The hero of three wars. Cossack legend

This monument placed Cossack Constantine Nedorubovu not on his grave.
This monument was erected to him in the hero-city Volgograd.
And there is a monument to Cossack rightly - Konstantin I. undercuts unique personality.
Veteran of three wars - 1st World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War.
Russia's only hereditary Don Cossack, who had the highest awards and Tsarist and Soviet Russia.
Constantine undercuts born May 21, (June 2), 1889, and the 1st World undercuts met as a scout 15th Cossack Regiment. From an ordinary Cossack reconnaissance rose to chief intelligence group.
Well fought.
Just alone captured 52 (!) Austrian soldiers led by an officer. However avstiytsev too could understand - two meters tall Cossack, oblique seven feet at the shoulders, in one hand, sword in the other - the pomegranate, and the rock scary. Monster, not a man!
There were other feats. For which he was rewarded with four crosses of St. George (the full "George's bow") and was promoted to Officer cadet.

In the Civil War as a winning did not work, although he had a chance to do some fighting and white, and red. And there, and there, twice. It was, what can I say ...
Yes, orders for the war orders had not, but that's red revolutionary trousers awarded. Was also ...
In 1920, military service in the Red Army chose to leave - waking, navoyevat! Although red rose to the commander of the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the Taman (by the way, sled in his regiment began then still an unknown Semyon Timoshenko). But eight scars on the body, like a bullet, forever stuck in the chest, health is not added. But his "George" retained despite the new government, which the royal awards strongly disliked.
In 1933, the "villages" - being in the position of chairman of the collective farm, was "sentenced under Article 109 of the Criminal Code" for the loss of grain on the field. '" (Hunger. For grain losses, imaginary and explicit authority punished without hesitation.) The dark history.
Sentence - 10 years in the camps. Hit the Volgolag for construction Moscow-Volga Canal. Worked there for almost three years and was released "into the wild" advance. According to the official statement for "shock work" (although they say that there great help Cossack writer Sholokhov, which undercuts knew personally). However, at a construction site undercuts worked really "like a convict." And not because I was forced to, but because they did not know how to do half.
After "his release" of rights was not impressed.
By the beginning of World War I. Constantine was not subject to conscription age - like it or not, and '52.
In October 1941, a volunteer came to be formed in the city Uryupinsk Cavalry Cossack Division - did not take. Not even because of the age, and sc former White Guard, and served.
And undercuts went to the 1st Secretary Berezovsky District Committee of the CPSU (b) Ivan Vladimirovich Shlyapkin. Old Cossack cried: "I'm not in the rear ask! .." Shlyapkin immediately called the chief of the district of the NKVD: "Under my responsibility!»
Accepted. As 17-year-old son Nicholas Nedorubova.

So she went to a Cossack third war. Terrible war. Scariest of all three in which he participated.
From July 1942 the battles.
And the most terrible battles of stanitsey Kushchyovsky and around it.
Were cut "into the bone»!
Here and ours, and the Germans did not even brutalized and rabid.
The 15th, 12th and 116th Cossack Division against the 198th Infantry, 1st and 4th Mountain Division of the Wehrmacht, reinforced with whatever you can. (It is said that there is even wormed some Italians and Romanians, however, German historians deny this.)
Nobody wanted to give!
Resistance was supported by some native land, some interior rage and mnogosotletnimi martial traditions, other resistance - a firm belief in himself as a yubermenshey different combat training and technical superiority.
2-3 August Kushchyovsky three times passed from hand to hand.
Everything was in those battles - and fierce mortar and artillery fire and melee, and successful horse attacks on guns and shooting at close range when the 70-tipatronny drive PCA shoots a burst in a chain attack the enemies (and no bullet did not go wide of the mark ), and throwing grenades at the tanks.
In one of the submissions for the award says that in July-August 1942 undercuts in battles personally destroyed over 70 enemy soldiers and officers (confirming the old rule that "the old lion - still the lion"), but in reality he has killed a lot more ( It is said undercut "70 I killed for only one day of fighting under Kushchyovsky»).
Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 25 October 1943 for exemplary performance of command assignments at the front of the fight against the Nazi invaders and for displaying courage and heroism Guard Lieutenant Nedorubovu Konstantin I. Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star »(№ 1302). In addition, he was awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner and medals.
After heavy injury in the Carpathians, in December 1943, Hero of the Soviet Union guards captain undercuts been recognized non-combatant and was dismissed from the ranks of the Red Army. Returned home to the village Berezovska Danilov district of Stalingrad area. Many worked.

Family Nedorubovyh, 1950, village Berezovska
Died December 13, 1978.
Until the end of his life wore his "George" along with the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union. (I had no cognitive dissonance.)

Name Konstantin I. Nedorubova awarded Volgograd Cadet Cossack Corps.


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