The oldest civilization on our planet

The origin of the planet
Scientific evidence suggests that the earth was formed out of the solar nebula about 4, 54 billion years ago, and shortly thereafter acquired its only natural satellite - the Moon. Life appeared on Earth about 3, 5 billion years ago. Since then, Earth's biosphere has significantly altered the atmosphere and other abiotic factors that determine the quantitative growth of aerobic organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer which, together with Earth's magnetic field weakens harmful solar radiation, thus maintaining the conditions for life on Earth. The first civilization (asuras Titans)
The first civilization on this planet were "asuras" ("Ahura" in ancient Iranian sources, "aces" of Norse and Greek mythology - "Titan"). The word "asuras" comes from the Sanskrit "ace" - breath. According to the Vedas, the first war in heaven - tarakamayya occurred between the gods and the asuras because of kidnapping king Soma (Moon), the wife of the king of Asuras - Brihaspati, who was called Tara. In ancient biosphere people have been considerable growth in the 50 meters and weighed 30 tons, the scope of the shoulders is 12 meters, the body thickness of 5 meters. Sredniy age Asura reached 50,000 - 100,000 years. According to the Vedic sources, the Asuras had three heavenly city: gold, silver, and iron, and the rest of the city they were underground, ie, it was not inherent in the environmental cretinism of our civilization, which served as their longevity. That is why the world is not found traces of civilization asurskoy, no cultural layer, no graves, no large amount of material remains. The whole life of the Asuras held or underground (where still find a lot of interesting cave explorers) or flying cities. On the surface of the Earth were only temples with sacred groves and totemic animal research stations (mostly biological and astrological), spaceports like the one which was in the desert of Nazca (South America), orchards and very little land had been plowed up for arable land, because there were mostly underground gardens, so colorfully described by Chinese legends. Asurskaya civilization lasted about four million years.

Who fought Asura
According to the Vedas, the asuras, ie Earth's inhabitants were big and strong, but they ruined the credulity and good nature. As described by the Vedas Asura battle with the gods, the latter won by fraud asuras, destroyed their flying city, and themselves driven into the ground and the bottom of the oceans. The presence of the pyramids scattered around the planet (in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, India), said that culture was single and had no reason to earthlings to war with each other. Those Vedas are called gods, came and appeared from the sky (from space). A nuclear conflict was likely to space.
In 1972, the American station Mariner reached Mars and took more than 3,000 pictures. Of these, 500 were published in the popular press. On one of them, the world saw the dilapidated pyramid as experts estimate, a height of 1, 5 km, and the sphinx with a human face. But unlike the Egyptian, who is looking ahead, the Martian sphinx looks at the sky. The pictures were the comments - it is likely to play the forces of nature. The rest of the images published by NASA (the US Aeronautics and Space) is not, on the grounds that they should be, supposedly, "to decipher." It took more than a decade and have been published photos of another sphinx and pyramids. In the new photographs clearly could discern the Sphinx, the pyramids and even third building - the remains of the walls of a rectangular building. In Sphinx, looking at the sky, his eyes rolled from a frozen tear. The first thought that may come to mind, there was a war between Mars and Earth, and those whom the ancients called gods, were the people to colonize Mars. Judging by the remaining dried up "channels" (last rivers), reaches a width of 50-60 km, the biosphere on Mars in size and power was no less than the Earth's biosphere.
The great height of the Martian pyramids (1500 meters) allows you to roughly determine the individual sizes of the asuras. The average size of the Pyramids of 60 meters, that is, 30 times more human. Then, the average growth of the asuras turns 50 meters. Almost all nations preserved legends of giants, giants and even titanium, which in its growth, and should have the proper life expectancy. The Greeks giants that inhabited the Earth, had to fight with the gods. Also, the Bible says about giants who inhabited our planet in the past.
Crying sphinx looking up at the sky, telling us that it was built after the disaster in human beings (Asuras), who escaped death in the dungeons of Mars. His view is asking for help to his brothers who remained on other planets: "We are still alive! Come for us! Help us! "The remnants of Martian civilization earthlings could be there now. Occurring at times mysterious blue flare on the surface, very similar to nuclear explosions. Perhaps the war on Mars is still ongoing.

The blow was struck suddenly and with a remote object, so that neither Martians nor Terrans did not expect retaliation and do not have time. Such an object could be Venus. Modern Venus' atmosphere is 97% carbon dioxide, about 2% of the nitrogen and about 1% water vapor. Temperature therein about 430 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 90 atmospheres. Nuclear bombing of Venus was not, because then the pressure of the atmosphere would be low. Biosphere Venus lost due to solar prominences, which burned all the oxygen atmosphere and evaporated the oceans, and water vapor entered into a chemical compound with vaporized soil of the planet. The temperature was not below the prominence of 5,000 degrees, at which evaporation begins solids, resulting in the Biosphere Venus burned. Considering that carbon dioxide was the result of the combustion of the biosphere and the oxygen of the Venusian atmosphere, we find that the mass of the biosphere was 400,000 times greater than the Earth today, and 20 times more than what was then Earth's biosphere (times asurskoy civilization), and the pressure was there about 15 atmospheres. The observed today in the atmosphere of Venus water - is newly formed in the depths of her juvenile water. If we assume that the Earth and Venus in the bowels of the processes are similar, then, that in the atmosphere of Venus formed 1% of water (this amount is already formed) need 6,000 years, ie Venus crash occurred about 6,000 years ago. A curious coincidence: the last flood on the Earth took place almost 6,000 years ago, or to be more precise, about 7,500 years Borean calendar and sea levels, according to geological data, rose to 6 meters long as a solar prominence moved to Venus saved could only a few inhabitants of Venus only those who hastily evacuated to the Earth and the Moon. Venus is closer to the Sun and the processes of evolution there are much more intense. If we recall the law of biology "general terms of the structure of life," it can be concluded that Mars, Venus, Earth and life differed little from one another. The differences were only in the degree of evolution. On Venus, it was more developed. Today in the world there are 19 orders of mammals. Based on the works of Nikolai Vavilov, one can conclude that in theory there may be 343 unit, each unit must eventually come to the top of evolution, to a reasonable mind. In our biosphere only primates to which the human species has reached mind. Venus is due to the evolution of a more intense than on other planets of the solar system, rationality could reach not only mammals but also other existing classes there. The abundance of intelligent beings who belong to different classes, leads to contradictions, and if the level of intelligence is not high, the conflicts and even wars. When the geographical areas of animal habitat are separated by natural barriers that prevent the animals from the other areas in which there are separate, unlike each other intelligent species. It happened on Venus, where there were many intelligent species, in any case, much more than on Earth. Some of these species are conceived to colonize the Earth, Mars and the Moon and decided to attack them. The other part, which was an ally of the asuras, was against it, but nonetheless, the attack is done. According to the Vedic sources, as reported above, the reason for the war with the gods was the kidnapping of the wife of the ruler of the asuras - Tara, though of course we all realize that the cause of wars in the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat govern society, everything else is just an excuse. In this case, the cause of another war, overpopulation could be Venus, and, perhaps, Mercury, because, according to astronomers, it recently dropped once again its shell. If so, then the Terrans were able to organize a retaliatory strike, which led to the destruction of the biosphere Mercury. Although, maybe it did Venusians even before the war with the Asuras.
Nagas are likely to have dragons flown to us from Venus and colonize Earth. Remember the serpent people depicted in the halls of the Egyptian pyramids and the Serpent of the Biblical myth, the lure of the forbidden fruit Eve. Apparently snakemen and dragons - it's the same thing. And how many of us came to the legends of heroes and heroes battle with these monsters? Sanskrit sources call them Nagas - this is the god-snake living, according to legend, in the underground palace. Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia - everywhere people speak about one and the same dragon, which had to fight. Apparently, to colonize the Earth, these forces continued to destroy all remaining asuras and their supporters, but left everything unsustainable and aggressive. We do not touch the Atlanteans, who went to the self-destruction. Do not touch the monkey civilization, which, according to the figures in the Ica stones, was a cruel slavery, as well as those people who deified dragons egipetyan, Chinese and Africans, among the first to adopt the worship of the moon (the dragon), while in the world It was spread throughout the worship of the sun. All this may seem like a bad science fiction, it seems at times fantastic description in the Old Testament, all kinds of monsters, but in reality most of the writing of the Bible - the truth, even though many of the modern Christian theologians believe the presentation of the facts of allegory.

Death Asura
As a result of nuclear explosions and fires caused by them shall stand power 28 times greater than the nuclear explosions themselves (calculations were made for our biosphere, the biosphere for asurskoy this figure is considerably higher). Spreading continuous wall of fire destroying all life. Who has not burned, he choked with carbon monoxide. People and animals were running to the water, there to find his death. The fire raged for "three days and three nights," and in the end caused widespread nuclear rain - in places where no bombs fell, fell radiation. The shock wave extends not only along the ground, but also upwards. Dragging along dust and moisture shock wave reaches the stratosphere and destroy the ozone shield that protects the planet from ultraviolet radiation hard. And the last is known to cause burns to unprotected skin. The release of nuclear explosions in the air space and the air pressure drop asurskoy from eight to one atmosphere makes people decompression sickness. Begin the process of decay have changed the gas composition of the atmosphere, highlighting the deadly concentrations of hydrogen sulfide and methane poisoning all miraculously survived (the latter is still a huge amount frozen in the ice caps of the poles). Oceans, seas and rivers have been poisoned by rotting corpses. For all surviving famine. People tried to escape from the poisonous air, radiation and low atmospheric pressure in their underground cities. But subsequent rains, and then the earthquake destroyed everything created by them and drove them back to the surface. Using the Mahabharata device resembling a laser, people quickly built huge underground galleries height sometimes more than 100 meters, thus there trying to create the conditions for life: the required pressure, temperature and composition of the air. But the war continued, and even here they are overtaken by the enemy. The researchers suggest that the extant "tubes" that connect with the ground caves are of natural origin. In fact, seasoned web laser weapons, they were made for smoking people trying to escape from the dungeon of toxic gases and low pressure. Too round these tubes, to talk about their natural origin (many of these "natural" pipe is in the caves of the Perm region, including the famous Kungur). Of course, the construction of tunnels began long before the nuclear disaster. Now they are unsightly and are perceived as a "cave" of natural origin, but how many would have looked better to our subway, dropping us into it through a hundred years of commercials? We could only admire the "play of natural forces."
Carbon dioxide is produced as a result of fires, creating a greenhouse effect, that is, absorb more solar energy, which is spent on evaporation and strengthening winds. This causes intense rains, and the redistribution of water from the oceans to the continents. Water accumulating in natural depressions, causing tension in the earth's crust, resulting in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The latter, throwing tons of dust into the stratosphere, lower the temperature of the planet (as the dust retains the sun's rays). Precipitation-tectonic cycles, ie, floods, growing into a long winter, went on for thousands of years, until the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has not come back to normal. Winter lasted for 20 years (the time of deposition of dust trapped in the upper atmosphere, at our own atmospheric density, the dust will settle for 3 years). Those who remained in the cave, gradually lost his sight.
Regarding the possibility of life underground. It is not that fantastic. According to geologists, under ground water than in all the oceans, and not all of it is in a bound state, ie, only part of the water included in the composition of minerals and rocks. To date, we found the underground sea, lakes and rivers. It is suggested that the water of the oceans are connected with underground water system, and therefore is not only cycling and exchange of water between them, but also the exchange of biological species. Unfortunately, this area to date remains completely unexplored. To the underground biosphere has been self-sufficient, there should be plants that produce oxygen and decomposing carbon dioxide. But the plant, it turns out, can live, grow and bear fruit without the lighting.

The civilization of Atlantis
Period of Atlantis probably the strangest moment in the history of our planet. Myths of different peoples tell us that at that time reigned monkey, and others say that after the fire catastrophe reigned dragons. But all right - this time the highest species diversity of civilizations on the planet.
In 1902, the eruption of Mont Pelee in Martinique (Antilles) destroy all life, but life quickly returned to the island. Now, however, it was huge: vegetation, dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, insects - all became large and continues to grow from generation to generation. The French research station installed on the island to study this phenomenon, determined that the growth of the animals was caused by radiation of those resources that have been handed down by the eruption. The head of the station Jules Carver grew up by 6 cm, and his assistant, Dr. Rooyen, who was 57 years old, 5, 5 cm. Desyatisantimetrovyh lizard "ldoruy" turned into a half-meter killer. The phenomenon of abnormal growth is immediately stopped as soon as the object is taken away from Martinique. After the fall of radiation monster began to shrink in size. Not this phenomenon is explained by the Renaissance reptiles known from various nations called dragons and monsters? Once in Antarctica, scientists have discovered the frozen dragon, they decided that the glaciation occurred in the Mesozoic. But it was 30,000 years ago. Remember the American expedition finds Admiral Beyerda in 1946-47, which is mentioned above. On one of the Ica stones engraved with the figure of a dinosaur, who attacked two hunters. This etching belongs to the era of Atlantis, which replaced asurskoy civilization.
Left out of the dungeon people first began to gain height, but because of the small atmospheric pressure is born again he lost.
Reduction of the destruction of the biosphere do survivors in the dungeons asuras. They recreate it at least 5,000 years.



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