As men take money from women

And again about the Money! It turns out that this topic along with love is one of the most exciting ones!

Yesterday I received a letter from the client (quote abridged):

"Olga, good afternoon. I really want to understand what beliefs interfere with my positive relationship with money. I want to tell You a little story about me.

When I got married, the husband was hiding from me your purse. We dispersed. Then I twice got married, and my husband also gave me money. But recent threats have taken my money. Of course, I visualize and meditate about the money, I love money, it's easier to live, but feel that you need to develop this subject more deeply. Somewhere inside me there is the fear that the money I have will be taken away.

Olga, I'd be grateful if you help me untie this knot".

Ask yourself the question: "Relationship with Money – what is that?".

This about that:

  • As You pile them neatly in a beautiful purse?
  • Or is it about how You get them every month will belong to the Bank in a savings account?
  • Or how do You put them under your pillow?
  • Or how You spend it?
  • As You someone ask?

What about Your relationship with Money?


Trinity honors

In my opinion, all of the above can be attributed to the relationship with money.

However, you will agree that much of the money shown on Your relationship with yourself. Who do You feel in this World (poor or rich), how You perceive other people and themselves in relation to these other people (better or worse) how You rate yourself (smart or stupid), etc.

It has long been observed that all the big money from mediocre students. And most of the standouts have achieved nothing in terms of financial well-being. The question is, why? Because the best students are accustomed to, that everything must be clearly, systematically, subject to the rules and laws. There is even a syndrome called "student syndrome".

At that time, as Trinity already ran to target and got what I wanted, excellent all thinks to go walking or to go this way or that, light or suitcase etc But Trinity doesn't think he does, because he was accustomed to do everything at the last minute, used to spin, to spin, to get my three.

At the Institute the students are taught the subject directly on the exam, because in their life there are plenty of fun things besides study, they need everywhere and to do everything. And they do all the time. And most importantly – earn money and live happily ever after.

The question is, what is in them that you haven't in honors? It's simple. There is a healthy apathy, there is no need to attach too much importance to what happens to You. The Trinity are always in the game at that time, as the honors are always all too seriously. Remember Baron Munchausen – the greatest folly is done with a serious expression.

Easier think of everything! Money is like the lungs and active people, and then they themselves become light and moving in relationship with You.

 Men and money

Women complain that men don't give them money. Is that good or bad? All the press is filled with information that the man should pay the woman for her feminine energy. Took the energy, be kind – pay! And if you do not pay, then what? Bad you have the energy, write to experts, does not want the man to pay for it!

Women had heard and read a lot of this information, took it as dogma, and now suffer, if something goes not how it is written in clever books.

Let's discuss. You can agree or on the contrary, to argue with the fact that now passes for truth in the "first instance", but it will not solve Your problems and will not lead to the desired result.

There are simple observations of life which show that:

  • there are generous men, and there are greedy;
  • there are men rich and there are poor;
  • there are men strong, and there weak;
  • there are men brave, is a coward;
  • some men are workaholics, and there are lazy;
  • and so on.

Depending on what companion You choose for living together, these financial relationships do You have with him will build. If You initially chose the greedy man began to live with him, what makes You think he suddenly decides to be generous? He lived in their greed, a certain number of years, established it, he felt well and comfortable. So why suddenly he would be different?

Greedy man, as a rule, are greedy and in other things too – for example, feelings. When You met him, You did not notice? So to blame him now that he doesn't give You the money?

Or the other option. Your man is not a workaholic, and You saw it from the beginning. And how You tried to inspire him to feats, but was unable to lift him from the couch. Where did he get money if he is lying on his back?

You can develop this theme further, discussing men, but there is one thing. In "situation two" are responsible both. The woman for choosing such a man (lazy, greedy, weak, etc.). Male – that chose a woman, who inspires him to feats.

It is noticed that the higher a woman's self-esteem, the more she desires, the faster growing financial close with such a woman a man. He grows and shares with it these benefits, and then, he has added.

Fewer women than below it appreciates, permits to treat yourself polluting ("latest threats took away my money"), the less money is added to her men, the worse they live and in terms of relationships in General.

Hence the summary. Women, start with yourself! Develop your "want" allow yourself to want more, and begin to look at it. Look at what You want, not on what you don't want!


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Watch carefully what partners You choose, so you do not deal with their mess, because an adult can not be changed, he can only want it for myself.

Look carefully at what You really see – what You in Your paintings of the present, what are You visions of the future, get rid of negative images of the past and give more love to your hurt parts of yourself! published


Author: Olga Grigorieva




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