World stars in a very "Japanese" advertising

The news that Jackie Chan and Evgeny Kaspersky starred together in the television commercial for the Chinese market, has caused quite a heated discussion in which differing views are expressed. Among the arguments "for" repeatedly sounded that Russian advertisers are mostly unaware of what is happening in the Chinese advertising market and it looks like the usual Chinese audience movie.

Also, a lot of emotions always cause the publication of Asian movies made specifically for the perception of the average Japanese.

In this article a selection of videos in which our lack of understanding of the situation in advertising is especially evident in the East. In these commercials for Japanese television starring world-famous actors and entertainers. Will you be able to accept them without Homeric laughter?

Beware, it could be dangerous for the unprepared Russian psyche advertiser!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nicolas Cage

Sylvester Stallone

Michael Jackson

Ben Stiller

John Travolta

Matt LeBlanc

Hulk Hogan

Jodie Foster

George Michael

Janet Jackson

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  • 29 July 2009
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