The reverse side of the financial pyramid

To consider the opposite side of the pyramid. Each of us has heard about financial pyramids. Someone thinks this is "evil", some "tool" that can be used for the benefit and use it to do good deeds. As the saying goes – it all depends on the awareness and purity of thought.

Sent to the editor a couple of articles about pyramid schemes.Are they not in order for someone to "demonize" or argue something, and that its activities take into account the potential reverse side of the financial pyramid, if it involved.

Money can be a "tool" that can be directed for good. But for this you have to manage them, not they you.

Often, we believe that control some process, something or even your destiny. And as it turns out in life is quite the contrary that we are governed. Same thing with money, cash flow.

So, I created a technique to it, we make life easier, everyday life, and it turns out that we serve her.

Shaped the period came up with the images of the weather in order to manage it. And over time, the substitution of "concepts" and people began to worship (serve) these images (idols), which became known as gods.

And so it came to the occult: the cult – rapt adoration. Began to beat bows to the idols themselves have not noticed, how began to live in the occult (unreal) world. Thereby, ceasing to pay and respect the living thoughts of God the Creator, gave his energy of thought still, and began to create and to serve dead things, including money. And his thought distracted from the main, and making money and happier from it not became.

In fact, we do not need the money, and what we want to get over them. Perhaps, as the exchange (fair) has been replaced by the sale (money), time, money replaced the exchange. In the USSR, well-acted barter transactions, even between the Communist countries.

Does it make sense to criticize the activities of the financial pyramid? It may be better to create a beautiful reality, a living world. To wish to get the participants of a financial pyramid to do with the help of her good works to the delight of all.

"Fruit" can be defined, where did the money go and who controls whom. The criterion can be improved if the environment in the process.

And not to be under the influence of the reverse side of the financial pyramid, it is necessary to remember and to take into account in its activities that did not work, as the Atlanteans – knowing ahead of time the power of thought, have destroyed themselves and their civilization.

To do this, and place your materials.

With respect and her soul, Vyacheslav Bogdanov

Just about wealth, economy and power. Chapter from the book of Victor Medikov "Presidents and Oligarchs. Offer you can't refuse"

Power without conscience shamelessly.Conscience without power is impotent.Folk wisdom

Take, please, my dear colleague, pen or pencil, one sheet of paper. If there is, then calculator. If not, it is possible to do without it.

Let's make the most simple calculations.

Suppose You have only one standard unit, 1.e. (penny, ruble, Euro, yuan, dollar, yen, etc.). Of course, You have much more, but still, for ease of calculation make this assumption. Then all the results can be multiplied by the number of Your condition. Although I'm sure after the stunning results it's even in a head will not come.

So, if you put in the 1st year to the Bank just under 4% per annum 1.e. by the end of this 1-year (beginning 2nd year) will be only of 1.04.e. In the following year of 4% charged by 1.04.e.

By the end of the 2nd year in a Bank is 1 0816.e.

By the end of the 3rd year in a Bank is 1 124864.e.

By the end of the 10th year, the Bank will 1, 4802443.e.

By the end of the 25th year, the Bank will 2, 5633042.e.

By the end of 50-th year in the Bank will 6, 5705283.e.

By the end of the 100-year in the Bank will be 43, 171842.e.

Just 43.e. for a century! — You might say. Needless to Mara! After all, I've still not live. The children will not survive. And even grandchildren did not all reach!

Take your time, dear. You financial goal! In this and built a brilliant cunning of the rulers of the world priests. No one further will not be considered. And not considered. Even Nobel prize winners! If considered, then, most likely, more winners, in Economics, at least, would not be. So let's do the math.

So, if you put in the Bank just under 4% per annum 1.e. it

By the end of the 200-year in the Bank will 1 864.e.

By the end of the 300-year at the Bank will be 80 464.e.

By the end of 400-th year in the Bank will be 3 473 780.e.

By the end of the 500-year in the Bank will be 149 978 980.e.

By the end of the 600-year Bank 6 474 868 800.e.

By the end of the 700-year in the Bank will be 279 532 020 000.e.

By the end of the 800-year pot is 12 067 000 912 000.e.

By the end of the 900-th year in the Bank will be 520 993 990 000 000.e.

By the end of the 1000th year, the Bank will be 22 492 000 000 270 000.e.


22 492 trillion.e. only for the first thousand years!!! And that's with a single penny! The whole Earth never was not enough money in the entire history of our civilization. Even on the paper.

Is this possible? – ask the question every thinking person. — Is it possible that I can do it?

Well that, dear human? Cost to do arithmetic?

Because you obviously want Your family to live a long, much more than one thousand years!?

The answer is obvious: — What inexhaustible reserves laid even one particular person! His Family! In The Genus! If with almost zero start 1.e. four percent increase yields such incredible results, then I can do anything! Am I such a klutz that not everyone can do next year to 4% to work better than the previous one?

Bah! In Nature everything is already there, and in a much larger scale. Even a small seed every year will increase 4% and hundreds of times more. If the grain will give birth to at least 10 grains in the spikelet and it is – 1000%!

Now You understand why I do not know their ancestry? Why do You have a Generic book? No homeland? Why You presented about this silly story (from "Torah")? Why it was profitable to teach the origin of man from apes? Why in all the history books assure us that a thousand years ago our ancestors used to roam the wild tribes, raced in skins with clubs of mammoths? Etc., etc.

If You know your abilities and opportunities, You would long ago they were implemented. And not bent would be on the Dark Forces.

Isn't it time to wonder in whose interests is it done? Who rules the world? What are their goals? As use You, family, Genus? And in General, humanity is evolving or deteriorating?

Hundreds of thousands of acute and complex issues. For centuries and Millennium without any hint of an answer. And here's some simple calculations were the key to all this endless questions.

A man who has realized all this simplicity (from the word "growth"), will inevitably come to the conclusion:

— If I, personally, I'll be free, I will create for himself and his family, I, my family, my Family, and we will become the happiest and the richest on Earth. All of me. Now there is a most favorable circumstance for the realization of my dreams. I will be happy and rich, I and my family will be prosperous Russia and the whole world.

The interest for the second thousand years, I suggest to count independently. (Hint — to the last digit, add another 16 zeros, or multiply by 10 to the sixteenth degree and 2.25). But so evident that even after one thousand years on the globe doesn't have enough money to pay dividends (interest) with only one penny, cent.

I liked the two figures given excellent scientist and politician Viktor Alekseevich Efimov in his books "Economic ABC" and "Conceptual power."

"If someone had deposited the money in a Bank in the amount of 1 cent in the year of Christ's birth at 4% per annum, in 1750 he could have used the money to buy a gold ball weighing from Land. In 1999, he would have the equivalent already 8 200 balloons".

Now the attention In the world, was not, and never will be such a Bank, insurance company and a country, to pay regularly the interest for a long time.

But the usury financial system, there are many times more thousands of years. It is even known from the scanty and false stories, which we provide, and that "from the Torah". In the old Testament – the Hebrew Scriptures about them a lot.

"Do not lend upon usury to thy brother nor silver, nor bread, nor anything else that can give rise to, the stranger lend upon usury...". (Deuteronomy 23:19).

"... and thou shalt lend unto many Nations, but thou shalt not borrow (and thou shalt reign over many Nations, but they are over you will not dominate)". (Deuteronomy 28:12).

"The sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings will Minister to you. that the nation and Kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and those Nations shall be utterly destroyed". (Isaiah 60: 10-12).

Now I understand that, as President, an oligarch, a banker, an insurer, in General, a financier, an economist, You two "hit"? That You are wittingly or unwittingly drawn into a large-scale Scam?

So, not economic priorities main. Money is made easily. The main priorities of the ideological, philosophical, allowing you to manage people, to lead them the rulers in the right direction.

The pyramid of corruption of the Soul!

Hello, my friend!

Your letter today I devote to the question of the resurrection of one of the financial pyramids. I purposely won't use any names or titles. It doesn't matter. These pyramids are numerous and they all fall into the category of accepted by us for consideration.

For me, this story began not so long ago. Several neighbors, our community once on his arrival very rapidly and vigorously suddenly began to talk about what a pyramid scheme was revived and now, who has time and will quickly invest their money, will become immensely rich (as the wizard). The offer to invest money in this company I immediately refused. And already even forgot about its existence... But today I learned that one of the known solar encourages bards to use investments in a pyramid scheme for the construction of the estate. Here it was I'm sorry for the people who were intended to bring the light of God in our world. But along the way decided to improve their business at the expense of programs that have no relation to the Divine, but on the contrary, away from the Divine.

Do I think that all that bad? No. I know it's bad. I know it is. Ways to see and unseeing. And who will be able to be on the last step before the abyss, will be able to pull away from the edge. However... everything in order.

You tell me how to be good when you get dividends. Here, they say, invest one thousand rubles, and a year get four hundred thousand.

First, you immediately violate the moral law says "don't let money growth". Secondly, think about where the money will appear to you? They have only one source. You get them only from other people who will make money after you. And so you got four thousand, four hundred people (for example) to make the pyramid one thousand rubles. That the pyramid once cease to exist, obviously. Let's look at this point in the first iteration. You got your money. Four hundred people were left without money. What happens in the invisible energy plane of existence? Coming from the land of glow immediately weakened by four hundred men, because none of them will be able to stay in good spirits. All of them will blame you. Not even knowing your name, they will curse you. Much of the negativity they themselves will find much more than lose money. Will your life from such a stream of negativity better? Absolutely not!

For energy balance you in turn must rejoice in the acquisition of money amounts as much as four hundred people upset about this. Can you so to be happy and to compensate missing you glow in the universe? Of course not. If you got into this pyramid, it is obvious that you do not remember what the joy of life. And the main trouble is that you will not bring joy at all. In proof I quote Boris Berezovsky about the time of perestroika. Thinking of that time like two drops of water reflects the thinking in the financial pyramid: "Here in this redistribution there is not one happy person, it is not funny. Or those who one day became millionaires because they believe that they could make more money. Neither one nor two (if they earned one and two), and ten and twenty. Those who are ten and twenty earned, they believe that they can earn a hundred... Well, of course, the unhappy ones who lost something.

We have considered only one step of movement of money, but the pyramid suggests a constant replenishment of financial resources. Not hard to see that the result of the activities of this structure, the negative state of society will only increase. Will not be good to anyone. Neither those who receive profits without being spiritually and psychologically prepared to them, nor to those who remain without funds.

There is another very destructive factor in the actions of the financial pyramid. This is the direction of your energy. The direction of your thoughts. And the more you have invested in a pyramid of money, the more carefully you watch it stability safer for its successful existence. After all, you yourself made it so that from its existence directly depends on your success. What happened to God? Where is the power of dreams? The power of thought? Because if the child is to provide a ready solution to the math problem, does this mean that he now has learned to solve these problems? You offered to solve your financial problems someone else's uncle. You agreed to it. Got the money. What? You have acquired skills in organizing space? You have learned something? Except now you know how to make money? Unless you become spiritually richer? But long ago he itch that the material is only a reflection of the spiritual. Think about it, and he will realize the worst thing will begin when you the money will get. They initially invested the program of the corruption of your soul. If you do not see this action, it does not mean that you will not be affected.

Understand that everything in the world happens with mathematical precision. And if you live so many years, and you never have any money, then the universe itself tells you that, first of all, to need to change. In their minds and worldview.

Someone you think about? Great bard Margarita Lobanova sang these words: "Below shoulders squared, showed his kind to be. To him how one became fellows good men. Each in a white shirt of pure white linen. In each the strength of a great and true love are interwoven...". Could you imagine a great warrior Radomir collects himself and will bear his power to give to strangers? Is this the way vedrussa you imagine? Is this the way of the warrior of light you saw? I'm sure he will make every effort to clean up their land from such wickedness. Overseas or local, even do not become.

But you, of vedruss, a descendant, perhaps, Radomir! Descended from the greatest people collected the remains of his energy, and voluntarily went to give it to the reproach of foreigners. What are you a warrior? You're a traitor. You betrayed God, and Anastasia, his Soul and at the same time. Betrayed and sold. He went to strangers. And they tell you very politely and courteously asked: "Your Soul, what notes to exchange? Smaller or larger?".

Is the film art under the name "Muslim". The main role was played by Yevgeny Mironov. Remember how people began to run after the flying dollars in the end of the movie... And only one person managed to withstand this mass psychosis. He alone showed the power of the spirit to resist Satan's temptations. The hero of the film still the words said: "I can Not pray do not pray, they can not fast, not fast. Can't believe in Christ — do not believe. Can't believe Muhammad't believe it. But know this: Satan will come, and you believe him, ' cause he make you believe him. And will be bad."

Know what it may lead in the end? To what you on the forehead he put the seal in the form of a barcode, and then make sure you are under the effects of their programs, will consider it the Supreme good. And he'll come and beg to put the seal of Satan, as it is now came to sell his soul. Stop it now! Stop thinking about this pyramid. Not for the warrior she is, but against him. If you do not know, if you doubted, if you already have a claw stuck, let everything goes as goes. Try to get out. But I continue to think a head and make my heart and soul, how do you "grace" this fell on my head? And how much of the free cheese to pay in the end will have? Does your material state of your spiritual condition? If you are unhappy with your financial status, then you are lazy in your thoughts. Start to think for themselves.

In a situation where the aliens, who according to the story of Anastasia, wanted to seize the land in the Chapter "Capture", for all its ruthlessness and insidious can look like a gentlemen compared to the creators of the pyramid. They have at least some technological innovation is offered in return for your soul. And the creators of the pyramid have decided that you will be able to clean up a pack of colored pieces of paper...

One of the neighbors told me: "if you don't like you and do not invest. Well you are not forced!". Yes. True. No one makes and not make. I do not like one thing. The spread of infection. They are like vampires. One bites the other, he rises and goes to look for his victim. One day, therefore, my country turned into a hotbed of alcohol and tobacco, putting on each bus stop stall with such content, and much more. And he also said "Well what are you not happy? Don't like, don't drink or smoke." I don't smoke or drink. Only now his to know. The country, mired in alcohol and cigarettes. I never agree to the presence of parasites who are destroying my people. If you can't live kindly, go away and never come back.

And you, my dear "of vedruss", began to build his family's estate, to direct all forces for the implementation of Divine programs. The only way you can be happy. Dream. Think. Learn. Including to be rich. Create a happy world around himself with his mind.

If you can't function with the thought and head to work the handles. And what of this? I'm afraid the crown of the head will fall? I think such a spiritual person like you ought not handle dirty? If you are thinking about the pyramid as a way of enriching themselves at the expense of others, if you're poor, you can not worry neither his spirituality nor his crown. Safely get to work. A lifetime of work, no money, so don't think or dream of. Do not know any essence, neither the journey nor the destination. Find it yourself you lazy. Eliminate the cause and things will start to level off. I'm telling you firsthand.

And then you will save his Soul. After all, if you're a Builder, you man will build a house. If the pastry chef, bungle delicious treats. People will pay you for the work. Let it be not such big money. But he will be happy. And you be happy. By your action, you strengthen the life-giving light from reaching earth, and from themselves and from someone will help. Don't give up! Now is the time that the struggle is for every human soul. The forces of light are waiting for you. And everyone is welcome to help.

Those who eat the bread of idleness will die from hunger, because a field full of stones, brings a stone. Day for it has no meaning, and the night is bitter journey in tainted dreams. The idle mind is full of the weeds of discontent; But he who goes before the angel of the Work, contains a field, forever rodamia, where vines and cereals, and all sorts of fragrant herbs grow in abundance. As you sow, so shall you reap. Man, diligent to God and learn his purpose, and other blessings is asking for...

He who sings in the droning bees, incessant Smeralda Golden honey; in the flute of the shepherd, not sleeping, lest he dispersed his flock; And in the singing of the virgin, laying his hand on the spindle. And if think you that they are not as beautiful the sight of the Lord, how gordeevicha prayers echo flying from the mountains higher, then you are truly mistaken. For the honest work of humble hands is the everyday prayer of thanksgiving and the music of the plough is a joyful song unto the Lord...

...For the strongest of the angels of the Heavenly Father, the angel of Work, blesses each man laboring in the best of their ability, so that he did not know no need, no excess. Truly, there is abundance for all people in the kingdoms of the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father, if every one performs his job. When man refuses to work, he goes to another, because all things in the heavenly and the earthly kingdoms is given to us for the price of labor. (Heb. Peace of the Essenes)

Good luck to you, my friend!

With respect, Vladimir Klimanov. Kin's settlement a New Path. Kemerovo oblast. 40 km from Novokuznetsk


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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