Religious series

What can we expect from the series about the mafia? Or steep militants who get tired in a few series or pretentious tyagomotiny. The series "The Sopranos" turned neither one nor the other. It turned out real. There is no positive Gere, and no negative. But you will see a great action with unpredictable plot, style, great game actors, voltage, and the dynamics of the music.

Game of Thrones
"I burerozhdennaya Daenerys of House Targaryen, from the blood of the old Valira, the mother of dragons, Andalién River Queen, roynarov and the first people of the Great Khalis Dothraki Sea, I declare that there is no and will not show better than the" Game of Thrones. " And here we agree with the Khalis. And at the same time ask the directors and of George Martin to create at least another hundred of his season, because of the intricacies of royal sons and daughters can watch endlessly.

It would seem that everything is simple - six guys are friends, they never have enough money, they argue, meet, break up, and looking for a job in this world. But in the 10 years of its existence, the series "Friends" has collected an entire army of fans around the world, 33 category "Emmy" and rave reviews, and his family have become heroes to millions of viewers. And they want to be a little bit similar.

The X-Files
This series with a clear conscience can be called a cult. And it was not in the plot - Agents Mulder and Scully unraveling government conspiracies, aliens are caught, all sorts of monsters and maniacs. The point is how they do it. The relationship of the main characters keep the audience in suspense until the last series. And this is, I'm sorry, skill.

Dr. House
The series "House" - it is a real storehouse of sarcasm. Yes, and the wildly charismatic House leaves no one indifferent: someone he can not stand for honesty and disregard for others, or someone comes to the indescribable delight from the magnificent mind of the hero. In general, good writing about the show can be very long. But it is much better to watch. Just watch and enjoy.

This series - currently a television madness because forced millions of viewers around the world for eight seasons empathize with Dexter Morgan - a serial killer in Miami. And, like any crazy, he is a genius. Because it does not divide the world into good and evil, good and bad. Each of us, as the protagonist, Dexter, is on the verge of these concepts. And it is all about choice.

It would seem that we can show the life of a doctor - a never-ending stream of patients, and the bacilli infections. No, not only. In the "ER" the story of the professional duties and responsibilities of the doctor stretched by as much as 15 seasons. But did it qualitatively - the series has turned serious, realistic and exciting. The theme of medical ethics, saving other people's lives and build their own life find it better reflection. And probably because of this series, many of us wanted to become a doctor again.

Sex and the City
This series is impossible not to love. At least for the fact that writers and actors have shown any passion and intrigue happening in a woman's world, on the details and nuances of which is unknown to any man. And a special thank you for the New York - the one and only.

Twin Peaks
I must say, David Lynch could not take the show to others. His "Twin Peaks" frightens and fascinates at the same time. I want to go back and talk to every citizen, have a strong hot coffee at a local coffee shop, to visit all the memorials, recording his thoughts aloud to the recorder, as did the agent Cooper. Not watched "Twin Peaks"? Well, if you do not know the answer to the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?».

It is from the series «Lost» on television the era bursting with huge budgets and grandeur tapes. But the story of the misadventures of passengers missing God knows where the ship became a cult because we never really knew what could happen in the next minute on the screen: who will leave and who would "stay alive". Of course, we were at the show and misses, but they pale in comparison with the amazing and unique world that he gave us.

Breaking Bad
The series "Breaking Bad" is considered to be the highest achievement of American television. But call it a TV series on the scale, scope, acting and the atmosphere does not turn language. Many TV shows are blown towards the end. With Breaking Bad things differently. Pretending the first two seasons of black comedy, "Breaking Bad" in the third season strongly that crosses a dangerous line, for which hardly anyone dares to go. So I get the story you want to see and hear.

Both the Met Your Mother
"How I Met Your Mother" is the five of us friends who fall in love in first sight. This episode tells about things that are important to each of us: about friendship, family, relationships, and most importantly - the search for true love. It's very funny, upbeat and heartwarming sitcom, which may well be called "Legen ... wait, wait ... Darn!»

The Big Bang Theory
For the first time after seeing "The Big Bang Theory", you will be sorry they did not know about this show before. Comedy saga of physicists superuspeshnyh in science, but losers in life, in the last 7 years of existence, has become a cult around the world and has dismantled a quote. By the way, this autumn leaves 8 season.

Can you imagine the series "ALF" appeared on Russian screens almost 20 years ago. And we all just love this funny alien, despite the fact that he is a decent glutton, snapper and grunts. And all because of his pure thoughts, the soul is open and responsive heart.

The series "Californication" is not like the chaste nuns, because life is shown without censorship. But he needs to pay tribute - for colorful dialogue, seasoned expertly chosen strong language, for a lot of comical situations, for the brilliant actor's game, as well as perfectly developed characters. And for David Duchovny, who is definitely going through this series, the second birth.

Fool me
"Lie to Me" - that the series, which keeps the tension and keeps the viewer before the end of the screen to view. In many respects it is a merit of the charismatic Tim Roth and his hero. The idea is also not let us down - who would not want to "read people". But more importantly - certainly one wonders: "Do not often than once every 10 minutes I was lying, and is it necessary?».

Move characters Arthur Conan Doyle in the 21st century is no easy task, but the creators of the modern Sherlock Holmes coped with it. Detective with a mobile phone and the Internet - why not. Yes, in this variation of the Holmes stories, he is not a gentleman, he is more cruel and arrogant. But when watching the show, you can at least temporarily forget about the vulgarity and soap operas, and to incorporate mindfulness and smelkalku.

This detective
"True Detective" - ​​more than a regular series about the police, because it has all the signs of good-quality artistic paintings and spared from the usual serial negligence. One detail here emphasizes another completes, develops, forming a web that envelops the viewer. And by acting McConaughey and Harrelson is impossible to break away. See - not to reconsider the benefit of the show has just begun.

Liquidation - one of the few Russian serials on the fight against the bandits, who are not ashamed to look at. The director managed to gather a great team, as a result of which was published in this worthy picture. Yes, on this subject I shot a lot of films, but this has turned out amazingly distinctive, because each actor has invested in a part of himself. The cast here - a multi-faceted diamond.

Cool. No, it's fine. Although there is - perfect, that's probably the right word to describe such series as "The Clinic". For almost 10 years of its existence, he was able to show us the life of hospital employees in a new, unusual and funny format. Even people who are far from the medical theme, enthusiastically watching each set, laughing at jokes and sarcastic quoted Dr. Cox.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The series, which began to take off even in the middle of the last century, more than once received a sequel, but it was the most worthy of this part. She managed to beat all the ratings of its predecessor and was nominated for an Emmy. The essence is the same - to step boldly go where no man has gone before. But a lot has changed - the captain, crew and the ship itself, "Enterprise." And yet we were able to dive deeper into the inner world of the characters, to experience the mountain with them and celebrate victories.

Doctor Who
The series of the Time Lords "Doctor Who" was withdrawn in 1963 and became a real national treasure in Britain. And no wonder - a series that has a special charm, a special energy and an immortal soul. There are also adventure and battles, beautiful and thoughtful characters, incredible history and heroes. And there it incredible doctor, whose farewell to his companions and friends is far worse than any, because it reminds him of solitude.



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