Photos of terrorist attacks September 11, 2001

Ten years ago, 19 people, trained al-Qaeda carried out a coordinated terrorist attack on the United States. To develop a plan terrorist attacks took several years. Terrorists are simultaneously captured 4 large passenger aircraft with the intention of destroying them with the help of the most famous landmarks US, taking with it as much as possible lives. Three aircraft achieved the goals fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. In one day, these acts of mass murder killed about 3,000 people from 57 countries. Of these, more than 400 victims - firefighters, police and ambulance crews. This event is to get the most coverage in the history of the media, and even ten years later, hard to look at these pictures. The attacks and the response to them is largely shaped the world in which we live today, and so it is important to look at these pictures and remember what happened that day. This post - the second of three devoted to the September 11 attacks.

1. View of the Statue of Liberty and covered with clouds of smoke and dust Manhattan from Jersey City, NJ, Sept. 15, 2001. (AP Photo / Dan Loh)

2. The smoke coming out of a hole in the wall and from the upper floors of the North Tower of the WTC in New York, after a collision with her flight 11 of American Airlines. (AP Photo / Richard Drew)

3. Flight 175 of United Airlines for a second before the collision with the south tower of the World Trade Center. North Tower is already burning. (Reuters / Sean Adair)


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