AEG-Electrolux measured "sound pollution" in Europe as part of an advertising campaign developed to support its new product - a silent washing machine.

In the noisiest and busiest places in Madrid, London, Berlin, Brussels and Milan shows noise levels with a power meter in decibels, connected to the screens, built-in billboards. The event was timed to the Day of Noise (April 16). All data on the levels of noise from different cities were recorded on the website NoiseAwareness.co.uk shares and allows visitors to compare the "volume" of the various towns, view charts with the changes and to get more information about the dangers of "sound pollution».

Agency Publicis New York advertise drugs Pepto Bismol, get rid of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in the washing machine in the popular US service for laundry.

Those who periodically "cool" the stomach, that feeling can be compared with the work of a washing machine, and noticed that the advertising means Pepto Bismol.

Facade washing machine front loading laundry in public - an interesting place for advertising by means of "spinning" the stomach, Publicis New York once in the "bull's eye».

Taglines: No matter what you put in your stomach, "rosy" Make it so that you digest it.

The company Stihl, a chainsaw produces, put your product on a billboard next to the plywood discount coupons. After a few days of inactivity revived outdoor advertising with a special person who came, climbed on board and drank and went out the coupon at a discount under his arm.

The Philippine Department of Ogilvy & Mather, too, has made a living billboard for antibacterial scrub Pond's. "Living billboard" as well as possible transfers property Pond's Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub, which are described in the advertising campaign slogan - "cleans pores. Grappling with acne. " Most interesting is that the cleaner - it's not a dummy, but a living person who cleans the whole day time, bringing it to pristine purity!

Two days before the start of UEFA EURO 2008 game, and TBWA Berlin Adidas presented the stars of the tournament in the super-larger size. Group 17-meter players welcomed all football fans at the railway station in Zurich.

A park in Vienna Vienna Prater 42-meter Petr Cech with eight arms and ferris wheel goalkeeper demonstrated his incredible coolness.

Billboards by DDB Auckland New Zealand for popular science channel SKY Discovery Channel are "small" (only 3 × 6 m), masterpieces of visual-informative advertising. Before DDB Auckland and the problem was - to convey the idea of ​​limiting and clear visibility. And I must say that the message of «Now you know» («Now you know") to all New Zealanders realized 100.

Interestingly quite old billboard Ariel, near which the path to "put" a great spot so that from a distance it seemed that dirty shirt on the poster. The design pattern for this visually merged with billboards, but when approaching the spot gradually moves to the right, and then completely disappeared from the shirt.

The New York office of the agency BBDO, was the big winner at the 65th annual award ceremony OBIE Awards, 2007 and took the top prize (Best of Show) for «BBC World Voting Campaign» television channel BBC World.

Interactive digital screens to advertise the launch of BBC World broadcast in the United States, passed a variety of political information based on current events. On both sides of the display based on Bluetooth technology regularly updated street poll results, which reflect society's attitude towards the events.

Broadcasts of the famous Tour de France cycling marathon in Australia promoted a real cyclist. City-format, telling about the broadcasts on channel SBS, flipping only because of hellish work cyclist attached to advertising design. Tour de France last 21 days, on each of those days, each participant of the race has to pedal for hours and days of rest in the main global velosorevnovanii only two. That's how much he worked in advertising and cyclist broadcasts on SBS. 21 days from 8 am to 4 pm, with only two days of rest.

DraftFCB New York dank winter decided to warm those who have to freeze at bus stops waiting for public transport. To advertise a brand of hot food Stove Top, owned concern Kraft Foods, 10 bus stops in Chicago were heated by means of heating elements mounted under the poster with kopilaynom: "The cold winter provided. Heat given us ».

2. SolntseIdeya shadows cast by objects on sunny days, advertising specialists used not once, not twice, but at all "staleness" of the technology, fresh and interesting solutions in it enough. You may recall the Cannes triumph «Sundial» from McDonalds and Leo Burnett Chicago. In 2007, the fast-food giant posted a sundial in Chicago, who worked from 8 am to 11 am, and shows that the time has come to have a McDonald's.

Advertising sunscreen Garnier can be seen only if you stand in the shadow of the shield, which is located horizontally above the ground. A message posted on the lower side, which read: "It protects you from the sun." The result was an interesting ambiguity.

The New Zealand Agency CLEMENGER BBDO came up with the original medium for campaign funds for sunbathing SUNSENSE. 12148 Billboard made their stakes, the length of which varies from 1 to 27 millimeters.

As soon as the sun rises, these projections due to a drop shadow and create a black and white picture of a woman, take sun bath.

The slogan of the campaign - makes sense when the sun goes (Make sense when sun's out).

Cloudy day

Sunny day

DraftFCB in outdoor advertising for the Canadian branch of WWF has used the natural course of the sun across the sky to demonstrate the speed of sea level rise. Over Billboard pale blue, standing "face" to the west, was set visor with shaped edge that simulates ocean waves. As soon as the sun rises to the zenith, the shadow of the visor is getting shorter, giving the impression of an increasing amount of water.

Slogan: «Ocean levels are rising faster than ever» - «The level of the oceans rises faster than ever».

Two more similar to each other how to use the shadows: in advertising test-drive convertible VW Eos Convertible, which works only on sunny days, and in the advertising of chips which manufacturers care about the environment, and sometimes partially run on solar energy.

And by the way, about solar energy. It is also increasingly occurs in the advertisement is not as empty words and promises, and as one of the components. In 2007, the Cannes Grand Prix in the Outdoor Lions category received South Africa's Nedbank, who install solar panels on their billboard. These batteries are allowed to work without the use of traditional energy kitchen and dining nearby school.

The slogan of the campaign: What if bank really did give power to the people? (~ "What would happen if the banks really giving power to the people?»)

In this case, there is a play on words - power in the English language, and "strength" and "electricity". Thus, the slogan NedBank really gives people the power and electricity and by connecting their homes to the solar energy generated with the help of an advertising structure.

3. Day-NochNa natural lighting regime change also made a lot of interesting work.

Two more interesting work for McDonalds appeared this year.

Firstly, this is a great "fresh" egg, which "breaks up" with the first rays of the sun and closes again at sunset. The goal - to demonstrate the use of fresh products and daily supplies.

And secondly, for people to remember about the night work cafeterias, bus stops were placed half of the logo, which became the logo of the whole night, bouncing off the wall stops.

Renault's Megane Sport advertising model used light-absorbing material, which is picking up the light of day, the light all night.

Germans from the agency PHILIPP & KEUNTJE developed an original exterior design for the magazine Playboy.

Day billboard looks empty - only the logo in the corner. And at night, when the lights turn on, the poster you can see the silhouettes of female breasts.

What is important, given advertising installation confirms that Playboy may attract the attention of men do not even showing naked girls.

Agency H & C Leo Burnett Beirut has developed an interesting concept for billboards funds for hair Koleston.

The idea brings the concept of natural cosmetics and the possibility of frequent change of hair color, by placing billboards with holes around the beautiful scenery. Thus, looking at the billboard, you can see the magnificent colors of hair, the shades varied depending on time of day and weather, while remaining attractive and natural.

4. PrirodaPrirodnye possibilities regarding their use in advertising has just begun to be explored and implemented. Therefore, an innovative course of Leo Burnett Chicago for the McDonald's made such an impression on the advertisers around the world.

Publicis Frankfurt turned the outdoor advertising in an aquarium. The campaign of the restaurant Fisch Franke, they used real live fish to demonstrate the degree of freshness of fish to passers-by in the restaurant.

The slogan: "Fresh as possible».

INTERACTIVE Advertising, in one way or another involved person, interesting, effective, and has unlimited potential. And there are two directions: when advertising starts to work in the presence of a person and when advertising works only with the direct participation of man.

1. In the presence of chelovekaAmnesty International and Jung von Matt Hamburg built into bus shelters cameras that track eye movement. And if a person looked at the poster, I saw the happy couple on kopilaynom: "This happens when no one is watching." As soon as the man to turn away, the husband began to beat his wife.

Swedish reality show Big In Japan drew the attention of passers-by to his campaign by sensors that respond to movement. Once past these sensors took the man depicted on the poster Japanese "tourists" started laughing happily and clicking cameras with flashes.

Conservation Foundation created applaud ACT Now stop. Whenever in the field of solar cells got people loudspeaker broadcast the sound of a standing ovation, and surprised the next passenger bus on the poster read, "Congratulations! The fact that you use the bus as a means of transportation, allows to make the world a little cleaner ».

During Fashion Week in New York last year, the company sold for Human Locator lingerie brand Elle MacPherson Intimates interesting campaign in outdoor, applying recognition technology people around storefront.

The project agency indShare / Destination Media Group, has implemented the campaign with interactive shop windows Elle MacPherson Intimates, which interacted with passersby.

Project gives piquancy that "the electronic billboard" lifts the underwear, thereby attracting all passing by the shop audience.

DDB Canada has come up with an interactive sitibord where passersby portrayed consisting of fruits and berries.

In sitibordah it used the same idea as in the TV spot, but now she could get the audience in the "world of the fruit of happiness." Technical implementation: web camera, big screen and special software that converts the incoming video in the "berry pixels" and send the results to the screen.

The Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors and their client AMF Pension received in 2008 the Grand Prix in the category MEDIA Cannes International Advertising Festival for his work, convinced that the young members of the Swedish interactive society to reflect on their own old age and on pensions.

AMF Pension Campaign began with the TV commercial that shows a young Swedish celebrities in old age, and urged people to send in their photographs, they were subjected to digital processing and showed how a person will look like in 70 years. In the outdoor advertising faces on billboards changed since the young to the old, depending on the angle at which they were looking.

2. Play a game of menyaIdealny result for interactive outdoor campaign - it's a long time to get stuck in front of a billboard or a city-format passers contemplate, and then tell about the unprecedented advertising your friends. This can be achieved, for example, create a message that is transmitted only when the "game" in his audience.

McDonald's, have repeatedly appears in this review, and there was marked by a great solution.

In advertising, the new sandwich to illustrate the biggest burger in the restaurant's menu, which is called «Big 'N' Juicy», agency DDB Stockholm began handing out huge bags and napkins.

The same agency DDB Stockholm made of outdoor advertising McDonald's puzzle, which has offered to collect any passerby.


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