How to build a greenhouse pyramid with their hands

To achieve excellent crop, many gardeners build greenhouses. This greenhouse will allow you to get long-awaited harvest a little earlier. Moreover, in such structures it is possible to grow several crops. Today has become very popular greenhouse pyramid. This article will tell you about what constitutes this type of design, and also how to build with his hands. First of all, consider the reasons why a greenhouse pyramid has become so popular among the vegetable growers of our country.What are the advantages of such design


Greenhouse the shape of a pyramid has the following positive characteristics:

  • stiffness. Greenhouse, of pyramidal form, is characterized by a rather high stiffness of the whole construction. This allows for the Assembly with their hands to save on weight and cost of the resulting design;
  • height. The pyramidal structure has sufficient height to ensure warm air is on top instead of in the field of growing crops. Plantings are protected from overheating;
  • significant saving. Greenhouse in the shape of a pyramid allows to save in the mass of the frame, but in the time of its Assembly, and finishing materials. Typically, the walls of it made from film or polycarbonate. It should be noted that the use of polycarbonate will allow to build more robust and rugged design;
  • the speed of construction. Such a greenhouse is easily built with your own hands;
  • the availability of the materials. Walls of film or polycarbonate will be more affordable than other materials;
  • the lack of dark areas inside the pyramid. Such a device minimizes the appearance of shadows, without affecting the comfort of crops.


In addition plus in a device of the greenhouse will be the inclined faces. This allows you to achieve a natural control of the amount of sunlight. The pyramid design allows the evening and morning to reflect at least sunlight, but in the afternoon there is their reflection. In result, the plants grow in the best possible conditions for themselves.

This device allows you to control the humidity. It's enough to place inside the greenhouse a container of water. Another indisputable advantage, which has a greenhouse pyramid, is its mobility. For small buildings are not required to pour the Foundation that allows you to move them across the garden without much effort. Under it you can even hide small trees from frost. In addition, such a greenhouse can be a kind of decoration of the garden or the garden complement the rural landscape of your home.

Video "Greenhouse in the shape of a pyramid with their hands"Как to calculate the size konstruktiivsed than to begin to assemble the greenhouse, you must determine its size. Please note that if you correctly identified the dimensions and made a drawing, to assemble this greenhouse with your own hands in just half a day (if the greenhouse is medium in size and without Foundation).

The perfect section of the pyramid is the index of 0.62. It provides the maximum potential for the whole building in terms of energy. To get it, greenhouse pyramid should have the following parameters:

  • height 320 cm;
  • the length of each side 142 cm, forming in the base a perfect square.

The calculation of the design in the diagram

At such size of a diagonal of the greenhouse will be 2 m. the result 200/320=0,62, which is what we needed. On these calculations create a drawing of future construction, and can start its construction.

Build potapenkova all the necessary calculations and the drawing is ready, proceed to the building:

  • first, choose the place of future location of the greenhouse. It should be equal, without hillocks and pits;
  • on earth do the layout of the base of our pyramid. At the base will be square with sides 142 cm;
  • then at the point of intersection of the diagonals install the Central beam having a section of 5x5 cm;
  • it is necessary to deepen into the ground about 40-50 cm the above-ground portion of the rail should be 320 cm.
  • then connect the edge of designs with top of the previously installed Central beam.
Many experts recommend for each face to do with four extra props. They will act as supports for the side-triangles of the pyramid. The entrance and the door frame is doing on the South side. After the finished frame just need to cover with film. Also the walls are made of polycarbonate. On the top of the pyramid master hood (will act as vent Windows) or leave it about 30 cm open.

As you can see, to do with their hands such a greenhouse is quite easy and fast.

How to build with fundamental situation when you want to not a portable greenhouse made of polycarbonate or film, and the capital building needs to have a Foundation. Also it will have to fill in, if the device greenhouses dimensional.


To pour the Foundation follows in the same way as any other greenhouse. But you have to remember that the pyramid at the base should be square.The creation of the Foundation is carried out as follows:

  • the tab comes from the calculation of 3x3 m. For this purpose we use the old pipe with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • thereafter, the poured concrete;
  • allow the base to dry thoroughly;
  • then in the corners of the resulting Foundation needed to install steel angles (80x80x80);
  • to them in the future carry out attaching the boards.


The result is the square Foundation of the pyramid. Now you need to bring to the height of the frame. In this situation it is necessary to carry out the following manipulation:

  • to the corners formed by the base attach the steel plate with a thickness of 2 mm. They will act as a face. All fasteners are made by means of screws-self-tapping screws;
  • we perform the same steps on the remaining three faces;
  • as a result, all four sides should converge on top of the whole structure. Their fixing can hold the aluminum sheet.
Then, at the base in the center of the pyramid make the beds of slate. Their height is 80 cm To prevent overheating, the entrance must be done on the South side (as in the situation of lack of Foundation). Then wrap the frame with tape or make a cover from polycarbonate.

So to build on your plot or garden a greenhouse in the shape of a pyramid everyone can. And what view it will have (with Foundation or without it) have to define you. Both devices have their nuances in the Assembly, but they equally well do the job.

Video "How to make a greenhouse with his own hands"This is not an easy task for any of the cottager or the gardener will be not so terrible after watching the video that we have prepared for you. Read all the secrets and tricks of the process. published

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