Lonely Woman

Once for a consultation, a woman came and said that more than anything she is afraid of loneliness. And we started to figure out what's so terrible will happen if she's alone. First, she talked about how she would feel unwanted, and then when we went deeper, it turned out that the worst thing for her is emptiness. She was afraid of the void...

 What causes loneliness?

What is void? Some say "I like in a vacuum there." Who places a woman into this vacuum? Let's explore what causes loneliness.

Cause loneliness is most often one is an internal conflict.

1. On the one hand, a lonely woman burdened by their freedom, which she has in abundance, and on the other hand are afraid that when there will be a man, he can interfere with her freedom. And therefore chooses to be without a man.

2. On the one hand, a single woman none of the men do not trust, because he is afraid to be deceived again. And on the other hand, wants to trust the man, handing him responsibility for themselves.

Responsibility – the category of serious. Many do not take it for your life, and then you offer to take responsibility for someone else's is quite a heavy burden, and few wish to carry it voluntarily. To someone who took responsibility, a strong motive is in the first place. And secondly, who takes responsibility, and that "calls the tune". Women are often not taken into account and pay attention to this fact only when "daddy" gets "belt" and begins to learn how to live. And then the woman decides that it is better to be alone than with the usurper.

3. On the one hand, a single woman is always in search of a life partner. And on the other hand, it is in a state of chronic frustration. In her mind there is a clear idea of what must be the satellite. A list of the qualities of the future partner is very large, but there is one important caveat – this list has no flaws! You do these people see in nature? In other words, a lonely woman waiting for a man to partner-the illusion! A man to love just – he's perfect, even nothing to complain about! And while the male illusion is not found, it is better to be alone.

4. On the one hand, a single woman believes that "all men ...", but with these coming into the relationship. Apparently in order for me to prove to myself that that's the way it really is. After all, with the others, good work! And the reason for this situation is simple – there is an internal conviction, "good men I am not worthy". And why would something to do, someone to look up to, it still does not work, thinks the woman and remains one.

5. The woman was convinced that loneliness is bad, ashamed. She is afraid that it might be called a loser. And this assessment, it can not prevent, because from childhood accustomed to be first, the best, to prove to everyone that she's great that she's on top. But when a woman meets a man, she and he continues to prove that she is the very best. On the one hand, it can be really convinced that it is the best. But on the other hand, she could not understand why she always has to prove it? The only question is how this behavior react to men? Most often, in response to such evidence, they begin to prove otherwise! Typically, these women say about men "I am not worthy." A woman decides that it is not evaluated again, and chooses loneliness.

6. The woman herself does not know what she wants. Whether the Prince, or the Pope, or macho, or son... With one good in bed, but earns little. With others you can be like a stone wall, but he's too demanding. With the third good long heart-to-hearts, but in everyday life it generally no sense, even a nail will not score. The fourth and earns well, and the sex is good, and at home on all hands the master, but he has a bad habit – he likes to drink. And when you drink, loves other women. It turns out a continuous whirlwind – one, two, three, and the result is one.

7. Woman wants to be a woman – wears makeup, flirts, makes languid eyes, speak in a low chest voice, strongly demonstrates that she is a woman! But nothing helps! Inside she remains a man with a strong character that has strong convictions, shows the straightness of judgment, sharpness of expression. After all, what is the relationship between a man and a woman? Is the relationship between life and death. Destroys the male energy, the female builds. And if the inside of the lonely little creative energy, all her relations, in the end, crumble. A woman with masculine energy inside don't need a man on the outside – it is enough of itself.

And really...

In fact, a single woman alone because it is her own choice. Those who want to be with someone, find partners. The only question is, why do some find, and others not?

The thing is, as you perceive his loneliness. This is the punishment for you, a temporary respite, goodness, something natural?

In order to not be lonely, you first need to love the loneliness, to love the void. And a lot more to love, for example, freedom, anxiety, fears. You should think about that in the World there is emptiness. The world is huge, and in reality, a single woman might not be alone. She may have a wide circle of friends or relatives. Lonely woman may be at a time to find peace of mind.


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Think about that at the moment you just rest and gain strength for new love. You are very determine the exact period of his stay in this state of emptiness. And as soon as your emptiness be filled with love, acceptance, peace, it will be a signal to you that you are rested, filled with light and ready to meet! published


Author: Olga Grigorieva


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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