I want to be a terrorist Mujahideen

- I want to be a terrorist Mujahideen - stunned his friend Kolya 14-year-old boy, Vitaly (hereinafter, we do not call the names and places of action, in accordance with the law - Ed.) - The guys were sitting in a small room of the dilapidated house in a village near Tver. - Go to Dagestan, meetings with the militants, they teach me to fight in the name of Allah.
Nearby lay the holy Koran at the foot spinning Vitalina eight cats on the computer screen flashed the terrible pictures - Russian soldiers and police militants beheaded. Nick turned away, he was sick of what he saw.

Will 5 photo and video.

 - How can you watch?
 - They're wrong, they deserve it, the Muslim Brotherhood, they are right!
Kohl's, which has long been one called "Russian pig" and "Russian cattle", was silent. And I did not tell anyone about what he saw and heard. No one except investigators, who soon arrested his friend for the preparation of terrorist attacks in Tver (man told about it only during the interrogation after the failed suicide bomber detained - Ed.). The boy himself make a bomb (2 kg of TNT), from its striking elements (97 screws), and planned to blow up one of the police department of Tver. Riding his dreams was the assassination of the regional leadership of the Interior Ministry ...
Mother as a stepmother
It all started a few years ago, when Vitali was nine, and his father died. Prior to that, the boy was all feast for the eyes - intelligent, sociable, very often attended by 4 and 5.
 - His father, God rest his soul, and brought one - shared with the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Zinaida neighbor. - His mother, Tatiana, constantly drinking, sober and now it is rarely seen. As a man died - just stopped looking for her son.
 - We told them the whole village, even baby clothes donated, so the boy was what walk - says her friend Hope. - If not for his mother - nothing would have happened, it is necessary to look after the child.

After the death of his father guy isolated, he abandoned his studies, became unsociable. Mother almost deprived of parental rights (she had to go to the drug clinic and coded) and Vitaly spent six months in a boarding school and has closed more.
 - Before finalizing the seven classes, the boy stayed twice in the second year, for health reasons - told us the director of the school where he studied the boy. - After that, he was transferred to the individual training. By nature - vicious, especially his friends there.
Mother, once again came out of the binge, feeling guilty, Vitaly bought a cheap laptop and a modem (sometimes it worked and income, plus the pension grandmother and survivor benefits - Ed.). So the boy got access to the Internet.
In spring 2012 Vitaly, at age 13, he decided to convert to Islam. Mother and grandmother explained - this is a good religion, it is on the Internet about this read very much.
 - He tried to persuade me to become a Muslim - a drunken boy's mother, Tatiana, barely focuses on me a look, let cigarette smoke at the ceiling and trying to understand how this could happen to her son. - Says Mom, they say, accept Islam and drink thrown. And I in any. I do not want to go from Christianity. But the mosque in Tver with him gone, waited on the street until he changed his faith.
The fact that Vitali, still a boy, became a Muslim in the village know everything - there are rumors that the bullet immediately. "Well, steel and steel" - said local - "Our hut on the edge." Moreover, no aggression boy did not show was still quiet, reserved, polite. Is that really stopped going to school - so in the countryside and it is not uncommon.
Naturally, the villagers did not know that the boy himself was circumcised (at least so says his mother), and then was taken to hospital. Not for long. Escaped, have not recovered. We do not know the village and that they have at hand this quiet boy collects infernal machine - a bomb, and plans to kill as many police.

"Where are we-know ?!»
An old typical village house on the hill, where the boy and going to bomb, protects a large mongrel - literally comes to dog barking, a rock fall, drool, torn loose. This is now his reaction to strangers, which in recent months he has seen a lot - FSB operatives, investigators vazhnyaki of the Investigative Committee, the police ...
In the house I let Vitaly grandmother, Valentina S., the mother of a teenage boy came later. Women nervously smoking, show me the hall, the kitchen and the room where their grandson and son day and night sitting at the computer.
 - He says - games played ... Where are we-know ?!
On the walls, like wallpaper, numerous posters with the face of Christ. The sideboard - bark, near which warmed the black cat. Nearby, on the table - paper model churches.
 - That I put here, after his grandson was taken, - says Grandma.
The police that Vitali was something wrong, that he was plotting something evil, dangerous, said his mother. I saw the son of experimenting in the yard, something burns, arranges "dymovuhu", and she had the head - son making a bomb.
 - I thought so, because on TV so much talk about the attacks, and then he closed with a strange, felt - something cooking, - says Tatyana. As you can see - not wrong.
He said the district, he came to their house, but the man ran away - the night hiding in the woods. The next morning it, in addition to police, waiting for the FSB.
"Himself blow up with the police!»
The computer failed terrorist seized. The hard disk investigators found a lot of materials on how to prepare bombs, fuses, which ingredients to use, how and where to apply these "infernal machines».
The boy's mother Tatyana she said to the police that the son is preparing a bomb
The boy's mother Tatyana she said to the police that the son is preparing a bomb
Mass texts and video sermons of radical terrorists, including - Said the Buryat, which the teenager is especially respected (recall exactly Buryat aka Alexander Tikhomirov, was the organizer of the explosion of the "Nevsky Express" in the Tver region in November 2009 - Ed.) . Mass of materials of the war, the Mujahideen, the ones mentioned above atrocities on video, where prisoners cut off the head.

Vitaly opened and communication with Roman nationalist who planned to blow up the hotel "May Day" in Ryazan. It turned out that they were copied in one of social networks and discussed how to make a bomb, only I do not know that one - a Muslim, and the other - a Russian nationalist. They thought their own. How did you know - interrupted communication.
Posted by Vitaly in social networks and an explanation as to why he got against the police. Completely lead his so-called "conversion" will not. There, he calls the police, and indeed power, "worthless", "false", "Satan's spawn" generally felt that the entire stream of consciousness and hatred does not come from the mouth of the child, and dictated all those sermons that he tirelessly I drew from the Internet.
Found in the house and the bomb itself, plus a lot of chemicals, addresses police departments in Tver, the names of the management of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs (he took it all on the Internet), mobile phones, SIM cards ...
 - I wanted to blow up the tree! - That's the first explanation that came to mind schoolboy.
However, it turned out that in the plans for Vitali, who at the time of his arrest was 14 years old (now 15 - Ed.), It was not just blow up the police department, but, if anything, to become a suicide bomber.
 - I will throw him the backpack with a bomb during the build (at the police department - Ed.), Or himself blow up with the police - boasted the guy in front of "hen" (people podsazhenny the camera for the "splitting" of the suspect - Ed.), Sitting in the detention center. - Killing the infidels, I draw near to Allah himself.
Now the only thing that reminds us of the boy's enthusiasm - his Quran. Holy book operatives not seized
Now the only thing that reminds us of the boy's enthusiasm - his Quran. Holy book operatives not seized
Photo: Alex clubhand
Later, a member of the Tver mosque where man and convert to Islam was given to see the video interrogation Vitali.
 - Said the man contrary to the requirements of the Koran - has made its conclusion the deputy Imam. - Firstly, the Koran does not encourage suicide, and secondly - a Man of action are reduced to "window dressing", which also prohibited the Koran.
Now the case is considered the student-terrorist court. Psychiatrists have delivered their verdict - the guy is not all right with his head.
 - Court will decide on the application of compulsory medical measures, - says a spokesperson for the Tver Regional Court Nina Tumanov.
Probably a couple of years Vitaly put in a psychiatric hospital. Only here can there be "cleaned" his head from thinking about terror?
Extract from the interrogation of the student-terrorist
Vitaly: - I brought an explosive device and was going to blow up one of the police departments of Tver.
Operations Officer: - Why?
Q .: - Because they adhere to the law Taghut (in Islam "is not the laws of Allah" - Ed.). I listened to the lectures of Said Buryat, Sayfullaha Gubdenskogo, Mohammed Argun.
O.s .: - Are you aware that you were going to commit a terrorist act?
Q .: - It is not an act of terrorism.
O.s .: - What is it?
Q .: - It is an act of retaliation.
O.s .: - When you're going to blow up?
Q .: - After investigation by the end of July.

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