Learn how to drink soda and water for health

If we look at the stomach, we can see that it is located in two planes - vertical inlet and outlet - almost horizontally:

Thus, the stomach contents out substantially horizontally therefrom:

A regulates the output of the sphincter, called "pylorus" or "pyloric sphincter".
While the food is not warmed up (when cold) and not treated with hydrochloric acid, which allocates the stomach, "gatekeeper" is closed.

Once the food is completely warmed and treated - "gatekeeper" is opened and the food slurry (chyme) goes into the small intestine (specifically - the duodenum), where, in fact, begins the digestion process itself


Here it is important to note that the temperature point.

If the stomach - a strong man, he is not particularly temperature differences are critical, here's a duodenum - the lady is very subtle. This is a real chemical laboratory, where everything has to be in strict conformity with the norms of which are temperature - naiperveyshaya

. If we look to the stomach, we note that along the left wall (called "the small curvature of the stomach") fibers have a very long, and are arranged so that they form as it were a "trough" - a kind of channel tube (in various anatomical atlases I I saw the illustrations, where the "channel" is expressed even more clearly than here, and straight-through similar to a pipe - from the entrance to the exit of the stomach)

And in the depths of the stomach, ie, along the right wall (called scientifically "the greater curvature of the stomach"), the fibers are generally shorter, and there is such direct and cross paths anymore.

If that part of the stomach does not have to digest and do not need to warm up, it just slips stomach at this very

«gastric chute."

And the "gatekeeper" this does not prevent the overshoot, because everything complied with: it is not necessary to digest, it is not necessary to warm

. The only substance, which might get us in that it is not necessary to digest, is water. And if the second condition is met - no need to warm up - the water is really just slips through the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum, where and immediately absorbed into the blood, making up the very foundation of all biochemical processes of an organism

. But if this second option is not respected, and the water temperature is 37-39 degrees below the put, then the "gatekeeper" grimly closes and "do not let go" on water.

And the water is in the stomach until the warm up.

And while she is there, something happens to her. And that "something" is so radically changes the picture, as a result we have this very "scourge of civilization" - chronic dehydration - which described the scientific and Dr. Batmanghelidj

. What happens to the water in the stomach?

If a small amount of water drunk, and the water is consumed while fasting, then nothing special happens in principle. The walls of the stomach from the small volume is not stretched. Therefore signals to allocate a substantial amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is not. It stands in a very small amount, because the water is not distillirvannaya, still there is some "irritating ingredients" there.

This means the water will stand there quietly for 10-15 minutes, and pass into the duodenum, giving the body what it needs and give.

But if in the stomach hydrochloric acid is present in a concentration of more serious, the situation has radically changed.

For some reasons, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach may be more significant?

First, the stomach can be a digestive process (even a little, say, 10 minutes ago you stopped to chew the cud, or half an hour before you eat cake, muffin or sandwich ate an hour ago).

Secondly, in a more or less perceptible volume of water, the stomach mechanically stretched, that is a signal to the beginning of the digestion process, and therefore is released hydrochloric acid.

Third, the person can simply be increased acidity of the stomach, i.e. there is always a lot of hydrochloric acid is present.

And what's happening in this case?

At first, the water acidified by hydrochloric acid, begins digested and absorbed.

And according to a known O.Hazovoy dietitian and nutritionist, water, digested stomach mostly goes into the extracellular fluid (blood, intercellular fluid, lymph, etc.), and a "swell" into the intracellular fluid, resulting in cells and we have a swelling of tissues.

In fact, the mechanism of formation of edema in classical physiology is not quite clearly understood.

For example, there is a common version - the effect of cold water on the kidneys

. Cold water is in the stomach, kidneys, and cools it (very sensitive to heat), start to work more slowly, to regulate the electrolyte balance worse. The result - swelling

. Whatever the hypothesis, there may have been, the fact that sweet and salt water leads to edema - it's just the evidence that we already know from the research of everyday experience

. It's enough just to remember how it happens when we are too busy drinking some sweet and salty drink, say, the brine out of pickles or tomatoes. It swells the body from rassolchika. Swells very reason that such a sour-salty water goes exactly in the intracellular fluid, ie, in swelling.

No less revealing point in this respect is the well-known yogis famous cleaning procedure of the gastrointestinal tract salted water - Shank-Prakshalana

. The essence of the method is: Drink a glass of water, and by 4 exercises, is run throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Then there was a glass of water - and again 4 exercises. And so a few glasses.

A prerequisite is the use of it is salt water due to the fact that it is poorly absorbed by the gut.

Why poorly absorbed? And because such water is its density is almost identical with the blood. No potential difference, which is why there is no so-called

«osmotic pressure." And when the water in the intestine unsalted, then turn on this very law of osmosis and plain water is absorbed into the blood salted.

So, the conclusion is: the longer the water is in the stomach, the less it gets into the blood stream (and in general in the extracellular fluid). Therefore, the good of it will be gone, for "an expert" in this case - it is water saturation of blood (and the entire extracellular fluid)

! Moreover, by such water and we can have a negative health effect in the form of edema.
Here such, as they say, a clinical fact ...

Why do we not know about it at school biology lessons?
Sadly, even right ...

But that's not all.

There is here one more interesting (and least significant) time.
The question is: where does the energy for warming of this water
? Obviously not from the outside - otherwise we would drink warm water

. It turns out that the water is warmed by the energy surrounding the stomach organs, and especially - of kidneys. So say sources on Chinese medicine. That kidney warm the water in the stomach.

Stomach - hollow organ. It has its heat there. And here at the "solid" organs has its own energy and his warmth. Actually, the word "liver" is derived from the word "oven" or "stove", which in itself speaks of the heat. So, I think, the liver is also involved here, too, spends his energy on warming of the water, "jammed" in the stomach.

Although the kidney, although the liver - it's like we're spending the energy of their own, native and expensive internal organs. What for? Is not it better to spend energy outside - click on the kettle and half a minute to warm water

? When we drink water warm-hot, it not only makes up for the very basis of life, but also warms the body, ie, It saves us the energy that we constantly spend to maintain the position of the temperature of the internal environment.

And that's not all ...

It turns out that there are various provisions of the stomach, which in itself can exacerbate the whole situation described above.

The causes of all these deviations from the norm - a lot.

Just important to understand that, if due to some reasons a person has such a sagging stomach, then in this "bag", even warm water and then stagnates. And cold standing there for so long that the output we have a very sour and very salty liquid from which no good will not, some swelling.

But, when a man with a stomach drink heat hot water, it will at least bring the body benefits that warms bodies, it warms them, that, for example, for the cold season - a direct benefit to the health
And now about the baking soda

And after all this picture, we can easily understand why people start drinking soda, and sometimes get stomach problems.

Thus, the cold water and soda "hangs" in the stomach.

And then there are the following options.

If the stomach is completely healthy, the acidity is normal, then the medium there is, as mentioned above, is neutral. Well, except that a little bit sour.

And then the soda water, warmed, will take place in the duodenum and safely absorbed there. Neutralization of soda acid occurs most minimal and no significant processes take place will not.

But if for the above reasons the acidity in the stomach increased, and the volume of water is relatively large (for each of the stomach, of course, it's different value), then hydrochloric acid immediately reacts with sodium carbonate in a reaction to form a salt and carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is very weak, extremely unstable compound, so it immediately breaks down into carbon dioxide and water:

NaHCO3 + HCl & gt; NaCl + H2CO3

H2CO3 & gt; H2O + CO2 ^

Seeing firsthand the reaction can, if you add a glass of soda with acetic acid - it will "pop»

. By the way, if the concentration of ash in the glass will be high enough, and the acid is very concentrated, then there is not just a fizzy drink, and just a small eruption. Quite active reaction.

Effervescent carbon dioxide in contact with the walls of the stomach, irritating the wall. The space closed, the gas to go nowhere, and that's it on the walls he


Defending himself from this "attack", the stomach produces more acid portion (but he can still defend hydrochloric acid - the only thing that he has)

. This portion of the acid immediately re-enters the same reaction with carbon dioxide. Consequently - again a new piece of carbon dioxide "attacks." Well, there's a cycle that in the medical literature is called "acid rebound».

Anyone interested in an alkaline system, I recommend a good remember this term, for any physician (especially - gastroenterologist), as soon as heard about the soda, immediately begins to angrily waving his arms, knocking down, grind their teeth, saying that soda drink starts this same " acid rebound ", which means to drink soda is harmful.

"Acid rebound" occurs only when non-compliance with the temperature regimen soda. Those. it is simply a consequence of human negligence.

"Acid rebound" - is a special case of soda reception, and doctors are often unaware of all that we have described here about the water, give it a special case of a general rule

. It is not right. It is simply a consequence of ignorance.

By the way, the danger of this phenomenon - "acid rebound" - exists only for the patient's stomach or predisposed to the disease

. For example, if an individual has ulcerative process, then - yes, this "bounce" strengthen ulcer

. If a person has sores, but there are erosive process in the walls of the stomach, the "bounce" effect on the development of the erosive process.

And so on - there is any problem in the stomach will be strengthened

. If the stomach is normal, healthy, there is no danger of this "acid rebound" is not. It is even less dangerous than any glass of fizzy drink, we drink without even thinking, some so drunk almost every day. And about Coke - and it is silent! Cola - guaranteed more damaging to the stomach drink than even soda water with ice

. By the way, any "lady's finger," knows that for him all the fizzy drinks - a complete ban. And, of course, any gastroenterologist knows it, so allocate soda water and then escalate the fear - quite inadequate

. When soda warmed and finally passed into the duodenum, it is no longer an alkaline drink. This is just water. Accordingly, we expect from it the effects described in the book of the alkaline system is useless.

Yes, of course, just water - it's very good, it is the body needs. But too expensive way.

When we drink soda water warm-hot (40-50 degrees), she successfully slips the stomach and enters the duodenum, where the environment is alkaline, by definition. There alkali - as a native (for bile that is discharged gallbladder is here is generally very alkaline substance in our body, and digestion itself is precisely in an alkaline environment - more precisely, slightly alkaline)

. And there it is alkaline water, rich in negatively charged ions, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, saturating her these same ions and thereby increasing blood bicarbonate buffer - that, in fact, is the purpose of drinking alkaline water

. That is, the alkaline water in addition to the total value of the water - the basics of quantitative recovery of all biochemical processes in the body - and gives us another qualitative aspect: thins the blood, making it easier, more fluid, and therefore more penetrating

. In such blood begin to work on a full red blood cells, and tissues of the body begin much better supplied with oxygen.

In general, a lot there any utilities there, which is narrated in the book Entshury / Lokempeda - and for digestion, and excretion, and blood supply, and central nervous system (because, again thanks Batmanghelizhdu, it is well described how the brain is sensitive to dehydration and how our mental states depend on the normal water balance of the brain).

Total we have that any drink, any food is better to have warmed. Even if we are on the raw food diet. As is known, raw food warming to 40 degrees does not destroy the living tissue. But to digest all of this will be much better and with less energy.

I have already developed a machine literally - if a person says that he poplohelo soda from the reception, the first thing I ask, drink with some water? Cold or hot?

In most cases, a person says that drinks with plain water at room temperature.

Or - the second number of the reason - not an empty stomach, ie, unable to withstand the put time interval after a meal (for normal, not excessive eating it in two hours, two and a half, when the bolus has passed the phase of "sour" stomach digestion and is in a phase of "alkaline" digestion in the duodenum). < br>
So, if we practice the alkaline system, these points need to be familiar with and always remember.

When we do not drink soda (soda because you need to drink at the time, and, as appropriate), the water is something we still have to drink if we want to help your body to survive in such an unfavorable ecological environment. Consequently, all this is also necessary to remember and apply in practice.


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