Bombily airports in New York

Unfortunately, we must recognize that all attempts to establish a normal taxi in Moscow, the authorities failed. The only Yandex taxi or similar services as a rescue.

But the airports are still some hell on arrival. How to enrage the taxi drivers soliciting, "do not need a taxi!" Bitch, I can ask myself when I suddenly need a taxi from Domodelovo. What do you climb into my room with his baryzhnym offer.

More help answer: "yes, it is necessary, but at your expense." Quickly disappear.

Here, here's an example of how to deal with these asshole! NY generally fine example for the solution of many problems. Yes, at least broken windows theory. Or take a taxi at the airport. What prevents us to do so? Why is the court in 2013, and the airport are still standing some asshole and shout "do not need a taxi." Bitch!

Original taken from samsebeskazal:

If you put in a search of the newspaper The New York Times phrase «taxi hustlers», in return you get a large list of articles telling how cynically and shamelessly New York taxi drivers are cheating their passengers for many years. The history of the struggle against this evil city is quite fascinating and instructive. Just two decades ago, the New York airports and railway stations were widely infected with the plague, and the situation was very similar to Russia's current when the output does not give you the passage of a crowd of men hazy appearance, wanting to take you for anywhere for an obscene amount of money.
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For many years, New York City taxi drivers to deal with all the same, what their current Russian counterparts crooks - caught the passengers at the exit from the airport or station and fraudulently lured into one of their cars, a trip which cost the hapless tourist in a very tidy sum. For example, if a trip today from Kennedy Airport to Manhattan is $ 52, imagine that in 1981, these taxi drivers managed to take her for a few hundred. The most egregious was the case when four naive students from Nigeria stripped 1350 dollars for the trip from the airport to Midtown. Tourists are deceived and duped as we could just to tear off them a little more. Authorities in New York at some point I realized that such actions of crooks suffers not only the image of the city, but by doing great damage to the tourism industry. Foreigners began to avoid travel to New York as a result of which the city began to lose many millions of dollars. Of course, not just rogues-taxi drivers were to blame for this, but it was a bad acquaintance with him began to many a trip to the Big Apple. And instead of spending money on dining, entertainment, sightseeing and souvenir shopping, which gave work to many residents and brought to New York in the form of income taxes paid, a tourist gave them rogues, taxi drivers, who bluntly put them in his pocket. Deceiving one sucker a foreigner taxi driver actually stealing money from himself, from his family and makes the city in which he lives worse.

Rogues have acted very aggressively, surrounded arriving from all sides, blocked passages, loud and intrusive offered their services, deftly snatched the bag and dragged the victim to the car. The main thing was not to let the man come round and offer to try to understand the situation. The sum of one, of course, did not call. At the end of the trip the passenger with a fait accompli. When he refused to pay, threatened with everything from police, physical violence and ending with a promise to take and throw somewhere in Harlem. The most problematic place on a map of the airport was John F. Kennedy. The vast majority of tourists arriving in New York through its terminals, and airport accessibility is poor. It is located in the suburbs, it does not extend to any one of the branches of the metro, and to get to the same Manhattan other options except taxis especially and was not. Of course, you could take a bus to the nearest subway station, but in criminal 80s there yet not every tourist was ready to come down.

The authorities have begun to try to carry out instructions of all arriving in New York. The aircraft before boarding began to twist rollers telling about fraud at the airport and calling for official use only yellow taxis, and only go to the counter. In all rooms and toilets airport arrivals met informational posters. But it turned out that, firstly, the people of the inattentive and exhortations authorities reacted sluggishly, and, secondly, many travelers language problems, and they just do not understand the warnings. Rogues are also on alert, exposed barkers well-dressed people with disposing appearance that confidential voice reported that a taxi is now a strike, and the last bus had just left that yellow cabs carry only in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and the drive to Manhattan for the acceptable amount may Once they. They even managed to catch those who ordered a taxi in advance, peeping names on the plates, which were kept in the hands of greeters drivers and passengers podlavlivaya before them - are you Walter White? Come with me, I have come across. And the people of this was carried out, then catching his jaw had fallen to the floor, he heard the amount at the end of the trip. Even sitting in the official yellow taxi passenger was not insured against fraud. These counter Screw with special electronic devices, and a trip that was supposed to cost $ 30 dispensed more than 100. The government then estimated that 70% of passengers departing from the airport by taxi Kennedy fell into the hands of crooks.

Billboards at the airport, and is used to this day.

The first significant changes appeared in 1994, when establishing order in New York, took up the new mayor Giuliani. Then, with a fine of fifty dollars increased to one and a half million, adding to it a possible prison term of up to 45 days. Under the blows were illegal taxi drivers, drivers pulling a passenger without prior arrangement and taxi drivers cheat counter or riding at all without it. Innocent tricks on the background of all this, there were attempts to take a few passengers get from each full payment of the fare, or require excessive tipping, which, incidentally, are generally a matter of purely voluntary. The police have already started to work on time-tested method «undercover», when officers dressed in civilian clothes and pretending to tourists with suitcases and tickets in hand, came out of the arrival hall, across the hook crooks got into the car and took them in the act. Further arrest, court fines and possible imprisonment. The second innovation was fixed tariffs, which negated the fraud counters. The third organization boarding and introduction service dispatchers. All this will not eradicate fraud in airports, but it has reduced to a minimum. Now the official yellow cab almost 100% work honestly.

Today, the process is as follows. The work on the territory of a taxi, organize and control the special staff-managers. Take passengers without prior agreement can only yellow taxis. Managers organize their turn, with the bulk of cars awaiting passengers near the terminals, and a special parking lot at the airport, where they were organized in small batches sent to the arrivals area. There are taxi drivers of the cars do not go. They just stand in another queue and slowly move it to the place of embarkation.

Passengers in the terminal and are queued. When the flies several flights, the queue for a taxi can be quite long.

Specially designated landing site.

While waiting the most organized.

Planting should be done dispatchers, who will record the license plate number, ask you the address and report on the cost of the upcoming trip.

You will be given a piece of paper with approximate rates if you are traveling to any part of New York except Manhattan. Return fare is fixed at $ 52 plus the cost of the payment of bridges and tunnels, if necessary. Previously, fixed rates apply to all regions, but now they are canceled. If the amount of the payment will be significantly different from the above, you can call a special phone and complain. Importantly do not forget to take the check.

This arrangement minimizes the risk of being cheated. The driver, of course, can not you take that route, but all the data is displayed on the map and written to the memory of a computer installed in his car. In the event of a complaint from your side they can always check to see how he was taking you. The driver may include an overvalued rate, but it is also recorded and then these drivers are fined and lose their licenses. Therefore, it is more profitable to take you quickly and take the next passenger than trying to earn extra money. The most he can, is to stand in traffic jams for wrapping counter, but many cut down so that would not happen. The main problem now become the queue waiting for landing and nagging taxi driver on the road with the requirements of obsessive tip at the end of the trip. Especially if you are traveling in some remote area, where it will be guaranteed to return empty.

Left turn yellow taxis await passengers the right car companies car service. They can do this only if the pre-order.

Most interesting is that thieves are not extinct yet. Elsewhere, I have not met, but at Kennedy Airport each time I see it happen. Now working as illegal taxi drivers who do not have a license and thus the risk of losing it. They stand in the crowd, along with meet and quietly offer their services to all facing with the suitcases from the customs control zone. Some of them catches the passengers in accordance with their national identity. Hispanic taxi drivers caught people arrived from Latin America. Uzbeks catch flights from Moscow, which is always a lot of inhabitants of Central Asia. Many flew for the first time in New York, did not speak English and are happy to trust their fate welcoming and friendly uncle, who did not hesitate to take on more of the official rate. During the 52-dollar asking trip from 70 to 120, depending on your type and their appetites. Under the current law, they shine 90 days in prison and a fine of $ 1250. According to press reports they are still caught and arrested, but no matter how many times I was not at the airport, they were always there, but the police close I have never seen. According to official data in 2011 it was made more than 400 arrests of illegal taxi drivers. Each was fined, and many prison term. But despite this, they still come back. One such illegal taxi driver was arrested as many as 82 times. They are ready to go to prison every two or three months, but in between stints to earn 20-30 thousand. Dollars. Such figures lead the Police Department Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, are in charge of all airports.



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