How to build a greenhouse over the weekend: tips and advice

Greenhouse at the cottage or on the site is the ability to always have fresh vegetables. It is not about the economy, and the health benefits. I suggest you first choose the type of greenhouse, and then explore the question — how to build it over the weekend.

Select the type of greenhouseso the greenhouse are arched, gable and lean-to.

From the arched roof greenhouse is made by the arc. Winter on the roof of this greenhouse will not gather snow. The lean-to greenhouse one wall will connect with any structure (e.g. shed) on your lot. And if the heated barn is just great, and you will need a minimum of effort, to keep her warm. Disadvantage of this greenhouse is that the roof is going to snow and it will have to be cleaned. Of course, if you don't live in the South, where precipitation is winter – it is purely symbolic. Gable greenhouses build in the country the most. The roof has a triangular shape, it is most spacious and bright compared to other types of greenhouses.

And even greenhouses can be divided into winter and summer. Winter greenhouses have heating, so it is better to build closer to the main house. Of course, you can put a stove in the greenhouse, but it will always have to heat and keep the room the desired temperature. Winter greenhouse essential Foundation and it needs to be durable. Also necessary the roof was reinforced. Otherwise, under the weight of snow, the whole structure could easily collapse.

There are "greenhouses-thermos". They are recessed into the ground at 2 meters. They must be a special pit dug, the Foundation was laid, and the walls of these greenhouses are harvested from the fuser. "Thermos" also provide for heating as well as a host of other costs, so to build them with my hands, expensive and long, and today to talk about it we won't.

Summer greenhouses are built easier other. Their frame is stretched polyethylene. If you do it right in the greenhouse can stand a couple of seasons. The summer greenhouse is collected on a wooden frame. By the way, instead of wood suggest using a PVC pipe.

Construction of a greenhouseFor the arrangement of the greenhouses you need to choose a level place. Then draw a diagram to correctly calculate the right amount of building materials. Boards from which is made the frame, should be treated with wood preservative so they last longer and don't rot from moisture. You can still burn them with a blowtorch.

Before installing good RAM, the platform where the greenhouse, and connect the processed boards. You get the frame, the corners of which you will need to attach the armature. It will be pinned also along the perimeter at the same distance from each other. To calculate the amount of reinforcement rods is quite simple: for example, if your greenhouse has dimensions of 3 by 6 m, you might need from 30 to 35 bars. They should be well fixed in the earth, because they will bear the whole weight of your greenhouse. So dig it in the bars to a depth not less than semimeter.

The fortified bars put on PVC pipes. They need to connect together the opposite elements of the frame. Secure the hinges using a screwdriver. Then reinforce the whole structure with timber. Choose a timber with a cross section of 50 x 50.

The corners should also be clipped. Pipe PVC need to bond with each other so that their total length was equal to the entire length of the greenhouse. Then, attach a long tube to the transverse arches of a skeleton. Everything is almost ready! Left to pull the tape and fasten it with a wooden rake. This is the most reliable method, since the consolidation of the polyethylene straps it can easily be broken.

The rear and front part of the greenhouse also need to cover with film, and where will be the door — the tape should be slightly bend. Left measure the doorway. Try to do it very carefully, avoiding mistakes, or the door simply will not close properly. Also measure the length and width of the air vents — they are needed for ventilation of the greenhouse. Make a timber frame made in accordance with the measurements and pull his polyethylene. Then attach the door opening metal hinges.

Well that's all, your greenhouse is ready! Now you can either do inside the shelves or planting. published




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