Vadim Zeland: there are no miracle drugs and "pills of immortality»

Water – the basis of life. From this you should take into account in any discussion on the topic of energy, health and longevity. However, this fact is so imprinted in the minds of people that agree with him and immediately forget. So before it starts, reasoning on and over, switching to the seemingly more concrete issues: increase in energy with all kinds of esoteric practices, the search for miracle drugs and "pills of immortality". The paradox is that on the water – the most simple and familiar in everyday life things, people used to know nothing. Surprisingly!
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Here I will talk about the properties of water, how simple and obvious, and so shocking to those who do not heard about it, but would not want to suddenly grow old and simply die. I will call a spade a spade, because the most shameful and stupid death from ignorance.

Let's start with the fact that the water should be drunk. Or in other words, to make it clear: need to drink water. I just said something stupid? Or something obvious? No, actually it's quite obvious. Of course, we all know that without water a person will die. However, many water do not drink. I mean clean water.All you can eat is food. And not because some crazed naturopath once introduced such a classification. Just our body perceives the drink as what is required somehow to digest, assimilate or discard. Pure water for the body is the means cleaning and maintaining water balance.

Water is our body adapted to extract from food, including drinks. But how could he be clean? After all, you wash dishes, wash clothes, cleaned with water? And body what to do? If he gets clean water for self-purification, he has to get out somehow to extract water from their resources. Imagine if at your order there was no running water, and had to produce not a simple turn of the tap, and bells and whistles? Here it is our poor body and forced to engage.

Thus, drink water then necessary in order for the body to be cleansed. Any food, even natural, it pollutes, not to mention synthetic. You don't wash the dishes lemonade or tea? Some naive raw foodists almost proud to say that almost or do not drink (and they too, but for a different reason!), – do not want, say – all the water they get from fresh vegetables and fruits. Here and in vain. Our body is very unpretentious and undemanding, he used to be content with little, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to care. Water you need to drink deliberately, even if not thirsty not less than one and a half to two liters a day so deliberately, as is done cleaning.

The same raw foodists, again proudly boast that they do not use soap and shampoo, because their body is so pure that it all becomes redundant. It is certainly clean, but not sterile, through the skin still displays all kinds of industrial dirt, which totally soaked the entire environment, and plants including. And dead skin cells that forms on its surface every day, too, to scrape and rinse is not necessary?

Now a very important question: what kind of water should we drink? Normal tap water is not suitable for this – it is purely technical, it is possible to wash the floor, the car, the toilet, but not to drink. Man on earth launched a very active and very messy activity: all the time produces something, burns, constantly experimenting with radiation and chemistry, litter, drains, waste, soil, poison fields... everywhere you look, everything is connected with environmental pollution. Well, since we have clogged the nature of the water cycle, this water cannot be pure unless it is produced from the prehistoric ice. Do not trust the so-called "clean" drinking water in bottles. Do not be naive. There is no guarantee that this water was not poured from the ordinary water, as is often done.

You should not rely on filters, which are now divorced great diversity. Filters are for the uninformed, are easy to breed "convincing" is. They say that purified water "our superfilter", and be calm yourself. (Don't forget to notice how and where your attention is diverted.) In fact, the water contains impurities, which is impossible to bring conventional filtration. Salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, various chemicals, and so on, until the putrid poisons from the city's cemeteries. Wake up, finally, do not let yourself to involve in commercial projects on which more informed people to make money. Your money. Business is very simple. Made competent is convinced, and collect a profit. Not surprisingly, if soon will start selling the air that supposedly "useful to breathe."

Of course, the primary filtration is necessary, at least for bath and shower, but to drink this water still can not. Especially if it is chlorinated. In no case do not boil the water directly from the tap. Chlorine when boiled goes into insoluble compounds, even more toxic than he was, and nitrates, (and they are also available in water), transformed into nitrites, which are also more toxic. At least ,water is necessary to defend in an open container for at least a day.

But chemical pollution is not the most important thing. No less harm is caused by information pollution. Water from a mountain stream carries information untouched nature. What is saturated water? Imagine how much information dirt absorbs water through system industrial cleaning, plexus pipes underground and in basements, apartments of multi-storey buildings! All the negativity of the big city is recorded in a harmless and clean at first glance the water as on a magnetic tape. And you finished it all in to fill? No the filters will not help. The same applies to all liquids in a bottle range.
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So, if the filters do not save, what should I do? The only reliable method of water purification from harmful impurities is distillation. Or another option – thawing ice. Freeze all impurities are forced out – wimobaiausy. In the middle of the ice formed "pickle" that you want to merge. The technology of preparation of melt water is already given in the book "the ruler of reality". And the first and second method removes both chemical and informational pollution.

You might wonder: well, melt water is clear, but why distilled? Because the salts contained in the water necessary for the body, especially teeth?

Now, please, sample, to put it mildly, fallacies, and truth to tell, a stupid stereotype. And these false stereotypes in nutrition – a great many.

In fact, inorganic salts, dissolved in water, not absorbed by the body.Digestible organic micro and macro elements contained in alive (not boiled!) plants. You can take chemical drugs, suck the nails have clay lick some salt rocks, drinking mineralized water, all of this is meaningless – you can only be poisoned, but to buy something – ever. Plants, unlike us, is able not only to accumulate chemical Inorganics from the environment, but convert it to a form acceptable to the animal organisms. Dead minerals differ from live at the quantum level. Inorganic partially displayed, but not all – the body just can't cope and to stuff this stuff anywhere, including on the walls of blood vessels and into joints. Meanwhile, people as young as the young blood vessels. Well, if vessels like old plumbing, you understand...

What do you think, what water is to the body is the best? Obviously ,fresh rain – so set by nature. (If not dirty the atmosphere, of course.) This fact is somehow completely forgotten about. But distilled water is firmly rooted in the mind as technical. But rain is distilled water. The same water formed after melting of glaciers, drinking mountain centenarians. And they live a long time because use water without salts and impurities. Think, why older people always feel cold and shiver, and the young dress up easily and don't freeze? The latter is called, "hot blood". But why? For one simple reason: young vessels still pure, and therefore blood flows through them freely, and energy stands out more. And by mid-life the average person the lumen of blood vessels, almost half overgrown with sediments that most of these "useful" salts contained in the water.
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In localities where the food goes in hard water, people often suffer from heart disease, stroke, arthritis, atherosclerosis and other diseases caused by the deposition of salts. Boiling water will not help. Meanwhile, the problem is easily solved, if the house has a distiller. It can be bought or ordered in a specialized pharmacy, preferably the one who has enough performance to not get water drop by drop.

If you still have doubt about whether ordinary water so much hassle, then you should see how much scale is formed on the distiller. It was quite impressive. It is necessary to constantly remove! When you realize that this work no longer need to carry your body, the doubts will disappear. Scale in the kettle – nonsense in comparison to what you will see on the distiller.

The average person over a lifetime, consumes about 75 tons of water. Put in a liter of water contains one gram of hardness salts. It turns out, the body has to 75 kilogram scale. (Imagine 75 packs of salt!) But in fact the whole scale is still not displayed! How many kilograms remain in the body? And when you consider that of these 75-ton, clean water usually has a tiny part, but mostly it's drinks, but with sugar? And if you add here the daily intake of salt? Can you imagine what tremendous work goes to the body? No wonder he wears out quickly, poor.

Mineral or spring water to drink regularly in any case it should not, for the same reasons. It can only provide a temporary therapeutic effect, and even then, only if drunk directly from the source, where they have not lost the healing energy of the earth. "Healing" mineral water from a bottle – there is nothing like a whip in the kidneys. Maybe it's their for some time, "spur," but don't you think that this method is highly questionable?

Salt as a chemical substance in food consumed as not to be. Of course, assuming that you eat mostly natural products. In my experience, salt want only dead food and a living – no. Salt is just a habit. To get rid of it very easily: just three or four days "to suffer" without salt, and then the need for it disappears completely. All sorts of horror stories, like "the blood – it is salty, the body needs salt, animals like to lick salt is lost with sweat, distilled water leaches the body of minerals, etc." – complete nonsense. Read more about it in the book Paul Bragg "Water and Salt: the shocking truth".

Now, after cleaning, the water must be revived, because she's still dead. How to understand the term "living water"? There the water is such a property oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measured in millivolts. Living water has a negative charge, indicating the presence of free electrons. Dead in the water, on the contrary, there is a shortage of electrons and therefore the charge it positive. What does this mean for us?

We are not only luminous beings, radiating energy. In its material basis – we kind of animated drops of water. The old man is a withered drop, unless of course he is not swollen with fat. The body ages, when water leaves the cells. And why did she leave? One of the reasons that the water, after the energy suck from the cells of free radicals as a pump. Probably many have heard about free radicals and antioxidants, but most likely vague idea of what it is. So, free radicals are molecules-vampires – they are positively charged, defective, and brutally hungry because they lack free electrons. These vampires are looking for somewhere to grab a free electron. And they pull it out of defenseless cells. As a result, the cell loses energy – the life force with all its consequences. Free radicals – one of the main causes of aging. Antioxidants are in contrast, negatively charged molecules that carry a free electron. Such molecules donor – they neutralize free radicals. Alive, a negatively charged water rich in free electrons, therefore, is a powerful antioxidant and provides energy – animates. Dead water that flows from the faucet, is replete with free radicals, and therefore it kills.

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Another important characteristic of water – the acid-alkaline balance (pH). Living water has an alkaline reaction, she has a pH>7. Although the taste of this alkalinity is not felt. Reaction dead water is acidic, pH<7.Dead water is acidic our body, the living on the contrary, alkalify. Why do you need alkalization of the body?

The fact that all the internal environment must be alkaline otherwise, the body breaks down and stops as the engine for dirty gasoline. the blood pH of a healthy person is equal to 7.43 If the rate goes down to 7.1, the person dies. See, only a few tenths separated us from death. People, a lot obesiti synthetic and dead, unaware of the fact that fed himself to the fatal border. Their bodies can not withstand this onslaught, its reserves are running out, and he surrenders. Paramedics do such patients injections basic baking soda to "reselect" acidic and viscous blood, which could hardly flows through the vessels to the patient died on the way to the intensive care unit.

When you feel bad, you want not tea or cocoa, and something refreshing, for example, mineral water though — it means that the body is already begging: well, let me, finally, something a little bit live! However, mineral water is not alive, but dead, acidic.

Doing physical chemistry. The following is a list of drinks with a decreasing utility, passing in the specific harm.

Living water: ORP = -350/-700 (depending on the time of activation), pH = 9.0/12.0
Fresh melt water: ORP = +95, pH = 8.3
Boiled water quickly chilled: ORP = +218, pH = 8.2
Tap water: ORP = +160 (usually worse to +600), pH = 7.2
Green tea: ORP = +55, pH = 7.0
Black tea: ORP = +83, pH = 6.7
Coffee: ORP = +70, pH = 6.3
Distilled water infused with shungite: ORP = +250, pH = 6.0
Mineral water: ORP = +250, pH = 4.6
Boiled water, three hours later: ORP = +465, pH = 3.7
Cola: ORP = +320, pH = 2.7

As can be seen, ORP melt water is positive, that is, it is still dead water. Her dignity consists in the fact that she has a high pH and it is free from impurities and harmful information. Surprising perhaps is the fact that boiled or even simple tap water is more useful tea. Tea several raises the ORP, but significantly reduces the pH, which negates any "utility."

Hence the conclusion.If you want to drink a really useful liquid, recover a distilled water infused with shungite and silicon, electroactivator – it will be the best option. If there is no distiller, you can drink melted water. If there is no desire or ability to cook talo, claim tap water is not less than a day, better on the shungite and silicon. But in any case, water must be activated. Because you use the kettle? So why not replace the electroactivator?

So, what is the Power of living water?Living water gives energy, neutralizes free radicals, cleanses the body, slows the aging process. And she dissolves body fat. Than you wash greasy dishes? Alkaline means. Living water is a cleanser for the body because it is alkaline. If you are concerned about excess weight, it will continue to bother as long as your attention is diverted towards diets and other gimmicks. Just, instead of the usual drinks, drink plenty of pure living water, eat separately, do not mix incompatible products, and the extra pounds will disappear by themselves.

The main advantage of the living water in which she alkalizes the body. As I said, to get rid of the "guests", one anti-parasitic cleansing is not enough – to replace the old comes the new. So it turns out, will not come, if in the body to maintain a high pH.Parasites cannot live in an alkaline environment, for their existence is suitable only putrid or sour.

It is known that 100% raw foodists parasites are absent because live food also alkalizes the body. Dead opposite – acidic. I urge you to immediately move to a raw food diet, but to drink the water should be clear. (In General, not every raw foodists drink the water of life, or even knows about it). With high probability we can assume that regular consumption of living water alkalizes the body sufficiently so to get rid of parasites to be 100% raw-foodists may not be necessary. Such research still has not been spent, mentioned at the beginning of this issue reasons, so a specific answer nobody will give you. But you can check yourself if you have the opportunity to be diagnosed in a specialist centre (such a little, but there) after antiparasitic cleaning and subsequent the life of living water.

The system is very disadvantageous to such studies. One day I set out to get some pH indicators – such simple litmus strips. I didn't make it. And no wonder. Why open people's eyes to the true causes of disease? Because then, you see, will understand and will stop aching! And this cannot be allowed. Need their attention lead away and focus on the disease and treatment. The treatment to the grave.

In any case, if your diet is dead food, drink plenty of pure living water, and parasites will not be good. And not only them.

Now very often in the news slips information that finally found the cure for cancer or discovered the true root cause. It's funny, but sad at the same time. Because that's how many "discoveries"! And people continue to die. Meanwhile, the original and the main reason was opened in 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg (Warburg), for which he received the Nobel prize.Cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration, when the cells not getting enough oxygen. But somehow nobody talks about that. Can breathe arbitrarily deep clean air, but the cells will still be starved of oxygen, if the environment of the body acidic. In turn, the lack of oxygen the more acidic body, so it is a vicious circle that inevitably leads to disease.

With increasing pH of our body is only 0.15, the absorption and assimilation of oxygen by the cells increases by 60%.Cancer cells cannot develop in oxygen, that is an alkaline environment. Parasites too.

I do not open anything new. It has long been known. Transerfing is also not opening, but the description of the background Knowledge. Knowledge is never hidden, not hidden, it lies on the surface. But at the same time, this Knowledge is esoteric, inaccessible to the General public. The reason for this paradox is that people are in a dream reality and is not able understand simple information.

Finally, another important property of water is its structure. We have already discussed this issue in the release of "Glass of water". The point is that living structure of water is destroyed under the influence of aggressive external factors, including information. The same thing happens with intracellular fluid of the person.Water from cells the newborn under a microscope a snowflake is a great beauty. With age, the snowflake loses its shape, turns into an ugly chunk of ice. Obviously, the original form is destroyed the whole complex of negative impacts of chemical information and composition of water and food, as well as external and internal information. The last is a person's thoughts, that the predominantly negative or positive.

We don't always have the opportunity to select the external information that comes into us, and your thoughts and emotions to manage it properly, can't. But the water we drink to choose. The body is not able to absorb water with the destroyed structure he has to structure it himself, just so she can drink and refresh cells. It takes a lot of energy and resources. The body would not have to do this kind of work, if we were able to drink structured water. But where to take it?

Water with an ordered structure is created energy-informational field of the Earth and is only found in natural spring sources. But the healing properties don't last very long, not more than a day, probably. Besides, spring water has one drawback – hardness salts. The structure of the melt water turned out to be imperfect, so, unfortunately, it is not only dead, but broken. Water to structure itself, holding in his hands. However, have to sit quite a long time. Information is recorded quickly, but to create in the water structure, will take twenty or thirty minutes.

But there is good news. Moscow scientists Leonid and Elena Izvekova was created a device called the Aqua disk, which allows to solve the problem of structuring of water. Judging by the pictures of the cluster structure of water treated by Aquatica identical to the water that is taken from a healing spring of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Aqua disk can be found and ordered on the Internet.

Here I have mentioned a number of gadgets and tools that obviously are going to have to buy. But they will serve long. But health can not save. Do not think that I do advertising, I do not pay for it. My interest no, I'm just sharing useful information that will really be a good judge. Distiller, elektroaktivator, Aqua disk, even coral Sango, you won't see in advertising. Such things do not need it – they are distributed in a different way – by word of mouth from people who have experienced them firsthand. I will also convey my experience.

Living water with Aquatica gets additional healing properties. Moreover, for each person this water acts individually, as if he knows what this man needs. Reviews can also be found on the Internet, I will not list all the advantages of this amazing device. What is surprising is that the device doesn't buzz, the electricity consumes, and the effect is very impressive. The water becomes very tasty. And the water in the bathroom with Aquatica acquires emerald hue. Check for yourself.

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Concluding the topic, I want to say that I have listed, not all properties of water. But I think that was enough. How many properties has not been studied! Now scientists recognize that water is the most amazing thing in nature, its just starting to open. That's what living water! And treat it as a living. Drink it with love and gratitude, for the fact that it is such a healthful and clean, and the water will repay you in kind.published Author: Vadim Zeland



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