The series in the genre of horror

Soaps in the horror genre can be counted on the fingers. Personally, I remember only a spooky thriller from childhood "Twin Peaks" zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story", which will be discussed in my post. This series was launched on television in October 2011 and immediately won the love of the audience.

"American Horror Story" has obvious advantages - a kind of chips that make this show different from others. First of all, each new season of the show - this is a new story. Unlike other series, where five or even ten seasons devoted the same characters and events, each new season of "AIU" reveals the secrets of brand new heroes in a completely new field. For example, the scene of the first season of the series was the so-called "home-killer." This luxurious mansion, which by the way, there really is, and in Los Angeles since 1908, became the hero of the story, and it was developed around all the events of the season.

Posters for 1 season

Action Season 2, which was launched on TV last fall, unfolded in 1964 in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. The grim hospital called "Brayrkliff" in itself looks scary, but the creators of the series managed to bring the story to an extreme point by mixing together the religious themes, the story of the serial killer, the problem of relations between the sexes, and even the story of the aliens. This mixture is absurd and does not cause anything but laughter, but this feeling haunts you exactly to the moment until you see the first series of the season. Then you will not be able to break away.

The second feature of the series - this is his quote. Quotes are not in the literal sense of the word, and references to movies, historical characters and events that have influenced the course of the story and definitely duplicate it. Virtually every series "AIU" has a similar quote, whether referring to the famous "Silence of the Lambs" with his maniac who liked to sew clothes from human skin, or mention of lobotomies and shock therapy, as in the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

And the third, and in my opinion, the most interesting feature of the project - is that the role of the main characters in different seasons of the series perform the same actors. Thus we have a unique opportunity to observe the transformation of the actors, to see how they get used to a completely different, and often contradictory images. And all this in one show!

If we are talking about the cast, then it's time to reveal the person who is the principal inspiration and driving force of all the TV project. Actors involved in the show very much, so I will focus only on those who appeared in both seasons of the series.

First, of course, it is worth noting Jessica Lange. According to producer Ryan Murphy, Lang is the shining star of the series, and in this we do not doubt, because it is a first-class actress. In the first season, Lang received, though not a major role, but it is very significant. In the second season, reincarnated into the image of a capricious and rigid nuns Judith Jessica showed amazing acting game, becoming the central character of the show.

Jessica in the first season ...

... And in the second

The young actor Evan Peters, who is also still boyfriend Emma Roberts, also played in both seasons of "AIU". The role of the troubled teenager with a terrible secret and the image of a young man accused of massacres, brought Evan fame. Moreover - it is the unofficial sex symbol of the project, which go crazy thousands of girls around the world.

In one of the episodes of the first season of the hero Peters Tate appears in this makeup. This make-up is a replica of tattoos zombie combat Rica Dzhenesta.

Lily Rabe appears to us in a completely opposite way - the role of women from the past and in the role of a young nun ... possessed by the devil. The dual nature of the last character Rabe, to which the actress, by the way, well managed, secured Lily love of fans, many of whom say that it Rabe can compete Jessica Lange in this series.

Dylan McDermott in the first season played a major role, but in the second he had to settle for a cameo. However, McDermott was not upset: "Not every day is possible to play a serial killer, whose father was a serial killer" - laughs the actor.

Actress Sarah Paulson showed himself as a psychic in the image of the journalist, struggling to unravel the secrets that are kept behind the doors of a mental hospital. If the first role was a cameo, and is not particularly significant in the series, the second brought Paulson fame. And also a lot of gossip and rumors about her sexual orientation.

Zachary Quinto, unlike many of my colleagues on the series, was known to the whole world and to the television show. However, this popularity has not played Quinto at hand - in the first season he got a small role, the importance of which was hardly large. But the second season of the actor turned to a very interesting role - the role of the psychiatrist who ... However, you will learn about it, when you look series.

And the last of the actors who are fortunate enough to appear in both seasons of "AIU" - Frances Conroy. This beautiful actress embodied on the screen the image of a maid, terrorizing his master, and the image of the angel of death. Yes, instead of death with a scythe in "American Horror Story" appeared more romantic and attractive angel of death.

A very important part of the show was the make-up, by which the creators of the show managed to perform different tricks with the faces and bodies of actors, making frightening, terrifying and even unpleasant. Do not panic! Here are some of them.

Mena Suvari in the form of well-known victim maniac, which the press called "The Black Dahlia" (or "The Black Dahlia»).

And this beauty was one of the minor characters in the second season. The heroine named Pepper played by actress Naomi Grossman, who in real life looks very even nothing. Pepper the way the image was borrowed from the film Tod Braunninga "Freaks", dated 1932. One of the heroes of the film was the character Schlitz - almost an exact copy of Pepper.

Chloe Sevigny. After numerous medical experiments conducted on her Nazi doctors. Obeznozhenny and disfigured appearance of the heroine Sevigny - as a reference to the film "Freaks».

Victim of a fire in one of the episodes of the first season.

As I said, "AIU" has gained immense popularity not only at home, but also around the world. The third season of the series is scheduled for release in October this year. After a long silence, the series producer Ryan Murphy, finally opened the main intrigue of the new season - this time in the center of the plot to be a witch! In addition, it became known that the events of the third season will develop in these days, but as in previous seasons, the plot is a lot of flashbacks and references to the past. The scene of the season will be just three cities, one of which is New Orleans.

His part in the filming of the third season already confirmed many of the actors. Among them, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and, of course, Jessica Lange, who once again perform in the show title role. A Laing support in this difficult matter none other than the winner of the "Oscar" Kathy Bates.


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