They saved the people of the city, the planet and the universe

10 actors who have saved the maximum number of people in the movies.
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1. Actor and deputy sheriff in Jefferson Parish Louisiana Steven Seagal has become famous fighters "B" category. Films in which it often is not only the main character, but also the director, talk about the urgent problems of modern civilization - for example, global warming. The film "The Dead Zone" tells the story of the fight against mercantile oil industry, "Fire Down Below" - a toxic waste burial sites and "Patriot" - a deadly virus is transmitted by airborne droplets.

command of the ship and the people of Miami ("The Siege"), passenger trains ("Under Siege 2: Dark Territory"), daughter of the man who hired him for its protection ("Guardian"), the city of Memphis from the terror on the part of the murderer Lazerus ("Deadly strike "), residents of the city of San Francisco from the terrorist Alex Swann, picks a series of devastating explosions (" Clockwork "), his own daughter and the inhabitants of the State of Montana on biological weapons terrorists (" Patriot »)

2. Sylvester Stallone is known around the world for one of the most courageous of Hollywood images - soldier John Rambo and the boxer Rocky Balboa. In situations Sly also shows himself a real man: in 2002, he saved the passenger elevator in the newly opened Los Angeles theater. When the elevator got stuck between floors, Stallone climbed through the hatch with his bare hands and pulled the cabin with passengers to the nearest floor. The lift is Sly's wife Jennifer Flavin, leading Larry King and actress Mira Sorvino.

Thai village residents, their commander and captured American soldiers ("Rambo I-IV»), the daughter of the head of the Mafia killed Jennifer Barret ("Angel of Vengeance"), the population of a small American town from the clutches of the corrupt cops ("Police"), twelve people from the underwater Tunnel ("Daylight"), small population devastated America from terror and chaos ("Judge Dredd"), the future of America by a demented killer and terrorist Simon Phoenix ("Destroyer"), Ingrid beauty from the mafia ("Cobra»)

3. Nicolas Cage, in contrast to many other actors associated with militants, plays a very different role from the angel-romantic to ruthless killers and even demon rider. But all this did not prevent him to remain in the minds of fans of the defense and the savior of the innocent: that he can protect the entire San Francisco from a terrible chemical attack, even the whole of humanity from itself, managed omnipresent devil.

his father, and then all of humanity from the devil ("Ghost Rider"), Hostages prison Alcatraz and San Francisco residents from a deadly gas ("Rock"), Hostages plane hijacked by criminals ("Con Air»)

4. Harrison Ford - the second carpenter in the world, became the savior of mankind - the first was the legend of Jesus Christ. In 1973, disappointed in myself unlucky actor and a professional carpenter, Ford has designed several cabinets for director George Lucas. So they became friends, and a few years later came the first part of the saga "Star Wars" in which Han Solo saved thousands of people, and in the sixth episode - a whole planet of Endor. The actor can also be called a hero: the fall of 2000 Ford on his helicopter (he collects airplanes and a professional pilot) rescued climber, stuck in the mountains of Idaho, and the following year helped the police find thirteen boy scout, losing in the national park.

rebels ("Star Wars. Episode IV. A New Hope"), the planet Endor ("Star Wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi"), humanity, not allowing to get the ark into the hands of the Nazis ("Raiders of the Lost Ark") village ("Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"), a girlfriend, a colleague and his son ("Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"), people from the killer ("Hollywood Homicide"), his family ("Firewall"), his wife (" Furious "), the plane with passengers (" Airplane president "), a British spy during the Second World War (" Hanover Street »)

5. For more than twenty years of acting career, Denzel Washington has accumulated many heroic roles of rescue train passengers to the salvation of all mankind. Washington says: "I am serious about this talent and I want to use it for good things." Breakthrough for Denzel Washington was the film "Glory" in 1989, in which he is only trying on the role of the hero - a picture based on a true story, telling of the 54th Volunteer Regiment United States - the first, which consisted of African Americans. The regiment took part in the civil war between northern and southern states of America. Washington played a young soldier Tripa and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

mankind from nuclear war ("Crimson Tide"), the humanity of the cyborg Sid 6.7, created from a variety of serial killers ("Virtuosity"), the city of the demon-killer ("Fallen"), the people of New York from terrorists ("The Siege '), daughter of an industrialist from Mexico and several other hostages ("Rage"), his mistress and several hundred passengers of the ferry ("Deja Vu"), Virginia by train to toxic chemicals ("Unstoppable"), the underground train passengers trapped in hostage ("The Taking of Pelham 123"), a girl from robbers ("The Book of Eli»)

6. The Kurt Russell starred in a movie since six years, so time to play in films of different genres. But viewers often associate it with an action hero and fantasy films. In life, it also confirms its male image - a child engaged in professional baseball, but when he became a successful actor, chosen mainly a hobby - hunting.

the planet from the threat of a parallel world ("Stargate"), the planet from alien parasites ("Something"), the head of state ("Escape from New York"), the United States of viral weapons ("Escape from LA"), residents Los Angeles gang of serial killers ("Damned Season"), small population of the planet Arcadia ("Soldier"), passenger Boeing 747 from terrorists ("Executive Decision"), the city's population Tombstone from a gang of killers ("Tombstone") < br />

7. Bruce Willis without reason is considered to be one of the most brutal and courageous actors in Hollywood - his career he managed to get on the asteroid raced at high speed toward Earth encounter face to face with the most insane maniacs in the world, to participate in World War II and even go in the future. As a result, on account of Bruce more than ten paintings in which his characters are not saved one life, resisting the unthinkable difficulties and even sacrificing himself. Because of this his trademark impish smile and squint no doubt will remain forever in the history of world cinema.

humanity from an evil corporation ("Hudson Hawk"), 40, organized the escape in a German prison camp ("Hart's War"), his daughter from kidnappers ("The Last Boy Scout"), Nigerian refugees and Monica Bellucci ("Tears of the Sun") , airport, airplane with people and his wife ("Die Hard 2") of New York, established by defusing bombs all over the city ("Die Hard 3"), the United States, his daughter and her friend from terrorists ("Die Hard 4") , the planet of absolute evil in the form of a giant ball, closing in on Earth ("The Fifth Element"), the population of the Earth from the asteroid at the cost of his own life ("Armageddon"), the planet of the virus in the future, which destroyed 99 percent of the world's population ("12 Monkeys")

8. In 1967, the 23-year-old bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger was awarded the title of "Mr. Universe" in weightlifting, but people saved (until the movie) it is the first time only in 1982 - in the film "Conan the Barbarian." This picture was the starting point for Schwarzenegger in a series of films about a brave hero who sacrifices himself for the sake of others. In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California in the United States, to really save lives, albeit less spectacular. On account of a bodybuilder, actor and politician, there are ordinary heroic deeds - in 2004, while on vacation in Hawaii, he rescued a drowning man to a depth of six meters.

Earth's population that wants to destroy the witch Giedre ("Red Sonja"), the human civilization from the huge army of cloned zombies ("The Sixth Day"), Danny boy from the killer Ripper America from villain Benedict ("Last Action Hero"), the people from the power of the dictator and a great warrior Tulsa Duma ("Conan the Barbarian"), residents of the Chicago mafia syndicate ("No Compromise"), his own daughter and the people of the South American state of dictator Arius ("Commandos"), America from a terrorist group "Crimson Jihad" and the population of Miami from a nuclear explosion ("True Lies"), the inhabitants of the planet Mars, running generator atmosphere breathable ("Total Recall"), the humanity from the power machines ("Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"), the humanity from the power machines ("The Terminator 2: Judgment Day »)

9. The main picture in the career of Keanu Reeves, for which he will be remembered more than one generation - is, of course, "The Matrix" trilogy of the Wachowski brothers, where a young programmer discovers the real world, where the remains of human civilization struggling for survival. But this film - not only attempt Reeves save human lives, rebelling against the many forces of evil.

the human race from the invading forces of evil ("Constantine"), the human race (the trilogy "The Matrix"), the population of the Earth, revealing information about the vaccine against the deadly virus ("Johnny Mnemonic"), bus passengers, where a bomb ("Speed" ), humanity from alien invasion ("When the Earth Stood Still"), residents of Los Angeles from a corrupt sheriff and his gang ("Street Kings"), residents of the town from a serial killer David Griffin ("Observer"), the planet from environmental crisis ( "Chain Reaction»)

10. (last hero of this topic)
This guy managed to get in the skin of the superspy, and even the superspy superhero and saved his career almost the record number of lives just one picture "Men in Black", where he was able to prevent a bloody intergalactic slaughter. But even if we do not take into calculation the dilogy, then his account will still be a few films in which the life of all humanity depended on only one of its ability to cope with difficulties and go ahead.

infested planet ("I - a legend"), the planet from aliens ("Independence Day"), prevent an intergalactic war ("Men in Black"), saved the universe ("Men in Black 2"), the planet of the rebels robots ("I, Robot "), about fifteen people (" Hancock "), seven people (" Seven Pounds "), the US president (" Wild Wild West "), the city of drug lord (" Bad Boys »)



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