The house is offered for sale in the United States (25 photos)

I want to show you one ad from the United States for the sale of a new home.
It will be a short story on the subject, I advise you to read.

Author: This summer we went to Pocono, as I wrote a few posts, and at the same time we stopped to look at a house that sell our good friends. We dream sometime in the future to move out of New York, close to nature and all that, and with the opportunity to study the various options. Of the more or less immediate praise all Pocono. This resort town in Pennsylvania, where he lives and rests a lot of Russian, and which is considered to be quite a popular place for recreation and residence of many New Yorkers. From the pros: relative proximity to New York (only two hours by car), beautiful nature (mountains), the availability of infrastructure (shops, restaurants, etc.), low prices (compared to New York). Of the minuses: the relative proximity to New York (two hours by car), the absence of rail links (can be reached only by car or bus), the province (this is not New York). Pocono is not close enough to drive to work every day (although some go), but not so far as to if necessary not to drive to New York for a couple of times a week. In general, what we need if you work at home, there is a desire to live in a beautiful place in nature, and wants to be able to get to New York for the sane time.

As for the questions asked of the place. Pocono - really great place to stay where everyone will find something that he is interested. It has everything you need for life and leisure: and a great water park, and a lot of different shops and small clubs, and decent restaurants, and hunting and fishing, and wildlife, and skiing, and so dale, and the like. It's certainly not New York, but the wilderness and this place is difficult to call. A sort of village with a minute transport accessibility to the urban civilization. Back in Pennsylvania, more loyal to the laws and can, for example, the use of arms without problems. Even the black bread and boiled sausage can be purchased - the Poles are selling (I have some reason to these products special affection). There is significantly lower than on the car insurance in New York, many Russian buy a house or land there, and then go on to New York to Pennsylvania room (it's illegal, but if you care, you can). And Pocono very favorably with New York in terms of real estate prices. When in New York, with 100 000 dollars in the pocket to catch something, it is already possible at Pocono something to look for. With two hundred thousand dollars, you can choose meticulously. With three you can begin to implement children's dreams.

Our friends are selling house in a gated community. Quite popular format of residence in the country, which can be compared with gardening partnerships. Restricted territory in which they live according to the rules and additional agreements. This is both good and bad. Well, you live in an area which is protected, cleaned and lives according to certain laws. Too bad that for this it is necessary to pay extra and have to obey these laws. But then everyone chooses what he likes.

Central road community.

In this community, for example, has its own beach, a swimming pool with a restaurant and a chic playground. Entrances are guarded round the clock and the area patrolled by the local security services, Kotra Feature replaces the police. Of the disadvantages of such a life, for example, a speed limit of 15 miles in the territory.

I like to live in a house outside the city, and I have a decent experience - two years before leaving for the US, I lived in his house in gardening next to Peter. However, to adequately compare will fail, too Russian reality at odds with the US.

On such roads in our gardening could only dream of. Limit - chip in with their neighbors in the Kamaz crushed stone for dumping. Here are all the roads, and none of them is not worn. At the local conservation favorite pastime - catching for speed.

House classic karkasnik, stands on the foundation tape and sheathed with siding. It's all in Russia, except for decorative exterior shutters. I would have made a canopy over the porch. But then the climate is better, and the canopy is not so relevant.


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