How do you calculate how much it will cost you to create your own business?

Some people categorically assure everyone around that without the initial capital you can not even dream about your business. that business creates only thieves and crooks on the stolen money from the people. Others put the cornerstone ambitious business idea that could bring a crazy income in the absence of cost. Others just work hard day after day pouring streams of sweat on a field of their own business. Who is right? Is it true that you can create a business having no start-up capital? How to calculate how much will actually be worth creating your own business?

Using simple techniques, you can more or less accurately calculate all the costs required to build their businesses.

Get the full picture - break the business into its component parts
Pretty hard to take, and a second immediately say how much it will cost the construction of a large house or an airplane. The only way to more or less accurately calculate the cost - to break the building process into smaller parts and calculate the cost of each of them.

Therefore, before proceeding to the evaluation of the business, it is necessary to carry out its business analysis and highlight the main structural parts available evaluation. Each resulting part must be broken up into smaller until it will be possible to determine the exact cost of it.

Rate each part of the business
When the structural parts of the business are known, it is necessary to assess the costs of their creation.

Costs - is not only money, but also time. To build a house, you have to spend several months of his time and quite a lot of money.

Where the money is spent in the construction of the house? For example, in the construction of the foundation: for workers and materials.

So, in order to calculate the cost, it is necessary: ​​

 - Assess the cost of time.
 - Assess cash costs artists.
 - Assess the monetary cost of materials.
 - Estimate the time

Assign specific dates
When setting business goals always indicate the date of its achievement. It is not enough simply to count the time. To assign specific dates of performance of each part. Assign:

Do not load work weekends. Relax, gain strength, and then your work will become much more efficient and better.
Strict adherence to balance work and leisure - the success of any businessman.

Rate cash costs artists
Want to do everything with your hands? Please! But estimating the costs of performers is still useful.

Collect all in one plan
Now you

 - Known structural part of the business,
 - Know how long it takes to build them,
 - Knows how much it will cost,
 - Know who is going to do.
All the figures should be collected into a single plan. This will not only plan costs, but also the action plan with specific dates set.

In order to calculate the costs of setting up your own business and find out whether really create it with zero capital:

1. Analyze the domain (get an overview of the business), draw a scheme of work business.
2. Estimate the time of creation of each part.
3. Enter the dates obtained in the business objective.
4. Assign a specific date of completion of each part.
5.Otsenite reward artists to create each part.
6.Otsenite the cost of materials.
7.Soberite all in one plan and you'll know exactly how much it cost to your business reality.


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