Dossier terrorist number 1

Osama bin Laden, he's Emir, Sheikh Mudzhahil, Abu Abdallah. "Warrior of Islam," declared a holy jihad America. The man who became a symbol of terrorism. American intelligence agencies declared him dead and was immediately offered a reward for his head to one billion dollars ...

Osama bin Laden's name is inextricably linked since September 11, 2001, when the collapsing World Trade Center towers in New York, marked a new stage in the development of mankind, the stage of "terrorism without borders." The organizer and inspirer of this and other terrorist attacks, Osama bin Laden became the tug of the treacherous and cruel, but it is just an ordinary suicide in a demonic figure. His life and work are increasingly overgrown with myths. And it is unclear who needs more of these myths - to bin Laden, his supporters and opponents. But, regardless of relationship to him, many accept bin Laden's biggest figures of the century, whose activities directly or indirectly affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. And so it?

The famous and the ideological leader of the terrorist Islamic fundamentalist born June 28, 1957, in the Saudi capital Riyadh. He was the 17th child in a family, one of 52 children of Mohammed bin Laden, a major construction magnate.

After graduating in 1979, the University of Dzhiddre bin Laden, whose share of the inheritance amounted to about $ 250 million, went to Afghanistan. There, he fought on the side of the Afghans against the Soviet troops. It is not known whether he was then recruited by the CIA, but when in the mid-80s, Osama along with another "fighter against the infidels," Abdullah Azzam created the "Maktab al Hadamat" (Office of Services) to ferry fighters and money to the Afghan resistance, recruitment centers in the US, not to mention Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, were opened without any problems. The Office also organized and funded military training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where thousands of volunteers from many countries were preparing for "holy war for the faith." The administration of Ronald Reagan almost openly supporting any opposition to the Soviet Union, arming and supplying Islamist militants. Later, the US justified its invasion of Afghanistan desire to stop their activities. According to unofficial data, the preparation and supply of Mujahideen allocated about half a billion dollars annually. But with the help and active support of the CIA in 1988, started its activity infamous organization "Al Qaeda" ("Basis"). It is the backbone of the Afghan mujahideen. Initially the objective of the organization was to fight the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country's priorities have changed, and the main goal was the establishment of the Arab countries of the theocratic system with the norms of Sharia (Islamic law), and in the future - to unite all Muslim countries into a single caliphate. "Al-Qaeda" is also aimed at limiting the influence of the United States and other Western countries in the Arab world.

In 1989 year, bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia, where he engaged in the family business. He, apparently, following in the footsteps of his father, successfully combined business with anti-government extremist activities, for which he was at the request of the United States expelled. In 1991, bin Laden left Sudan, where in 1996, was also expelled from the threat of UN sanctions, has accused the Sudanese authorities of involvement in the assassination of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 1995. Pursued by his former friends from the CIA, Bin Laden took refuge in Afghanistan, where he had previously prepared base and the headquarters of "Al-Qaeda". After receiving the help and support of the movement "Taliban", consisting of supporters of Islamic fundamentalist Osama turned violent activities to transform a small but close-knit and loyal to him organizing a worldwide terrorist network. "Al-Qaeda" has at its disposal training camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya. In many countries, there are underground cell organization, and in some countries of the Middle East, bin Laden's supporters have a very strong influence on the government. On account of the militants, "Al-Qaeda" hundreds of terrorist attacks, which killed thousands of people. "Al Qaeda" blamed the bombings the US government in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) August 7, 1998, when 257 people died and 5000 were injured. But the apotheosis of the activities of Osama bin Laden was the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, which killed nearly three thousand people. Osama became the main ideologue of jihad, calling on all true Muslims to destroy the Americans. To date, the disposal bin Laden almost 7 thousand supporters who are in dozens of countries. Just for the information of his whereabouts is offered five million dollars.

But what attracts the attention of experts of political scientists and journalists. Currently, the Group "Saudi Bin Laden Group," which, in addition to construction, is engaged in the oil and petrochemicals, telecommunications and satellite communications, has numerous branches and subsidiaries in the US, Europe, Asia. Many law-abiding American businessmen are partners and shareholders of the Group. The bin Laden family covers the entire Middle East a network of business relationships and personal relationships. These are financial, family and friendships contribute to the activities of Osama bin Laden, has successfully opposed the secret services of the world's most developed countries. Despite the fact that he is formally a pariah, its accounts frozen, and contacts with the outside world strongly blocked Osama is able to mobilize the necessary resources for terrorist activities. In addition, his personal wealth is estimated at $ 300 million, bin Laden regularly receives money from many Arab millionaires, supporters of its activities, through belonging to his various foundations and public organizations, such as the location of the Milan Islamic Cultural Institute.

CIA bin Laden included in the top ten most dangerous criminals in the world. This evidence of his direct involvement in the attacks have virtually no US intelligence or the intelligence services of other countries. All the evidence circumstantial. In fact, the charges are based on the operational materials US intelligence and its allies, as well as public statements of bin Laden in which he welcomed the terrorists, calling them heroes. Even for the US invasion of Afghanistan did not bother to document and support their accusations, each time promising to provide them, but kept "forgetting" to do it. And showed with such fanfare on television in Europe and America a video conversation Osama and his associates after the terrorist attack in the World Trade Center has caused more questions than it gave answers, for example, in the English version translated Osama explicitly recognizes their leadership attacks, but from the Russian translation is clear that it only made aware, and that after the fact.

Bin Laden himself has denied any involvement in some terrorist acts, but always made it clear that he was aware of their training. And this is a resounding title of "terrorist number one».

They say, "Look, who benefits". This can also be beneficial for advertising bin Laden? For this we need to find out who was interested in the actions attributed to him.

If you look objectively at events in the world after September 11, 2001, that most of the activities of "Al-Qaeda" and Osama bin Laden personally benefited the United States. Even if a terrorist attack in the World Trade Center was established by his order (and rightly so, independent experts say that the terrorist attack of this level could be prepared only powerful state security service), then by Osama difficult and extremely expensive long-term preparation to commit acts not brought him a special dividend. But he lost the base of his organization and continually forced into hiding. The United States as a result were able to morally justify its actions to establish control over the strategically important territories in the absence of compliance with international legal norms. And most importantly, now that any protests over certain actions of the American government can answer that they are committed in the fight against international terrorism. Under this banner the United States has committed an armed intervention in Afghanistan. And "the civilized world" supported the aggression. Still, there is in fact hiding Osama bin Laden. But despite the truly grand scale of the operation to capture him, the terrorist number 1 disappeared. And how could it be otherwise. Now he must hide somewhere else, and it will be possible to organize another, and perhaps more than one, the hunt for bin Laden with the involvement of strategic aviation, missile troops and marines.

While there is no data suggest that Osama bin Laden is still a full-time employee of the CIA, but the whole story of the "promotion" of "Al-Qaeda" resembles a smoke screen, whose mission - to hide the true motives of world events.


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