The first decade of the 21st century comes to an end (25 photos)

Looking back at the photos, we understand that it was dramatic, sometimes even brutal decade. Natural disasters, acts of terrorism and war were the main topics for discussion. Ten years ago, Bill Clinton has modified his term as president of the United States, few people had heard of Osama Ben Laden, "Taliban" rule in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein - in Iraq. All this and much more has changed in the next ten years. Of course, it is impossible to fit a decade in several photographs, but we tried.

Among the photographs presentedin photographs depicting the bloody scenes

Iraqi citizens and US soldiers pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad April 9, 2003. (AP Photo / Jerome Delay, File)

A six year old Elian Gonzalez cries in the arms of Donato Dalrymple - the man who saved him in the sea in November 1999 - at the time, as federal agents trying to take the boy in the house of his relatives in Miami April 22, 2000. US Supreme Court ruled June 28, 2000, he refused to give the boy, going to send him back to Cuba on June 28. (AL DIAZ / AFP / Getty Images)

Airplane Air France Concorde 4590 takes off, leaving behind a trail of fire engine in the left wing of the airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris, July 25, 2000. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 109 people on board and four on the ground. (AP Photo / Toshihiko Sato, File)

Member of the Election Commission of Broward County Robert Rosenberg looks at questionable Newsletter November 25, 2000 at the courthouse in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Broward County Election Commission continues manual recount, in time for the November 26, as demanded by the Supreme Court of Florida to receive newsletters for certification. (RHONA WISE / AFP / Getty Images)

Hijacked plane approaches the World Trade Center before crashing into the famous skyscraper September 11, 2001 in New York. (SETH MCALLISTER / AFP / Getty Images)

Man falls from the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York September 11, 2001, after terrorists hijacked planes was sent to the famous 110-story building and completely destroyed them. (AP Photo / Richard Drew)

Osama Ben Laden at an undisclosed location in pictures cut from programs on the channel «Al-Jazeera» October 7, 2001. Ben Laden praised the Lord for the September 11 attack and vowed that America "will not be safe as long as the" pagan army did not leave the land of Muhammad. " This entry was shown shortly after the United States and United Kingdom Afghanistan fired. (AP Photo / Al Jazeera, File)

Afghan girl shows his face for the first time after five years of Taliban rule, waiting for food at the distribution center in Kabul November 14, 2001. Under the guise of Islam, the Taliban ordered all women to wear a veil that hides them from head to toe. (REUTERS / Yannis Behrakis)

In this photo taken on 30 January 2002 you can see the reporter's publication «Wall Street Journal» Daniel Pearl in an unknown place with a gun at his head. Later, the kidnappers beheaded reporter, cut his body into pieces and burned at the borders of Karachi. (AFP / Getty Images)

US President George W. Bush met with the pilots and crew of an aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" on their return to the Gulf of Mexico May 1, 2003. President Bush landed on an aircraft carrier, which came into San Diego Harbor on 2 May. In a speech from an aircraft carrier, Bush spoke about the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as "the main promotion" in the war on terrorism, but warned that they will be "hard work" in the implementation of the campaign in Iraq. (HECTOR MATA / AFP / Getty Images)

Smoke envelops the presidential compound in Baghdad on March 21, 2003 during a mass bombardment of Iraq by the United States. Smoke rises from several affected sites, including the palaces of President Saddam Hussein. (RAMZI HAIDAR / AFP / Getty Images)

Iraqi prisoners comforts his four year old son in the center of regrouping prisoners of war, 101st Airborne Division near An Najaf, Iraq, March 31, 2003. Man arrested in An Najaf with his son, and the US military decided not to separate them. (AP Photo / Jean-Marc Bouju, File)

In this file photo Pfc Linndi England holding a rope tied to the neck of a detainee. The picture was taken at the end of 2003 in the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. (AP Photo, File)

This photo shows the arrest of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein by US soldiers 13 December 2003 in an underground shelter on a farm in the village of al-Davr, near Tikrit in northern Iraq. (AFP / Getty Images)

Debris from the space shuttle "Columbia" flying across the sky over Tyler, Texas, before the fall to pieces at the entrance into the atmosphere along with seven crew members on board. (AP Photo / Dr. Scott Lieberman)

Russian special forces soldier has rescued the child from the school seized by armed terrorists in Beslan, North Ossetia, September 2, 2004. Terrorists released four babies and two women, but by the end of the operation killed 385 people, including 31 suicide and 186 children. (REUTERS / Viktor Korotayev)

Indian woman mourning the relative who died in the tsunami in Kudalure 180 km from the south of the city of Madras, India, 28 December 2004. (REUTERS / Arko Datta)

Bodies of the victims endure after the explosion nedalekot train station Atocha in Madrid March 11, 2004. At least 131 people died and 400 were injured March 11, 2004 in the almost simultaneous explosions in three Madrid train. It was a deliberate act of terrorism carried out in just 72 hours before the general elections in Spain. The explosions took place in a high-distance train and two commuter trains. (CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP / Getty Images)

Iraqis chant anti-American slogans with hanging in the background charred bodies on the bridge over the Euphrates River in Fallujah west of Baghdad March 31, 2004. (AP Photo / Khalid Mohammed, File)

This image is called «Hubble Ultra Deep Field» («ultra-deep Hubble review"). Since the end of 2003, astronomers sent a telescope "Hubble" a tiny, relatively empty part of our sky (seen only a few stars in the Milky Way) and photographed almost 12 days for 4 months. The result was this amazing shot, looking back in time for thousands of galaxies at a distance of from 1 to 13 billion light-years from Earth. In this tiny piece of heaven (a tenth of the full Moon) was found to 10,000 galaxies, and each of them are billions of stars. (NASA / ESA / S. Beckwith - STScI, and The HUDF Team)

Bodies of victims of the tsunami in Banda Akeh center, Indonesia, January 2, 2005. The total number of dead and missing as a result of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 was 230,000 people. (AP Photo / Peter Dejong)

May 19, 2005 NASA's Mars rover "Spirit" took this amazing shot of the sun, setting on the edge of Gusev Crater on Mars. This panoramic mosaic was taken around 18:07 Martian day. "Spirit" had to be awake soon after sent the data to the orbiter «Mars Odyssey» just before sunset. The picture is a composition of pseudo-colors, which shows the sky, which was used to seeing people, but with a slightly exaggerated colors. (NASA / JPL / Texas A & M / Cornell)

Body of a victim of Hurricane Katrina floats in the river in New Orleans, September 1, 2005. Katrina was the most "expensive" hurricane that killed 1,800 people. (JAMES NIELSEN / AFP / Getty Images)

Paris Hilton poses at a photocall at the hotel "Carlton" at the 58th Cannes Film Festival May 13, 2005. (REUTERS / Eric Gaillard)

Paul Dudgeon (right) helps an injured passenger Davinia Turrell subway station Edgware Road in London after a series of bombings in the London Underground July 7, 2005. Four Muslim suicide bomber blew up a bomb in the subway, killing 56 people. (AP Photo / Jane Mingay)


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