Good reasons to marry a Russian

Generally, the reason to marry can only be one of mutual love. Married, you can marry anyone, even for the "Negro's, and then, without despondency and laziness". Would love.

But I want to write a post about the advantages of Russian men for Russian women.

First, a few words about the national mentality.

First, what is called "mentality" exists. It is the totality of socio-historical and cultural traits that are inherent in community living in one place, especially from generation to generation.

Second, in addition to the mentality always has individual characteristics. They do not alter mentality, but significantly influence it. Sometimes so much that the mentality gets a lot of other facets.

Third, in addition to the mentality and individual characteristics there is still a relationship field. In some respects you behave in other different, feel different, it all depends on who you are dealing with. Field relations again does not negate your mentality and your individual characteristics, but very significantly at all impact.

So the result is a synthesis and a synthesis so complex that it is impossible to make a prediction when we are talking about a particular person, only on the basis of mentality. Here he de Russian, so will behave so. Well, no. Whichever it is Russian and it depends on who is dealing and where.

For example, the gloomy Russian. All this is particularly evident when typical Russian man speaks with a typical Russian woman. Typical Russian woman believes that the man should contribute financially (Europeans don't think so) and still have to answer for the market, for every little word. That is why (although not the only reason) Russian men, and gloomy. I and blablabla probably scare off frowning a Russian woman, and if it begins to flood the Nightingale, she will take it as either to deceive, or as his promise of material attachments. Love = getting married, that Russian men and avoid this word and others like him.

European man for compliments without obligations, which, by the way, very occasionally locks to the ladies. How many e-mails about that here, they say, so in love so in love with Skype, but from the meeting's stalling. "So in love" he seems unaccustomed. The mentality of our men is somewhat different than the Italians, for example. The other signaling system.

And Yes, the duty of men to pay and be a breadwinner will affect it significantly. Remove from man the burden of responsibility, get more ease and spontaneity. We do have a very spontaneous men, but they are often a womanizer, Yes. But a reliable and honest man, he certainly looks rather severe in appearance. Onegin is this (first, then defrosted when you fall). The correlation in this way: a frozen at first, but responsible. Not always, but there is a connection.

For the female spontaneity is affected by the level of tolerance for sexual freedom. Women have to cook on your person a difficult and inaccessible expression to make it clear, she is not. And naturally, in General. Our men do not like too free women, they are more owners than European men on average yet. That is what it is. We will see what will be.

But bad is all of the above? The men's responsibility and desire to answer for every word — no, not bad, even good (when in moderation). Restriction of sexual freedom — too bad, this freedom must be limited and Yes, especially for women is important. That is not to say that all need to be light and spontaneous, this is not always so good, especially if there is no other more important things.

In my opinion, Russian men are worthy of the greatest love and respect. Particularly from his, that is, Russian women, their sisters, daughters, mothers. It's logical? Russian men are very handsome, strong, powerful spirit, talented, whatever were talking Russophobia.

Certainly not in kindergarten "my dad is the best" I believe that if the mother is the best objectively. Objectively, no, a great many different Nations exist, but subjectively, Yes, their own nation for you is the best. Just because you're of the same material (mentality, in this case) is made. The best does not mean that there are heaps of social and economic problems. There of course, but it's like with love to yourself — yourself faithfully to love, never to betray and to improve constantly. And you despise yourself, will not improve, and escape from themselves and ruin.

The difference in mentality creates a mismatch in the relationship, and misalliance — the road to imbalance. This does not mean that when a large mismatch is impossible to build a balance. Possible. But significantly more complicated. The smaller the misalignment, the balance of the build easier. This great difference in age also applies to a large financial difference, and big difference in education, and national too. If age, money, education, equal, national misalliance usually can be overcome, but it will.

Language is thinking. A child who does not hear the speech of up to five years, remains retarded forever, even if his brain had no violations. Language forms thinking. And features of thinking among people from different language groups there. Keep the dialogue more difficult, although the motivation is sometimes more interesting. But only with a strong, and still more difficult.

Well, such a thing as environment. To remain in your own country or to go — a big difference. Houses and walls help, as they say. Support at every step in the form of parents, friends, familiar places and familiar things. Of course, the change of residence there is nothing fatal, especially if the couple is leaving, but when the male alien lives, and a Russian woman arrives in a wife, she literally is torn and hanging. Will she have enough strength to acquire new towers and make them strong or she will live in economic and other dependence? In hell to live is better than on, to be honest.

To integrate into another environment and change your mentality can, but it will take years of active social life. Years active, not passive sitting in a ghetto. But integration is a difficult thing, especially in the beginning, when problems and obstacles at every step.

That is the main advantage of the Russian husband for you is that you have a lot in common. And if you constantly think that there's not that Russians don't work for you, but the aliens very much, then you have the illusion of their own exclusivity. And a bug from a series "it suits me" about foreigners. Most likely he sees you he does not come or come not. A particular foreigner who will love you and you, of course may eventually be very good (when you connect in a sturdy couple), but foreigners have, on average, in no way may suit you better than Russian men, that's absurd. No logic, some of your illusions, the search for free service and dreams of their singularity.

Denial of all his willingness to blame the environment that she's not right for you, this is a typical infantilism. As it may not be suitable for you if you formed? Or you bloomed like a magic flower somewhere in a different space? You made that all of this that you swear you have grown from that, you nursed, did you, that's all you have, very much. And good a lot, what do you not want to notice. Or rather in the want and even exaggerate the good, but in the environment where you grew up, deny it.


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Toxic husband


With a crown and external locus of any relationship will bring disappointment. But... with the Russian husband is still a little less risk, and foreign — more.

Now, if you have internal locus, Russian women you appreciate and love and also respect their country, its culture and history, there is a chance for a happy Union, even with a foreigner. Because you look like an adult person.

And if you are all around bad and wrong, and good and good somewhere in another country, is a ready — little chance. published


Author: Marina Komissarova




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