How to make an inexpensive greenhouse with their hands

Many gardeners tend to provide for themselves for the whole year self-grown vegetables. But due to climatic characteristics, it is not always possible to achieve this goal in those areas which are in the Northern regions of our country. The perfect solution to this problem is the construction of the vegetable plot greenhouse.

However, not all gardeners have the financial ability to buy a ready factory of the greenhouse. For such people, the solution may be the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipes with their hands.

To design and build a greenhouse out of plastic tubes it is possible independently, without assistance. But to serve such a greenhouse out of plastic pipes will be throughout the year, several seasons in a row. The obvious advantage, in the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipes, is the prevalence, long service life and low cost of polypropylene products.

CHOOSE a PLACE FOR construction ofthe future when Choosing a place to build a greenhouse out of plastic pipes, you should consider a number of factors that affect the quality and quantity of future crops.

There are the following locations for the future greenhouse out of plastic pipes on the plots:

To place a greenhouse out of plastic pipes, created with your own hands, you need an open space, away from other buildings of the site and a large garden trees. This option can be combined with the location around the greenhouses in small shrubs and plants. It will add the aesthetic appeal of the building. If, because of the small plot area, there is no possibility to use the open space of sufficient area, it is possible to provide the location of the greenhouse adjacent one side of the wall already erected building, home or barn. In this embodiment, an important condition is the location of the other sides of the greenhouse on the South side with the aim of obtaining the maximum amount of sunlight.

The CHOICE of FORMS, the Most common form when building a greenhouse out of plastic pipes are of arched design. This is due primarily to the ease of construction and relative cheapness.

Choosing a form for the construction of future greenhouse out of plastic tubes it is necessary to consider features of the plots and place selected for the installation of the design.

If a greenhouse from plastic pipes will be located in the open, you better stay on gable models. In the case where the greenhouse will be adjacent one side of the wall of the existing structure, it is better to choose a single model.

The base of the greenhouse can be done in different geometric shapes, whether square, rectangle, circle, oval, or trapezoid. Recently gaining popularity of the greenhouses in the form of a tent.

Attention! Greenhouses of this design have a greater light transmission than the classic versions.

The PROS AND CONS of CONSTRUCTIONS FROM PLASTIC PIPESbuilding a greenhouse out of plastic pipe has several advantages over structures made of other materials:

  • thanks to a sufficient air-tightness inside the greenhouse creates a favorable environment for proper growth and maturation of vegetables and fruits;
  • the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipe does not require considerable effort, which contributes to the simplicity and lightness of the material used;
  • using special fixing clips and the design of the greenhouse plastic, you can easily disassemble or assemble at any time. Thus, it is not difficult in the shortest possible time to disassemble the greenhouse and not use it in winter when it is not being used as intended;

  • in the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipes no need to use additional reinforcing materials. Properties and characteristics of polypropylene pipes will create sustainable and reliable design;
  • plastic is much more resistant to rot and corrosion than, for example, wood or metal. The properties of this material will allow to do without the mandatory treatment protective substances of the elements of the product;
  • the design of the greenhouse is made of polypropylene pipes can last more than 10 years thanks to the durability of this material.
The main and probably only disadvantage of the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipe is its ease. This can lead to rocking of the entire structure in a strong wind. At the same time, this problem will be solved if you use additional metal rods hammered into the ground to strengthen the construction.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS NEEDED TO buildBefore to make a greenhouse from plastic pipe, to perform the calculation of the necessary materials and tools. It is recommended to do right after determining the space on the site for future construction. Such measures will help to avoid additional costs at the stage of construction.So, to work you need:

The lumber or boards to form the base of the greenhouse. It is recommended prior to construction to treat wooden items with a special protective substances which will protect the wood from rotting. Tip! To save cash, it is recommended to use professional tools for working wood, and improvised. For example, to impregnate wood beams resin several times to coat with linseed oil, to handle a blowtorch. Polypropylene pipes. You must calculate how many linear feet you will need for the construction of the greenhouse. For a more accurate calculation in the construction of greenhouses of plastic pipes with your hands, it is recommended to make a drawing of future construction. After receiving a certain square footage of plastic can add up to 10% of the total length for stock. For covering polypropylene construction used plastic film. She needs to be strong enough. High strength will protect it from tearing and will allow for a few seasons. A few metal rods. The rebar should be at least 1 m long Nails and screws. Handles with latches and hinges for the device in the greenhouse doors and Windows. Additional metal loop for attaching a separate plastic structural elements.

Building a GREENHOUSEIf in the step of calculating of the materials used were compiled by the detailed drawing of the future building, then you can immediately proceed directly to the construction of the greenhouse. Otherwise it is recommended to draw up a detailed scheme of construction, it will greatly simplify and speed up construction work.

INSTALLATION of FOUNDATIONBefore themselves to make a greenhouse from plastic pipes, it is necessary to create a Foundation. Under the future foundations of the greenhouse needs a smooth flat area with a small depression. So be sure before starting work it is necessary to level the ground and make a small indentation a few centimeters. As a material for a Foundation you can use either a Board or a wooden beam.

Attention! Before you begin the installation of foundations, wooden boards should be cleaned with a planer or sand paper, and treated with protective substances. To strengthen the Foundation for future designs it is recommended to use additional metal brackets or corners. Metal corner is attached to each inner joint of the wooden boards. If the material for the base of the greenhouse used lumber, it is better to use staples, which are driven at each external joint of the structural members.

The finished basement should lie close to the prepared soil under it. If between the Foundation and soil are slit must be covered with earth.

The FRAME AssemblyAfter the construction of the Foundation, on its outer perimeter should be driven into the earth metal fittings in increments of no more than 100 see To these metal rods must be mounted is prepared in advance and sliced segments of plastic pipe of the necessary length.

For fixing of plastic pipes use self-tapping screws by which the base of the pipe to fasten to a wooden Foundation. As connecting elements in the horizontal plane of the design used plastic couplings, corners and crosses, which must be drilled in. This will allow the pipes to pass through the connecting elements.

CREATE the ROOFby Choosing a material for the construction of the roof of the greenhouse, you should consider the features of some of the most common options:

Most common material for covering greenhouses is polyethylene film. If financial capabilities allow you to use as covering special reinforced film made of polyvinyl chloride. This material has good thermal insulation, allowing to maintain the desired temperature in the greenhouse even during the night. At the same time, this material has high transparency and transmits up to 95% of the sunlight in the daytime. Polycarbonate roof has the longest lifespan, but has a higher price and can bring additional difficulties in the construction. In addition, a roof will not be able to quickly dismantle unlike plastic. Textile material for covering of the "agroteks" has low insulation. However, the lightness of this material allows in the shortest time to perform installation and dismantling work.

CONCLUSIONSumming up, we can say that the option of self-construction on plots of a greenhouse from plastic pipes seems to be the most viable option. Such designs have a number of advantages. These include the ease and durability of construction, durability, ease of Assembly and dismantling. Additionally, these greenhouses in the end are the cheapest option, but from an aesthetic point of view than not inferior to the expensive factory counterparts.

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