The contents of series 1 season of the series, Olga (TNT).

If you are waiting for the Olga series season 3, then you might want to refresh your memory and read what was in previous seasons.
This is why we published the contents of the previous series.

Olga is packing his bags to the sea. Children do not really approve of such a venture. Because now you will have to cook dinners, as my grandfather is constantly in a drunken stupor, and my mother's sister only care about men. Jurgen trying to create the impression that he was very fascinated by coaching. Actually, the man only cares about alcohol. Olga will try again to solve the problem of the Pope. It was at this point she meets Gregory.
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2nd series
After meeting with parents of Andrew, Olga manages to convince them that the family lost Anka, and their son need protection from such relatives. The lovers are separated. Soon she realizes that was wrong, she wants to make amends with her daughter, but she escapes through the window.
Gregory Ola presents all kinds of romantic gifts, but she does not believe that the tomatoes and zucchini from your own garden help to improve relations. But Jurgen willing to talk to a fan of his eldest daughter, because, for Gregory, a homemade brandy, which he wanted to treat you like a woman.

3 series
Olga rushes to an unfamiliar apartment where her unlucky daughter. A woman wants to say that have prepared a room for Anna and her lover, but my daughter behaves very aggressively. Andrei tries to save the situation.
Grisha once again begs Olga to go on a date with him, convincing a woman that his intentions are very serious.

Olga takes from Grisha gift prepared by her grandmother. Such an act produces in her a good impression, she allows the guy to spend the evening with her. This is not a romantic date. Guy gives sweetheart with apartment renovation.
Timothy imagines himself fully grown. He flirts with the neighborhood girls, and for that gets a slap in the face. Andrei decides to stand up for the relative. Whether this story is Anka? She's pregnant, nervous shock, it is contraindicated.

Patience Olga comes to an end. She decides to encode his father. The same tries to cheat the daughter, hiding bottles of alcohol in the most remote places. Andrew defines Anku the best in the clinic. She offers the girl a huge sum of money to leave her son alone. Timothy often visited his uncle Toto. Olga didn't like it. She goes to the market to talk with a man.

The 6 series
She decides to conduct a General cleaning, but even this does not distract her from thinking about the Grisha. Lenkin boyfriend, who promises to whisk her off to a far country, already sitting in the bathtub with the other. Timokha arguing with Anya. After another quarrel with Andrew, she became even more unbearable. Jurgen suffers from headaches. He had a few days of not drinking. Now he needs money for a new addiction.

Life Jurgen again sparkle with new colors. Now he smokes weed. Olga still does not know about it. Now it solves its own problems. After a night of adventure, the blonde woke up in a strange apartment, and even met a very strange old woman, who was Grishina grandmother. Saving Olga from the pushy boyfriend, the guy had to use force. That's why he was behind bars, and grandma rushed to Ola, to ask for help. Anya and Andrew are still fighting.

8 series
Personal life Olga is getting better. She thinks about the Grisha. The guy invites her to the theatre. But the son did not give her to enjoy the beautiful evening. The boy too hurt to the mother. She tries to eliminate from his life the Eastern tradition. The boy decides to go to her father in Baku. Olga cannot afford such.
Anya to piss off lover, goes on a date with another man. Andrei upset. Father Ollie also decided not to waste time. He's trying to build a relationship with a girl from a local kiosk.

9 series
Olga could not decide if she was Grisha. After a bye in nature, she is sure that it is better not to meet. Until she solves problems on the personal front, the father is concerned about the installation of the new window. A friend nicknamed Cheech throws him an interesting idea, but pay for it will be too expensive. But Olga was just starting to trust my own daddy.

10 series
Olga again complains of her daughter. Anka believe that you will live and without the Institute, which takes a lot of time. Jurgen throws herself under the wheels of various cars in an attempt to make money. After all, collectors are not asleep.

11-I series
The son of Olga considers herself a true Azerbaijani. This time he decided to get circumcised. A real man should do it at home, without anesthesia.
Olga is sent to the birthday celebration Grishina grandmother, who is already looking forward to grandchildren. Plan Jurgen to write off the debt he is about to collapse. He couldn't help even reputable Boris Flour.

12 series
From Jurgen exhausted all the imagination about where to get the money to repay the debt. All the family in suspense, because ransomware is a day standing under the porch, threatening to burn down the apartment. Ola Gregory offers to take advantage of the savings, which grandma gathered for the funeral.
Tim for the sake of his grandfather ready to steal. Lena tries to fend off Andryukha with a gas canister. But all for the sake of a common goal.

13 series
Jürgen drinking again. All the money that he received as a Deposit for the sale of the room, almost over. Olga can not meet with the father. She's looking for him in the sports school.
Anna is unhappy that Andryukha constantly busy at work. She believes that the beloved pays her little attention. Lena once again disappointed in men.

14 series
Jurgen continues his dissolute lifestyle. The owner of the brothel persuades him to invest in the opening of the store intimate products. Grisha tries to establish a relationship with Timothy. The boy is very hostile.
Anya decided to test his beloved allegiance. Friend throw her about this interesting idea.

15-I series
Grisha wants to help Jurgen to get rid of the terrible disease. In fact, Terentyev made to call Olga pity. Daughter still does not admit it to his family.
Andrew tries to get rid of the annoying Alina. But Lena can't accept the fact that men consider it frivolous. She turns to her sister for moral support.

16 series
Jürgen managed to escape from the healers, which left him Grisha. Now Olga has no idea where she's hiding her deadbeat dad. She decided to help Andrei. After all, Alina becomes unbearable, and quarrels with his pregnant Anya guy.
Tim complains to uncle Toto in the school for his bad attitude not only classmates, but also teachers. Blame serve his Azerbaijani roots.

17 series
Jurgen starts a romantic relationship with Nina, who lives in his apartment in the neighboring room. The girl suggests Terentyev, that he might again become a father.
Olga Grisha decided to live together. The employee of gas service, which Tim allowed in the apartment, was not what was presented originally.

18 series
Anya happy. Her father buys her anything she wants, but still has forever to fly him to Thailand. Andrei suffers, flooding sorrows in alcohol. She is torn between two suitors. A rich oilman willing to give her much, and the prisoner classmate while capable only of romantic messages.
Jürgen once again tries to beg Nina's money, inventing a story about an imaginary disease.

Paul hands over the tickets to Thailand. He comes to Olga with a gift, saying that he wants to rebuild a relationship with her. Lena could not reconcile the Anya and Andrew. The guys finally had a fight. Anna plans to have an abortion.

20 series
Jurgen is looking for all sorts of reasons, to be discharged from the clinic for the mentally ill. Gregory agrees to help Paul to leave town. Anya hurries to a private hospital for an abortion, but the control will not allow you to do this. The boy tells Andrew about the terrible decision sister. She feels happy. She enjoys prison date with max.
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