100 ideas for own business

This list will come in handy at a time when your desire to start a business suddenly meet with a question-obstacle: "what should we do? Because everything has already been invented and reworked to me?" Then open this list and start to study it. Something you will love and will suit your circumstances.

Business in providing plugpurchase services, chiropodist, podiatrist, beautician, makeup artist. A walking group for children. Home kindergarten. Organization of congratulations and gifts for the elderly, the sick in hospitals. The organization of the company for the care of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, which can be occupied by several people. Rehabilitation groups for children with developmental disabilities. Medical services. Home consultations. Measurement of blood pressure, injections and injections at home. Massage. Pharmaceutical services. Drug delivery and personal care products. Beauty salon. Musical arrangement of weddings, presentations, celebrations (portraits at home, photographing animals). Videography, photo services, video rental. Computer services – programming, reprint, set, design, replication. Binding. Courier services. Help at home. Nanny. Family dinners. The dispatcher on the phone. Tuning musical instruments. The transport activity for passengers and goods in the city. Service: gas station, car washing; repair of passenger (freight) car, prepare it for sale; car alarm (installation and maintenance); trade of auto spare parts; camping; car washing, cleaning Parking lots. Making photos into wall or table frame. Jewelry repair, renewal, alteration and cleaning of women's jewelry. Washing Windows and shop Windows. Clean fireplace. Bureau of cleaning apartments, cleaning Windows and ceilings and the like. Seasonal work – preparation of villas. Maid. Home help, assistance during weddings and other celebrations. The development of original calendars, postcards, envelopes, business cards for various organizations. Window decoration, custom design curtains. Orders can be obtained from organizations and individuals. Graphic design – branding, logos, exhibitions and firms, headings, forms, advertisements and the like. Manufacture and repair of jewellery, jewelry. Painting of walls and ceilings in homes, offices, restaurants, institutions. Delivery and sales of Newspapers. Cleaning Parking lots. You can negotiate with the owners of cars in the Parking lot for clean-up, clearing snow, washing cars and the like. Earn remodelirovania products from sheepskins, hats, mittens, insoles, shoes, vests. Dressing and dyeing of fur, manufacture of articles of fur. The creation of ties and handkerchiefs from the original tissue. Learning sewing and stirring by children's clothing. Sewing and selling products. Learning to cut and sew. Knitting and selling products or learning to crochet. Spinning or teaching spinning, selling raw and processed wool, spindles and other accessories for spinning. The design of the workwear. The manufacture and sale of napkins, aprons, caps, kerchiefs, overalls. The manufacture and sale of hats, bows, blankets patchwork, narodnikov, aprons. Home tailor – designer. The manufacture and sale of patterns. Manufacturer of t-shirts and t-shirts through the printing of drawings, applications. Manufacture and sale of various Souvenirs and gifts to certain holidays – Christmas, Easter, New year, March 8, the Trinity. Production and design of storefronts, signage. Woodcarving. Manufacturer of animal figures, frames for paintings, photographs or miniatures and other crafts for sale. Making art objects out of clay, wood vines, straw, wicker, birch bark; wood painting, making boxes, cutting boards, furniture. Manufacture of leather and knitted buttons, belts, bags, and the like. Wooden buttons. Hand-carved and painted original buttons and brooches will definitely find the consumer. Manufacturer colorful panels of dried flowers and other natural materials. Chasing, engraving. Manufacture and sale of original candles. Customization of rugs and blankets. Good demand mats with the image of the brand and trademarks, which can decorate the classrooms and hallways of firms. The decoration of leather. Copper jewelry. Copper and wood signs with family name, name and patronymic on the door, briefcases with monograms. Design and fabrication of signs on the bags, boxes, signs, cars and so on. To make other специальностями

Accountants — accounting books, filling in forms, preparation of reports and the like. Editors – editing dissertations, translations and other texts. Programmers – programming, programming, production of software in accordance with customers ' requests. Translators – translation or interpretation. The translation of foreign texts, forward and reverse. Preparation of personal and official correspondence. Prepare information sheets or cards on the profile of Your specialty. Conducting research and drafting reports. Surveys by telephone, interviewing different groups during mass surveys or training of interviewers. An interior decorator at trade shows and sales presentations. A computer consultant, installation of computer equipment. Management consultant, business consulting, assistance in creating business plans, registration statements, other documents. The consultant-teacher in the kindergarten, summer camp enterprises or in the city. Consultant marketing. Marketing research. Lawyer. Legal services, various types of legal assistance. Builders (repairs, equipment and improvement of dwellings and other buildings). Earn lectures and orochimaruxgaara accounting; Foreign languages; Photography; Rapid reading; Math; Drawing; Music; Typing; Yoga; Working on computer; Tennis; Cooking exotic or vegetarian dishes; Dance; History; Judo; Aerobics and others. Earn organizational sposobnostyami excursions to historical, local history and other topics. Organization of hikes, bus trips and so on. The cleaning of attics, cellars, yards, trading halls. Organization of events, presentations, contests – decorating, advertising, music, introduction of participants, fashion shows and the like. The organization of seminars, conferences, exchange of experience, as well as the organization of cultural programs for these activities. Wedding planner, wedding coordinator, master of ceremonies.

Ideas for small magazinemagazine store. Rare book store. Sale of goods for fishing. Sale of original postcards, lithographs, pictures. Selling balloons on holidays. Sales of Newspapers, postcards. Earn kulinarnaya bread, pastry, cakes (cakes original cakes for various celebrations, anniversaries, holidays), manufacture of biscuits, sandwiches.published

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