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Food should be your medicine, and medicine — food © Hippocrates

In the continuation of the conversation about the right approach to food and water — Living water.Live food:

Man is a living biological self-regulating system, consisting of 80% water, growing by an individual algorithm in accordance with the laws of SystemName. We are what we eat and drink. Changes in one part of the body or individual features entails changes other parts and functions according to the law of the anatomical (or structural) correlation (G. Cuvier, 1830) and consistent with the Law of self-regulation systems.

1. Living water — a life source on the planet

In biology, a carrier of information is "living" water. It is both acid and alkali. This allows "living" water to play the role of the media biological substances, to be a tunnel of information between two chemical environments.

All matter is both a wave and a particle. All matter is a system, and consists of three components: mass, energy, and information.

The main living environment (blood, lymph, saliva, intercellular fluid etc.) have a slightly alkaline reaction. By reducing the alkalinity of these environments, change in biochemical processes, the body zakislate. This leads to the development of diseases.

One of the most important factors control the parameters of the redox reactions taking place in any liquid medium is the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP this environment). ORP of the internal environment of the body of a healthy person (-100 ...-200 mV), if it decreases towards zero, having the disease.

Every living organism on Earth, any plant in the course of their life is striving to structure the water that enters from the outside. It spent a lot of energy, but the only way a unified bio-power-informational environment of a living organism.

As a result of these energy cost of biological structures of the body are subject to constant energy weakening. The body wears out, grows old, a loss of function of vital organs. This process can be slowed down if the body receives LIVING WATER, i.e., structured approximate to the internal environment of the body is his donor. This allows you to keep energy in the body. But water with such properties in nature have less. Fortunately, a natural product concentrate clustered water MARTSINISHIN®, which allows you to restore the primary manpower of the water and to bring it closer to the body's internal environment. Now You can have at home, at work, in the journey, no matter where You LIVE WATER pristine nature and enjoy it every day.

Adding water to the concentrate clustered water in the ratio 1:1000, You restore the primary manpower of the water. You ask, how does it taste? Try it for yourself! You will feel the difference. Using such structured water, You will restore the protective properties of Your body, because this living water is the source of youth and longevity.

Concentrate cluster of biologically active water MARTSINISHIN® removes the negative memory in the water, changes its quality. Can be a long story about the healing properties of structured water, but is it enough just to try once, to understand what were the water sources millions of years ago.

Water has a unique structural-information property – the ability to form clusters. This property is easily changed by any external influence, and this makes it mysterious liquid. After conducting many experiments, the scientists came to the startling conclusion that water is a special environment that remembers all the substances stored in it in the form of electromagnetic waves. The cluster is an information cell, and the order in which they are located and a memory. This property allows to absorb, store and exchange information with the environment.

Everything in nature strives for stability. According to the head of the problem laboratory of scientific and experimental centre, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Stanislav Zenin, water does not consist of individual molecules, and of large joints, including up to 900 molecules – so-called clusters.

All the liquid in the body structured. Only in this state she is capable of conducting energy pulses. Therefore, LIVING WATER is a substance that due to its structure can receive and transmit information, the information being in a certain phase state. Everything has a vibration.

Here I would like to quote the words of the great physicist who gave the definition of light, Nobel prize winner max Planck, during a lecture in 1944, suggested that was not understood by scientists of the time. In the twenty-first century, the prophetic words of the great physicist shake the Foundation of the post-non-classical science no less than in the contemporary era: "I like a man who lived for the most exact of all Sciences – the study of matter, I can summarize their research in the field of atomic physics in the following way: there is no matter as such! Matter is organized and exists thanks to the force causing the vibration in all elements of the atom and preserving the integrity of this microscopic solar system... We have to feel for the existence of a conscious Mind, which is the matrix of all things". These words are understandable from the point of view of the noosphere and space science.

2.Concentrate of biologically active clustered water "MARCINISZYN®" –bionormalizer metabolism

Concentrate cluster of biologically active water "MARCINISZYN®" is obtained by a unique author's technology of the composite is biologically active waters. Concentrate clustered water in the ratio of 1:1000 has extraordinary properties, allowing to remove from water, other beverages and food products harmful to human information (including GMOs) and to reduce the number of pathogenic chemical compounds (toxins, nitrates etc.) for humans, and convert them into non-pathogenic, inactive form to improve the organoleptic (taste) properties to return the product its original energy and mineral value, to make FOOD of LIVING, one that heals, is able to lengthen a person's life. As Hippocrates wrote: “Food should be medicine and medicine food”.

In the product are alchemical processes that change its chemical, composition information, and the vector of product quality. With phase pathogenic effects on man, he shifts to a positive health action. Are changes in the internal component of the product and also observed a minor change to its chemical composition.

We know that the lizard loses a tail and it grows same the tail was no more and no less. People who have amputated limbs feel pain after amputation in non-existent on the physical level the extremities. To understand all these processes need to understand the processes that take place in the physical vacuum. Every physical material body (FTI) has continued on the physical non-material body (FNMT).

Matter exists in time and space. Matter is the triune substance, composed of matter, energy, information. Matter and energy is constantly moving into each other under the control of the information in accordance with the Einstein equation E=mc2. Information is eternal. It has neither mass, nor energy, she has nothing to lose and it goes into other forms, but only accumulates. Seven years ago, we introduced such a notion as ρ (Rho) is the density of information and layering information. The information is divided by origin: anthropogenic (man-made) and natural, which is a component of matter.

Diagram of the structure of matter:


In the diagram information [I] is designated as part of the matter that exists in time and space. The quality of the information depends on the quality of matter. Information or structures (evolyutsioniruet) matter and starts negentropy processes in matter, or causes the degradation of matter, starting entropic processes.

The human body is an integral part of the cosmos and is an open biological system that actively interacts with the environment. Without exception, all pathological conditions of the human body, animals, plants are the result of metabolism disturbance (metabolism and energy) between the environment and the cell.

L. Pauling in 1928 he developed the theory of resonance structures of molecules of chemical compounds, whereby, with the possible choice of different variants of molecular structures, the connection is based on the optimal interactions of atoms and molecules. In the atom of a particular molecule there is a genetic record of the chemical compound in which he dwelt before, if there is a group of atoms or molecules with the same type of structure in the reaction enters the atom or the molecule, which resonates at the same or close to it in structure of a chemical compound. In the same year a booklet was published by K. Tsiolkovsky "the Will of the Universe", which sets out ideas on space genetics on the mind of the atoms and their complicated structure, about the infinite divisibility of matter.

"Chemical nature of a complex particle is determined by the kind of elementary component parts, their quantity and chemical structure" (A. M. Butlerov, 1861). This thesis is the theory of A. M. Butlerov is a universal principle of structural-functional organization of the systems of the World.Famous physiologist P. K. Anokhin considers every body as a functional system, the main principle of which is self-regulation.

The principle of self-regulation lies in the fact that any deviations from the performance of the functional system level which determines the normal (natural) metabolism, or other side of normal vital activity of organism on the basis of feedback immediately selectively mobilize various mechanisms of the system to return this result to the optimal metabolism levels. In order to actively influence the metabolism in the stage of its deflection, it is necessary to influence the speed of biochemical reactions. This approach to the elimination of pathological conditions and a complete cure is only possible. One method of changing the speed of biochemical reactions in the direction of acceleration and harmonization is concentrate clustered water "MARCINISZYN®"

Concentrate clustered water in the ratio of 1:1000 has unique properties that allow it to give substance to the antioxidant properties, and if the oxidation process begins, to slow it. Concentrate clustered water is able to perceive from the substance with which it is in contact, the magnetic resonance of the regenerative type, i.e. it is able to recover or return the food item its original (relict, not distorted, genetically, energetically, environmentally, chemically) state. Therefore, concentrate clustered water is able to guide the process towards regeneration and make the substances of regenerative (positive) quality.

French scientist L. Kervran on the basis of experiments on plants and birds have come to the conclusion that the possible transformation of one chemical element to another. He found that under conditions of prolonged artificial shortage of calcium the hens began to lay eggs with thin "leathery" shell. After adding them in the food of mica, which is known to contain including potassium ions (calcium but mica does not contain) the chickens the next day they began to lay eggs with a hard shell containing calcium.

3.Why are sick people and why we need to restructure the food and water

We are what we drink and eat. Over the past decade, water and food have become pathogenic to humans. From tens to hundreds-fold decrease in the amount of nutrients in food, not to mention genetically modified (GMO) products.

With the help of biologically active concentrate clustered water "MARCINISZYN®" in home, home, field conditions we can structure all food, including water, eliminating pathogenic, mutation, chemical and other destructive content in the food. Adding in the foods (including drinks) concentrate clustered water in the ratio 1:1000, we provide a high quality and happy life.

The dire environmental situation on the planet of food, fruits and vegetables dramatically (ten times) lose their vitamins, energy and healthy value. A striking example of this research results presented in the table.

People should eat lots of vitamins. Vitamin complexes, synthesized by chemical means, the body is not absorbed, but simply displayed. To obtain the necessary daily amount of biologically active substances, we should eat a variety of 50 kg. of food per day. It's just unreal!

The required amount of different vitamins and minerals in foods:

vitamin C: 15 oranges, 2 tomatoes

vitamin E: 10 cups olive oil

β-carotene: 5 carrots

Selena: 15 fried eggs or 160 bananas.

And that's just the basic antioxidants, vitamins, minerals.

Concentrate cluster of biologically active water "MARCINISZYN®" gives you the opportunity to make a living food that can fill our bodies with biologically-active substances. Live food is a donor to the body of vital energy. The body accumulates life energy in the form of stored energy (level of immunity). Concentrate clustered water in the ratio 1:1000 – activates the water, leaving it lively, soft and lightweight, clears water of chlorine and other suspended particles, reduces deuterium, normalizes Ph.

To prepare water for drinking and cooking, to the base 1l. water add 1ml. (1 CC) of 1:1000 concentrate clustered water and You get the living water.

To prepare the bath into the bath of 200 litres should be added 20ml. concentrate clustered water.

Purification and improvement of food

The recipe is the same for 1 kg of products should be added 1 ml. of concentrate clustered water.

With products eliminates information about GMOs, nitrates and other harmful substances, transforming into useful materials, or transferred to nonpathogenic form, which does not cause harm to humans. For example, meat is eliminated extremely pathogenic trace the death of the animal, from products of vegetable origin are removed traces of GMOs, nitrates, etc. of harmful chemical compounds and return the original nutritional properties.

Concentrate clustered water cleanses and improves the properties of various beverages in a ratio of 1:1000. Concentrate clustered water is a good antioxidant with superfluid properties (makes the environment uniform) and can significantly slow down the oil oxidation, giving him the opportunity to stay fresh. The cooking oil is reduced by about 15-20%.

Concentrate clustered water used in aquariums and pools makes the water alive, with a healing effect, it also prevents the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

Water has its own laws

He knows one molecule, then you know everything. If You take water from a spring or artesian well and it has excellent physical and chemical properties, it does not mean that this water is beneficial. If the well or source is also geo - or technopathogenic area – the water carries the information of this area with all its great biophysicochemical indicators. And the zones are carcinogenic (cancer fast), Cancer, Crohn's and, consequently, a person with time these diseases arise. Even if You brought in the car the water from the source or the store, she already lost part of their properties from anthropogenic load of the vehicle, high-voltage power lines under which You drove, microwave and other types of technopathogenic load. Water does not like mechanical loads as well as direct and sharp corners, i.e. corners of 90 ° and less degrees.

The ancient Romans possessed this information and the water supplied from mountain springs to the city by gravity trays whose corners were smooth. Having at least one angle is 90º, and by the lift pump to 1 meter, the water changes its surface tension to a value of 0.73 dyn/cm2. The surface tension of the membrane of human cells is 0.43 Dyne/cm2, i.e. 1.7 times less. This means that the person loses 1,5-2 hours to transform the surface tension of water with 0.73 dyn/cm2 to 0.43 Dyne/cm2, otherwise the water will not be able to get in the cage. Membrane — doors in a cage. You can not go in the doorway less than Your size 1.7 times.

Person should consume per day of drinking water (not including other liquid beverages) 3% of its weight, i.e. 60 kg. weight – 2 l, 90 kg weight – 3 l

Water is the strongest solvent, and the surface tension shows solubility coefficient ("liquid" water). The lower the surface tension, the higher the solubility coefficient of water. Solubility coefficient has a graduation of up to 80 units.

Consuming water with a surface tension close to the cell membrane, we save a day for 1.5-2 hours of his time, i.e. we will be able at this time to sleep less and thus do more work.

Martsinishin J. D., Doctor of psychological Sciences, academician, thinker, Head of the research center of "Spiritual ecological health and human life" UNESCO chair No. 843 East-Ukrainian national University. V. Dahl, osnovopolojnik and Director of noospheric research Institute of valeology "MARCINISZYN®" (Ukraine), scientific-research enterprise "MARCINISZYN®" (Poland), member of the Noosphere Academy of science and education, Oxford academic society (OAU), England

Winner of the international prize in the field of scientific researches "The name of sciense" ("the Name in science"), Oxford, England



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