Loneliness: to see who YOU really are

There is a category of people for whom the arrival of the night marks the arrival of heightened feelings of sadness and self-abandonment. We are talking about single people. So, for example, if the day they are distracted by the work, different cases, coming in the evening to an empty apartment, he's left alone with his problem.

Maybe someone would think that loneliness is not a problem, but rather the opposite – you will find it has its advantages, moreover, for some, loneliness is a way of life, an integral and necessary part of it. This point of view has a right to exist, it's true, there are people who live alone and do not consider myself in any way deprived and I feel great.

It is important to understand that the feeling of loneliness depends on the thinking of man, his consciousness, from his ideal conception of life, communication, number of social ties.

In this connection, you need to differentiate the concept of physical lonelinesswhen the person in fact has no friends, acquaintances, loved ones, and the concept of mental solitude, when people may have close friends, but feel lonely, to think that no one understands, he does not need anyone.

For those who don't perceive their loneliness as misfortune who are inclined to think positively, physical solitude is a good excuse to be alone with his thoughts, to think about important things, to do them. Moreover, in a particular amount of time, people just need is alone with his thoughts.

As said the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: "alone, each sees in himself what he really is".

But back to the situation when the loneliness is painful, causes emotional pain to the person. Such people are very unhappy, prone to constant feelings, depression, social contacts are very limited. Someone may think single people are losers, maybe so, but never need to jump to conclusions and to consider each case in private.
Causes of loneliness can be very different.

Among them: difficulties in social adaptation; lack of like-minded people, understanding of others; fear of the various hazards that can cause pain and other. Loneliness can be forced and conscious (voluntary). Forced loneliness people experience when temporarily left alone or when they have friends and loved ones. And, for example, the situation when a person remains faithful to the object of his love, who passed away prematurely, and refuses to establish a new relationship, refers to conscious loneliness.

If you are experiencing loneliness, then the text below can be useful for you.

In any situation, including painful feeling of loneliness, you should never give up. Let you alone, perhaps none of you even remember, you feel superfluous and unnecessary – in fact it is not. Every person has his destiny, and his life was given in vain.

Most likely, you just haven't found it. What would be tragic not appear the situation, salvation comes to man when he accepts reality as it is, with maximum restraint and composure. We need to realize that loneliness is not a punishment, not isolation, and solitude that brings peace and allows you to rethink certain aspects of their lives; the opportunity for personal growth. By taking this, you will be able to feel happy.

Try to think positively, create goals for themselves that would serve as a display of your individuality, and look for ways to achieve them. Do not put themselves at the mercy of public opinion and collective prejudices, not blindly follow the crowd. You should not withdraw from people; even if you have no loved ones, as already noted, accept the reality for what it is. Remember, there are millions of people with the same situation, and it means that you are not alone. Find a hobby, do some sport, get a pet, develop fully and your life will acquire meaning and will allow you to get rid of negative feelings.

If you sense your loneliness is due to the fact that no loved one, try to revise your approach. searching for a partner. Learn to accept those around you as they are – remember there are no perfect people. Perhaps because of your fruitless search, you have come to believe that unworthy of love, you cruel fate, etc., soon this self-perception will manifest itself in every word and action. Stop seeing life only in a negative light. Looking for a decent man, you have become a good man – remember that!

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to see salvation from loneliness in the relationship with the person to whom you feel nothing. Think about it, honestly if you go to this person in an attempt to get away from the fear of loneliness, or, for example, when the purpose of the partnership is the surprise. A relationship built on selfish basis, as well as cheating, are rarely durable.

Even if you are unable to achieve success in one, try yourself in the other: no luck in his personal life – try to realize myself in work, art, sport and various activities. The world is full of interesting things – just need to learn how to notice them! published


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