Why do most business consultants do not own business

Just say, the article is purely hypothetical and does not claim truth in last instance. And yet...

"Why do most business consultants has no own business? Teach other people how to earn grandmother, and themselves, is it not? It's not the consultants, and liars and charlatans! You can only trust those consultants who have some of their own successful businesses"!

Familiar? And you're a consultant? And the business you have? No? So I do not have. I, however, only coach in sales, but I'll tell you a secret, something to sell I do not like. With the exception of their own services. Here comes another item – thank you, will not sell.

Fifty four million seven hundred thousand two hundred eighty one

How can this be? This is what happens, the entire industry business training solid Scam? There is generally sensible people there, the rogues alone?

Well, let's take a deeper examine this topic.

Institutions finished, teachers remember? It happens that the doctor of Sciences, Professor, academician, and doing so leads that of boredom I want to hang with? But not ostepenennyh Junior research fellow no thesis can not write, and the lectures are like God in the audience, it is impossible to get the students to each other sit on your lap?

Is. And sometimes, that was a brilliant scholar and teacher? The same happen. But rarely...

You are a lot of successful businessmen have seen? I hope so. And successful business consultants? I hope the same. Do not you think that on the whole these people from each other significantly different?

Renowned psychologist and nlpers might Timur Gagin believes that the main difference in the psychology of these two groups of people lies in the development of the imagination. People with poorly developed imagination often become successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. That is, they are practices.

These people calls Gagin «Hardworking Farmers". But people with a rich imagination often become consultants, because you are essentially theorists. And these people Gagin calls «Smart-poor".

What is the role of imagination in shaping the personality dichotomy «theorist – practitioner"Gagin explains rather vaguely. But I shall now take the liberty to expand and Supplement his theory.

The fact that your humble servant for 15 years struggled with her own anxiety disorder. Studied tons of books on the subject, it has been hundreds of trainings and therapeutic groups. And survived, by the way. So, from the perspective of my existing knowledge I can assume that the development of the imagination is very often correlated with increased anxiety as personality traits. That is, people with a rich imagination often disturbing.

And here is a mosaic, that is, develops.

Smart-poor a category of people which often come consultants are good analysts, diagnosticians, and most importantly, prognosis. It is due to the developed imagination they can be easily moved along the time line from the present to the past and the future, connect between them the events of the logical and causal connections. But!

As a result of increased anxiety, these people always concentrate on the threats, to the detriment of the possibilities. So to implement your brilliant plans and projects on their own they are afraid. They're more afraid of potential liability. And this is why most of them brilliant, well-costed projects and remains not implemented. That's why they are theorists. Not believe?

And you look at startups. 90% of startups is just the clever poor. And 90% of start-UPS remain unfulfilled. And not because they are hopeless. But because to implement them to no one.

Now farmers. Here are the people, that is, without problems. They quietly, day after day doing their job, get their daily buns and about the future, especially not think. "Let tomorrow take care of itself" — here their motto. The problems these people prefer to solve as they arise.

Their main problem is the irrationality. Since, due to the limited imagination, the future looks very vague to them, they are not always able to correctly set a goal and find the optimal way to achieve it. And not always can calculate the consequences of their decisions and actions.

And to prioritize. And, as a result, spend a huge amount of idle resources. That is, from Moscow to Kaliningrad, fly through Vladivostok. That's why they practice.

Not believe? A look at successful networkers. You them patiently or not explain what is not I never in my life, and they like you and do not hear. You do it for Thomas, they get you for Eremu. To run fast and to shout loudly – one of them salvation. And you imagine how many people they treat for the day! And it sign. Not reflective people, just do it.

Forty million two hundred eighty eight thousand forty six

So what now with all it to do? Yes, as what? To partnerasia, of course! Practice old as the world. You remember the story! The organization of government is always carried out in pairs. The leader and the shaman. The Sultan and the vizier. The Emperor and the Advisor. Louis XIII, remember? No, don't remember. For nothing, this famous monarch was not, and nothing outstanding in his life did not. Silly was. And his brilliant first Minister cardinal Richelieu? A familiar name, right? And it, notice, so all my life and remained Richelieu, adviser to Louis, although he could take the throne without any problems with his abilities. I could have, but didn't. Because everyone is good in its place. But the smart poor Cromwell and Robespierre has violated this rule. What you have done is known.

But Mikhail Sergeevich remember? And Raisa Maksimovna? That's just the same!

Well, why did it fell? The distribution of roles available, as expected in a developed society. One against the wall break through, the second he carefully specifies what kind of wall you need to break through, so as not to unnecessarily fill their cones. And everyone is happy and everyone is happy. Where do surfaced this fallen idea about the mandatory presence of a business consultant to private businesses?

And I'll explain.

The fact that farmers deep down (somewhere very deep) I'm afraid smart-poor they cheated. And, accordingly, strongly do not trust them. And try to check. And when you check the commit system error. They do not understand that the result of the work of a business consultant is not a successful business, and a successful business of his client. And this is only the first reason.

And then there are the second. The fact that among the business-consultants farmers' the same enough. Why do they go there is obscure. Perhaps they are attracted by the idea to make the day as much as people make in a month not always earn. And maybe some of his neurotic troubles compensate.

Forty two million eight hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred thirty seven

But the fact remains. We recently had the pleasure to attend this "farm" training. Known, branded almost, the coach started to drive training program, customized for sales of dietary Supplements, the sales complex and expensive industrial equipment. After an hour the group started to understand that training is not about them. Questions went. In response, the coach stated that he is the CEO and owner of three companies and the participants of the training only the dust and shit under his boots. And their only chance to somehow improve their social situation is to listen to what coach says and not ask too many questions. Oh, how!

Please note – the same, typically farmhouse system error. Trying to justify the existence of some competencies through the presentation of the results obtained through the implementation of very different competences.


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There you have it. Thus, the obligatory presence of a business consultant own successful business as proof of his competence is a myth. Fueled, on the one hand clients, out of ignorance and fear to be deceived, but on the other hand, unscrupulous competitors, with the aim to gain a competitive advantage with low skills.

Well, what to do with all this?

Explain. To explain to customers that the businesses need to thrive, not a business consultant, and his clients after working with a business consultant. That has no value that the business coach in my life have never sold your product, if after his training, the turnover in the sales Department increased by half. What a business consultant generally does not have its own hands that it makes YOUR result with YOUR hands and your head!

Such is our job to explain.published  

Author: Dmitry Macevoy


Source: kutsevoy.tilda.ws/page359583.html


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