If You are married, then You do not need

How to get married? and Why are you not married? today only the lazy does not discuss these topics. In response we hear a lot of different reasons why a woman may not marry.

For example,

  • the woman is too hard, wants to get married and it repels men.
  • works a lot, so she had no time to build a personal life;
  • a woman has excessive demands to the man;
  • sitting at home, but at home it is impossible to meet;
  • or that's the reason (I like most): You would never be loved until you love yourself.

In my environment a lot of women who love themselves, look great, take care of themselves, very little work, and do not sit at home and not married.

What is the reason?

I agree that everyone has their own reasons why they stay alone.

But for me, the reason that the woman is not married one: she doesn't want that! If you're not married, so you don't want to get married. And if you decide to marry, it necessarily happens to you. It's the law. We have in life only what we need. If I don't have diamonds, so I don't want them to have.

Back to the question, how to get married.

How you live now, has great value and huge benefits, even unconsciously, and the unconscious. And it is your choice.

Unconscious reasons may be the following:

  • fear of a relationship, especially if the parents are not folded and was complex and conflict;
  • the unwillingness to experience pain. Perhaps the woman experienced separation, disappointment, betrayal earlier, and no longer wants to enter into a relationship;
  • my childhood was trauma of parting with one of parents, and this fear blocks the ability to get married, to move closer to someone else. Too risky once someone at Bay so close and then to lose;
  • maybe we don't want to grow up and remain in the family home with mom and dad. We are very happy to stay in the shower a little girl.
All of these reasons, there are hidden benefits:

  • I do not take responsibility;
  • don't grow up, remains innocent in the eyes of the moms and dads;
  • loyal to one parent;
  • do not risk and do not enter into a real relationship;
  • are protected from pain, frustration and betrayal;
  • don't want to change anything in my life, I'm nice and warm with my mom.

How to marry is a vital question, because logic, I understand that I have to go to 30, 35 years and have long been married, and what have I done?

Here it is important to realize that you are no worse, you just don't want to get married, as the current situation is more profitable than married. Once again, these benefits you may not realize, but your soul knows the benefits. Therefore, you are not married.

And this is very obvious in the behavior of unmarried women:

  • the woman unconsciously chooses men who are not able to marry, the so-called eternal womanizer and conqueror of female hearts, or married;
  • her behavior has no man for a serious relationship;
  • the woman begins on every corner to say: "I don't want to get married" or "I will not marry", and this is a very serious internal settings that may block any opportunity to marry;
  • woman puts unrealistic demands on the man, knowing that this was impossible, as if to say: That's why I'm not married, the princes were transferred;
  • fall into self-pity, throw up their hands and say that everything is useless, nothing will come of it; these women do nothing at all;
  • women do not take care of themselves, get fat, thus unconsciously deterred from men;
  • some loaded themselves so many cases, the help to relatives, to parents, to do no time left to think: why am I not married?
And the answer is simple: do Not want! That is what is important to be aware of. No other reason! Only when the patient recognized his illness, he can start to heal.

While it is beneficial for me to stay overweight, I'm going to stay with him, and no diet will not help me. Beneficial to me to go with glasses – I'm going to walk in them as long as the disadvantages of wearing glasses does not outweigh the benefits.

And then I decide to remove the glasses. Find techniques, exercises, energy, time, money, and will begin to act.

But this will happen only when I decide to remove the glasses, not before. Arguments that how cool it would be without glasses, as I hate wearing glasses and what ever invent the miracle method to restore vision — to nothing lead.

Same thing with the question of how to marry.I often talk to women in trainings, consultations and see what they're doing after training. I noticed that unmarried women often do not do the exercises, read the newsletter, they are former way of life. It is advantageous to remain unmarried. They do it quietly and discreetly, but from the outside it is visible to the naked eye.

When a person is worried about the problem, he is looking for a solution! But if the person is not looking for solutions, it does not care about this issue and he does not need the solution of this problem. It's simple.

You know how we behave when we need something. Here the most difficult is to abandon the internal benefits and make the decision to change the situation. Benefits painfully sweet.

But when you admit to yourself that you are not ready to make decisions and stay with the benefits, you will no longer torment the questions: how to remove the evil eye, crown of celibacy, fix the bad karma. You take responsibility for the fact that you are not married and continue to live as you lived, but only with pleasure! Knowing that is your choice.

But if you decide to get married, you need to do something. And it is also your responsibility.

And this process is usually not quick, you may need professional help. To see those sweet benefits to unmarried state.


We have to see what you are looking for in a relationship with a man and why you want to marry. It is also not an idle question. If your inner child has decided to escape from loneliness with men, then nothing happens. Because you still do not want to get married, and return to childhood.

Woman ready to get married, you need to deal with them, revealing their feminine qualities. You need to become an adult, a Mature woman ready to give and not just take. And there will need resources: time, energy and money. And deciding how you will act – alone or with another person, book or training.

Do not leave the solution for later. Remember, only one life and time never stops for a minute.published


Author Tatiana Dzuceva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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