Advertising on the streets of New York City (25 photos)

Advertising on city streets is contraindicated in general - it kills the architecture and creates additional stress for residents by invading their interior space without permission, making additional information noise, which is already plagued by a person living in the city. In the United States, European countries have long understood and introduced draconian laws for placing such advertising in cities.

It would seem, that's where to turn "mouse-OOH" to its full width - as it is in New York. With its urban architecture, the image of "the main city of the world" - a dynamic and aggressive. Not at all, as it turned out. Outdoor Advertising in New York is of a nature likely, attractions and has a clearly defined border. In fact, the city has only one place - the infamous Times Square where the mouse was released from the cells frolic in plenty (picture below). Moreover, it is very nice, professional and expensive. In general outdoor advertising in New York, as well as in large European cities, is minimized. The streets are free from any kind of billboards and wall structures. Wall large format advertising appears only where it is appropriate and serves as a kind of decoration, support the general style of the city. Information function bear small posters on planes booths dumpsters. Come across places in the alleys where there is information boards for sticking posters with announcements of performances or exhibitions. Advertisement in the metro very sparingly, mostly social or announcements of television and movie premieres. In short, the city is visible, nothing prevents the eye and advertising carried out at the highest level - the creative and technology.

And now, welcome to the streets of Manhattan:

"Give Jesus a chance to fall in love with you." It is also advertising.

Shops on Avenue who repair, close large black shields. This is a temporary place for expensive image advertising.

In addition to Times Square in the city center there are several intersections where given a place under a big banner on the houses.

The restaurant fast food «Ruby Tuesday» - corner of 42nd and Broadway.

It seems very typical place in a large American city - as it seems. There was a repair pavement.

Billboard over dressing. Such places to photograph, to be sought.

On the wall of a garage - poster opera, above it - advertising graphic frilenserov Union.

Mobile services - about shop with food.

On the stock exchange building - a large public advertising. :-)

View of the Brooklyn. On the facades of factory and warehouse buildings first line still visible old font lettering.

In the subway.

Evening in Times Square:


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