10 best business ideas summer

That's the long-awaited summer. Someone happily returned to school to enjoy a quiet and comfortable holiday home. Someone packs suitcases to a couple of weeks to bask on the sandy beaches of the world's best resorts. And someone thinks vengeance for what to do in the summer months. Whatever business organized? Naturally, most first-time entrepreneurs are thinking about the organization of seasonal summer business.

For such readers, we decided to prepare the material on the topic - 10 years of the best ideas of business, we are willing to gladly share with everyone.

1. The sale of ice cream and cold drinks. Despite the apparent "zatёrtost", this idea will always be relevant in the summer months. To organize such a business the power of even inexperienced entrepreneur. Driving the organization is extremely simple:
Buy refrigerator-chest. It is desirable mobile (on wheels).
Finding a supplier of ice cream and drinks (meaning soft drinks - Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.) or are making purchases on any distribution center yourself.

We rent the place. The place should be passable. The most successful trading venues - parks, beaches area. The only condition - must be close to the source of power to connect the refrigerator.
We hire a salesperson. At the beginning (or if you point a) can be traded independently, which has a positive impact on the profits generated.
We are waiting for the first customers.

In summer months, the price of ice cream and cold drinks are skyrocketing, making the sale of butter and milk delicacies (and, of course, drink) is very profitable business. Though seasonal ...

2. Summer cafe area. It is also a fairly common idea of ​​a summer business. Arrange the matter is somewhat more complicated than a point to sell ice cream, but it's worth it.

What is a summer cafe area?

This is either a stationary platform, equipped with tables and chairs, a bar and a canopy shelter from the vagaries of the weather, or the mobile platform, which consists of plastic tables and chairs, portable refrigerators and all this splendor is crowned by a plastic canopy. Surely you have not seen similar sites on the coast.

Business, I must say, quite moody, because it is related to catering. But summer is capable of enriching its owner. So it makes sense to work. By the way, do not forget to set not far from its site a couple of composting toilets. And your customers will be comfortable and you extra income.

3. Zorbing. This attraction, the main character of the elements of which is the Zorb - plastic sphere inside which is placed zorbonavta. That is, the person operating the Zorba. But with this "pilot" we take the money for skating. You can skate on fields both on the surface and on the ground (you will need more durable and expensive Zorb). Install attraction near the beaches where they are most pronounced excitement.

With regard to the amount of entering into this business, it starts with a mark of 15 000 rubles. That much is the easiest option Zorba.

4. Tyre with prizes.

You can open an archery-crossbow shooting. The idea is quite promising, besides starting investments are from 20 thousand rubles. Of course, the really cool archery-crossbow shooting will cost you an amount not less than 400-500 thousand rubles.

In addition, you can think about opening a small shooting range, where everyone can shoot from air pistols and rifles. This option is more popular and Budget. The cost of headscarves will not exceed 10 000, while the price of a single gun - about 3000 rubles. You can start with one rifle and one pistol.

The prizes in the shooting galleries can serve a variety of subjects, as well as cash rewards. The most popular prizes - soft toys that are "arrows" are trying to win for the ladies. Very promising seasonal business.

5. Summer Cinema. I must say that with the right approach the business is able to bring more than a dozen thousands of dollars. It is unlikely that such a cinema will be able to compete for profit with modern 3D-cinemas, but it will certainly appeal to hundreds or even thousands of visitors. There is at this type of cinema and its drawbacks, and quite serious. For example, movies in this cinema can be viewed only at night, because it is located in an open area. But there are undeniable advantages, such as fresh air and incredible feeling of watching a movie under the stars.

6. Beer and kvass by the glass.

In summer, cold beer and kvass - the most popular drinks that are at odds with a bang. This is especially true of draft beer and kvass, which in taste is often ahead of their bottle counterparts, but are much cheaper.
Organize the business of selling beer and kvass by the glass is quite simple. You will need a room, at least - a small stall, equipment for bottling and cooling drinks themselves. Plus - the seller, a role which initially can act yourself. Beer and kvass can be ordered from suppliers, or go for kegami own. It all depends on your budget.

7. Scam or a wholly-owned business

Russian man loves a freebie, and this love does not corrode, and the name of this sweet word in the material incarnation - "scam." The name almost immediately emerged with the advent of themselves regrets attractions. Their host will never lose, and therefore "win-win." The client is required to fast will experience that plays in the "scam", but not particularly upset, saying that on, then he is a fraud, that the owner could earn money to spend and the client - this is the implicit contract. And the resort nobody breaks. Now to specifics. How much profit can be obtained using very simple "scam»?

For example, the attraction "Dialled ring." Required equipment: plastic table, several lanterns, and a decent set of bottles of strong drinks (wine, beer, cognac). The bottom line is extremely simple: standing, very close to the table, cluttered with bottles closely, the player must throw a ring on the bottle, or rather on her neck. If you got - a bottle goes to the player as a prize.

The expenditure of the surprisingly small: alcoholic beverages - about 2000 rubles, 800 rubles a table, lighting 300 rubles. Just over 3,000 rubles. With revenue per customer is 50 rubles / 5 throws. Money is not what all the excitement! The day is one such attraction brings to its owner is not less than 1,000 rubles. Accordingly, for the holiday season - 90 000 rubles, and pays 30 times.

8. Singing and collages

Russian singing country, singing everything from small to large, and, regardless of ability. A resort atmosphere, good company, only to promote it. This is based folk singing and fun, having overseas called "karaoke". Each quay, any resort town has not one such island with singing people.

Karaoke, as well as the bulk of attractions, most of its revenue brings in the evening and at night, when they were filled people wish to pour out his heart in pop hit. The effectiveness of a marketing ploy here is to have a person with decent vocal that his execution would be willing to engage.

Making money on simple karaoke. Musical equipment cost 14,000 rubles. In an average working day is typed about 30 "artists", and revenue - 1500 rubles. For the season leaves 135,000 rubles.

I would like to also mention the attraction "fotozhaba" or "Photoshop". One hundred percent winning move: offer travelers find themselves in the arms of some celebrity or estimate the bust of Pamela Anderson. Let the pictures, but still very nice. Photographing willing (or desired), using computer equipment and software, substitute his face pleased him to any body which choice is almost unlimited. The cost of this service is $ 100, for that amount the customer will receive a new image. If you have a photo printer photo issued on the spot, or the next day, but cheaper. This kind of resort business is the most expensive: a computer will cost not less than 17,000 rubles (cheaper just will not pull the job), a decent set of art - it is about 1000 rubles, pillars advertising - 3000 rubles, the same photo printer, and "the main part of the aircraft," - digital camera 7000 rubles. A total of 31 000 for the organization of this business.

Wishing to instantly transform into Sylvester Stallone or Cindy Crawford is enough for about 30 people a day. Throughout the season, such activity can earn up to 270 000 rubles. "The main problem we have with time: cute girls usually can not quickly choose a suitable body, is very picky to everything. At this time spent, and therefore, there is a loss of profits, as in that time, it could serve several people. Strong sex often do not care how they look in a new way, if only it was funny, "- says Igor worker" fotozhaby "on the coast near Anapa.

9. "Yaytsetir" - shooting range, which does not require a license for the weapon.

To start you will need: a shield from chipboard medium-sized pair of plastic chairs, two lamps, the type of those that illuminated banners, free territory, an area of ​​about forty square meters, let down the electricity, smart teenager - "living target" in a combined-arms protective suit and mask and, of course, ordinary eggs.

The attraction is very simple. Tricky employed here exploits a secret desire of every normal human being run like a chicken egg, and completely transparent. There is absolutely no need to hide. At a distance of about 10-12 meters from the "living target" with eggs in the hands of a hunter and is trying to get into it, and the target, in turn, should try to avoid direct hits from flying bullets into her egg. Sacrifice flies by shells, broken down on a wooden board. The value of the prize increases with each hit. Prizes host attraction exposes what he wants. As a rule, it is a huge teddy bear, a box or a barrel of beer, or a prize-winning shots.

The organization of such an attraction would cost inexpensive, the cost will be about 5,000 rubles for material part: protective clothing, board, chairs, paint, lighting. Typically, the entrepreneur does not even register the IP, and not for the reason that it would be fun to explain to officials the essence of the attraction, but because it is easier to pay every day for the host platform on which the "yaytsetir." The rent will be about 20% of the amount of earnings. Costs businessman day equals about one thousand (eggs - 300 rubles, the same "target" and 400 rubles for rent area).

Net profit from such attraction will be about 2,000 rubles for an "average" day, but only for the summer season, the owner will be able to earn up to 180 000 rubles. With all that initial investment only 5,000 rubles, which the entrepreneur will increase 36 times.

"The biggest problem is not the egg-bullet, and not a huge reluctance to pay the rent every day, and the evening housekeeping" - says one of the initiators of this business in Anapa Eugene. Heaps of broken eggs at the board and all this mass you need to shovel and clean up to in the morning no traces of debris and odor.

10. Installation of air conditioners.

Truly a great year business! It is possible to make very, very much as the cost of installation of air conditioning in the summer of significantly increased (part of the installation is more than equipment), while the number of those wishing to increase exponentially. Companies involved in the sale of split systems simply can not cope with the volume of work and are happy to provide you with a large number of orders (perhaps for a small percentage, perhaps for "just»).

As you can see, the summer business ideas very much. We have listed only those that seemed to be the most interesting and promising. We hope that our publication has helped you to take a fresh look at the old business. It remains only one thing - to act!


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