What you pay for modern men

You know, there are women who like it is not beautiful, and figure they do not fit into the standards of beauty, and mind do not shine, but there are always a lot of men who are willing to be there and meet her every whim.

What is "this" in these women that men are willing to do our best and not possible? Than they attract and hold attention? How to become one of them?

How to find the very thing for which man is willing to pay, pay your time, energy, funds, their feelings and emotions, to pay its finding next to help pay their capabilities.

I do not pay. Want to give it all myself, and yet at the same time be happy as a child, the woman takes his "gifts».

How many of these stories, when a woman is "lucky" in his hump everything yourself, children, family, man. Abysmal. Why for that they do not receive "payment"? Why forced all life to work hard, and at the same time remain deeply unhappy, always with a bunch of aunts zatyukali permanent problems.

The former Soviet Union, some women formed patterns of behavior, which, in their opinion, will lead them to a well-fed and rich life by men. In these women activated the button "man should».

In general it is possible to lead a small classification of such women. And they all understand somehow in their own things for which a man must "pay».

All this is not intended, of course, to some research or scientific graduation, this is purely my opinion on the world.

But I have met in my life these women typecasting:

1. "Pretty Woman." - Milkmaid

It was always interesting to watch the story of how a woman seeking a man, offering comfort for the material in fact, what is at each, namely the bust and vagina. Such is the "product". Brains to this set is not available.

They believe that man is just and necessary, and if Milkmaid drew attention to a man, it must a priori fall into the euphoria of her charms, and keep it until the end of his life.

Milkmaids offer and offer their "goods", genuinely believe that it bring happiness to all "goat».

They do not want to grow, and in general to focus on in the relationship something else, believing that a man made happy sex, allowing him "to the body", took out the winning ticket to the future. Often, it is the only "product" that they offer.

Add to this infantile whims and not sincere emotions, demands, manipulation, "he should».

I admit that some of them put a lot of time and effort to maintain its "beauty", and for a while able to keep the attention of the man until he ochuhaetsya and does not understand that his trite "diluted". And one set of examples to find, when a woman puts tremendous power in the "goods" maintain in good quality, being sure that such "goods" - this "investment" of men in the future, and in fact are again in alone and with complete confidence in the that "all men goats." They just do not realize that such a product has each second, and even a rubber doll.

In fact, it all boils down to the fact that femininity have changed the concept of corruption. Why the women drummed into his head that in just her presence next to a man, for the possibility of permanent sex man should just have to keep it to pay for her whims, to be carried to her call, and to satisfy all its needs. Prostitutskoe worldview that has nothing to do with reality.

If a woman needs in a relationship with a man reduced to commodity-money relations, the woman of his "work", that is, the appearance and sex wants to receive money, gifts and dinners, you should not be surprised that this work was "low" rated or women in general did not receive "salary».

2. Alenka

There is also another type of women. These women believe that for emotions, affection, caring man automatically has to pay for the woman, putting on their shoulders all the responsibility for it.

If milkmaids sell body, Alyonushka - feelings and emotions, and, admittedly, the latter in this case look more intelligent. On emotions can "breed" for a long time. The question as own feelings and emotions. During this Alenushka want to receive gifts, money, clothes, restaurants. Button, "a man must" have Alenushek also activated, but they are just as mediocre as milkmaids.

And if a man is manifest in response to the same emotions and feelings, the Alenushka consider themselves left out because they were counting on the other. They have in mind the pattern - be gentle and affectionate - and you will automatically fall down manna from heaven as gifts, dinners and money from the man. Nothing more is required. Even the appearance and good sex. But all the same infantilism, inability to make decisions and manage their own lives.

A man should. Unshaken. Women expect that men bring flowers and champagne, buy ice cream, solve the problem, correct situation, earn a lot of money, plant a tree, build a house. And she would sit languidly, submissive and silent. Or silent, there could be as lucky ...

A man should pay for affection, care, attention only affection, care and attention. Gifts, money, restaurants and other optional and men as possible. As if it did not sound wildly. Be feminine - and a man will keep you. Ha! Beautiful fairy tale.

3. Hanger

She knows exactly what she wants and does this in every possible way. It is pragmatic and landed a husband or life partner is looking for someone poperspektivney. Do not expect from men of miracles, but also "their" will not miss. By "our" here means: time, energy, money, interest, desire, money and other benefits like the man. That, in theory it should be.

This Madame pursues a man, she calls and says she invites to dinner in restaurants and cinema, she asks to buy her favorite thing or just give money. This return is not offered almost nothing maximum Cute appearance, but the village slept generously snap bulldog mentality, "narrow-minded" brains and a terrible desire to arrange his life "not-less-than-in-other».

Man as a person and a person of little interest to these women, it is much more important for their status and the presence of a thick wallet. However, the wallet may not be thick, and the status can be and not be so high, will fit in almost any sector. The main thing to "find Elaeagnus", which will satisfy her wild desire to enter the strange hump in paradise.

Such women should a man on the fact of his birth, and the woman does not ignore the hanger, no male body in a radius of five kilometers, scanning for all

«Perhaps in the economy will come in handy."

4. Hostess

At hostess another slogan: "He is a man - to earn, I the woman - the house must contain so children grow»

. She and refer to himself as a peasant woman. Aunt of indeterminate age, scandalous, truslivenkoy, pragmatic and tedious to gnashing of teeth; aunt zatyukali "this-svolochnoy-life" a little envious, does not expect anything good of the world, in the soup, borscht head, child bloodsuckers yes hubby - lazy, "drink - but at least the money earned." Earned gives it, leaving himself a beer so on cigarettes.

Such is the Hostess clearly knows that a man should support his family, to feed the children and cattle. In response, the man gets a meal, washing, ironing, cleaning, summer - 6 acres in the garden, in the winter - the ability to "score a goat" dominoes with Druganov. Stars from the sky is not enough, neither he nor she. Money is there in life Hostess hard, go quickly. To change this situation, it can not, one hope for man. That should.

In reality, we see that every man, woman who bestowed his romantic attention, sex, imposed by the "services" or cooked soup, prepared in response to render any service in any situation, sacrificing their own interests, time and money. The woman going on a shake, as she understands it, the gap pattern, such pleasant "reality" is crumbling before our eyes, causing unpleasant emotional processes, pain, hurt, anger, disappointment.

Why is it, you bastard, do not pay? I told him the most expensive, but it is ...

Women do not understand that, in order to avoid unpleasant emotional processes, it is necessary to turn off the button "man must" remove all expectations, estimates and expectations, although it is difficult. Of course, you can stay in this warm and cozy cocoon, still resent and complain that all men goats and villains, as all must, and do not give.

And just turning off the button "man must" become emotionally independent woman, and automatically becomes attractive to men. This gives her the hope to build a truly harmonious relationship.

The secret of harmonious relationship that both are equally ready to give each other the care, affection, love, both are equally interested in the relationship and in each other, both are ready to give unselfishly to another manifestation of love inherent in their sex. And both are willing to pay another for what is really valuable.

For what men are willing to "pay»?

Men still are willing to "pay" and "pay" very different women for a very different "goods».

They "pay" for sincerity, for the sense of humor, for his loyalty, to respect their interests and hobbies. Men "pay" for the self-esteem and consistency at the level of thoughts feelings and actions, for the sympathy and complicity.

"Pay" for this sensuality, genuine orgasms, not imitation, "pay" for a lively and sincere interest in him as a person.

Men "pay" for independence and fragility, but at the same time for a real weakness, and not the ability to cope without him.

Men "pay" for the subtle mind and irony directed against his enemies, but not at him, for the help and support of all its undertakings without moralizing and control.

Men "pay" for their faith in his dreams, for the approval of his ideas and solutions.

Men "pay" for the laughter from his jokes, for the opportunity to fool around, remembering childhood, but at the same time do not like outspoken antics.

Man "pays" for failing to suppress a smile through tears when he offended and tries to make amends.

Man "pays" for the fact that a woman is constantly provoking him to get out of your comfort zone, and it comes out.

Man "pays" own unrest on what such a woman may choose not to him.

Man is ready to "pay" for a great time together, an evening in a cozy atmosphere, in a great company, with an intelligent and understanding person, speaking to him in the same language.

Man "pays" inaccessibility, for sincere generosity and lack of greed.

Man "pays" for the inspiration.

Man "pays" for real femininity.

Men are overwhelmingly influenced by women, although few know it; for women they ascend to heaven or descend to hell. Last road - the most favorite and almost everywhere approved.

- Bram Stoker

You know, there are women who like it is not beautiful, and figure they do not fit into the standards of beauty, and mind do not shine, but there are always a lot of men who are willing to be there and meet her every whim.

What is "this" in these women that men are willing to do our best and not possible? Than they attract and hold attention? How to become one of them?

Author: Olga


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