Inflatable greenhouse can produce fresh water and food for the affected regions

Researchers in Australia plan to build a prototype of an inflatable air-supported plastic greenhouses, which could provide remote arid low-tech tool with a low-maintenance, which would turn salt water into freshwater for growing food.

As the water shortage threatens to destabilize many arid regions of the world, including California, researchers have developed an innovative type of greenhouse that could provide fresh water and to grow food.


Engineers from Murdoch University believe that the 1,615-square-foot inflatable, air-supported plastic greenhouses "can produce about eight cubic meters of fresh water and up to 30 pounds of crops every day."

Sealed design greenhouses also protect crops from insects and disease, and the researchers say that the technology should be easy to implement.

Inflatable air-supported film greenhouse uses existing technologyoriented where fresh water is produced from seawater through evaporation and condensation. The greenhouse also provides a cool and humid environment in which plants can flourish. The new approach determines the processes of evaporation and condensation outside of the greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse there are two "bubble column" filled with water, and the flow of thousands of tiny bubbles creates a large surface for evaporation and condensation of water.

Since sea water has the property of preventing the small bubbles to join in bolshany, it provides the surface with a large area.

Mario a Schmuck (Schmack Mario), the author of the article in the journal Desalination, noted that unlike other greenhouses which work at ambient temperature, the inflatable greenhouse "parts evaporators/condensers, which allows the use of higher temperatures".

Thus, more water can be in the hot airflow. This makes the process of demineralization easier and prevents accumulation of salt in the camera — no need for constant maintenance. published

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