10 well-known films, which may result in very different

There are some movies that we know almost by heart - I remember all master replicas and plot twists. I think they are perfect and they are difficult to imagine others. But it turns out, at the time director chooses among several versions of the final, sometimes solving a question of life and death of the protagonist. Some alternative endings were filmed, and can be found online.

Who knows, just as much as we would have liked these films, whether they have a different ending? In any event, revision Website offers to see the well-known story in a completely different light.

Beware, spoilers!

Breakfast at Tiffany

Those who watch the movie first, and then read the novel by Truman Capote, a big surprise - the characters do not merge in a kiss in the rain. No happy ending to this story is not and should not be - not a character in Holly Golightly. In the original story and the contradictory irrepressible Holly dreams give birth in a very strange place, and in the end the protagonist loses her tracks.

To be honest, we prefer not cinematic, and the ending of this history book, full of bitter irony and melancholy charm.

Forrest Gump

One of the best films in cinema history was based on the novel by Winston Groom, but the director has decided to dramatically change the history of Forrest and Jenny. In the movie, as we know, Jenny dies and Tom Hanks' character one has a son - and it's painfully touching finale. The book also has a son, but Jenny still live, however, is getting married to another man. What is the ending you prefer?

Winston Groom in response to this question was very adamant - he did not like the film adaptation awful. He even began to write the continuation of "Forrest Gump," where the main character says, "Do not let anyone make a movie of your life»

I - a legend

The controversy over what the final film is better, do not cease. In addition to rolling, in which Robert Neville dies, giving hope to humanity by his death, he was removed one more. It comes to Robert zombie leader, to pick up his beloved, and Neville sees the "bad people" are capable of affection, and, therefore, to build any of the social order. In this case the protagonist is alive and leave the city.

Such isolation is closer to the book (novel by Richard Matheson, where the zombies manage to create their own company), and many believe that it is better to reveal the essence of the story. But, on the other hand, we must pay tribute to the director - in his version of the film is much more impressive

With the Russian subtitles alternate ending can be found here li.. > butterfly effect

For this wonderful multiple endings have been filmed in many ways the film. We know the version in which Evan decides to leave Kelly alone, knowing that over and over again destroys the life of his girlfriend. Heroes see each other on the street, but just pass by.

The director, depressive version of the hero (horror of horrors!) Commits suicide in the womb. From this final viewing audience on the test we were in shock. And the other - super positive - Evan and Kelly, who met on the street, tied a conversation, and it looks like this time they all will fine. Eventually the director decided not pereslaschivat and chose something in between.

View all versions of the final here. «bad" version finale with a Russian voice acting. 1408

A great horror film, "grew up" from a short story by Stephen King, also has an official and director endings that are radically different from each other. The one that we were shown in the movie, the hero of John Cusack rescued from the fire (like Stephen King), and the director, grim, he dies and becomes a ghost numbers.

Many viewers believe the gloomy ending more exciting. We in the editorial, opinion was divided, especially as roll ending happy ending is not so unambiguous. Smile character brings to mind the words of King, that those who have ever been in the room in 1408, in some sense, forever it will remain.

The director of the film ending. < /Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The movie ends with the scene at the family psychologist, and an alternative ending, we would still have shown mileyshuyu Smiths daughter. Already at a young age she shows nehily sniping abilities by shooting plastic Pups.

admire the daughter of Smith here. Club

Directed by David Fincher followed the book by Chuck Palahniuk almost one-to-one, but ending it is still changed. Perhaps this, too, was part of the success that has made "Fight Club," one of the most important cinema events of 90th.

In the book of detonators and explosions do not work can not be obtained, and the narrator wakes up in a mental hospital, surrounded by nurses, who are eager to save their leader and to continue the war against society. Although Tyler Durden was killed, but the hero seems doomed to remain a pale shadow of his.

Fincher did bolder - it would clearly show that everyone can win their domestic Tyler and make a move to his own life. Jack and Marla choose each other and holding hands, watching the old world is collapsing. Palahniuk confessed that ending Fincher he likes more than his own.

Sex and the City

In the latest series of "Sex" everything goes perfectly: Carrie tears with Petrovsky (Baryshnikov) and here it is Mr. Big, who suddenly realizes that it is the love of his life. But there were other options for the finals:

Country: Carrie is going to marry Petrovsky No:. Carrie and Mr. Big seems to be together, but maybe not . Carrie tells her friends that they will not rush things The sad but realistic:. Carrie tore relations with both of them and choose the friendship. She says in jest Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte: "You three, get out of me?» Mist

As you may have noticed in the post were already 2 other than film based on the book by Stephen King (and excellent film adaptation is not often obtained by his works). King Sam loves a happy-ends, or at least neutral finals, fans of horror movies and they are not very favor. That accounts for the directors to get out and change the ending.

In the story King "Fog" leaves open the final, his characters go in search of the military, and they will find it or not - is unknown. Directed by Frank Darabont came up with a far more brutal ending (once SPOILER!): The main character, in desperation, kills all close 5 minutes before the rescue. Stephen King was quite satisfied. "The new ending is just amazing! It scares ", - he said


. This film was the reincarnation of the best stories about Cinderella. The ending of the film, we all remember: Edward breaks up with Vivienne, but realizes that he can not live without it. He climbs into her apartment on fire stairs with flowers in their teeth, and proposes to her.

But the original script titled "Three thousand," written by writer JF Lawton, a very different ending -. A kind of "chernushny" the story of a modern life. Richard Gere hero Vivian brings back on Hollywood Boulevard, and throws her a wad of money and said, "You'll be sorry if you do not take them, you will regret in the same second as I go." In the final scene, Julia Roberts, along with his girlfriend went to Disneyland to squander money. And in front of her no-Th-th, represent? Only sadness but sadness.

As he told the writer, he decided to change the final straight during filming. Between heroes Gere and Roberts had such "chemistry" that this story just could not end badly. And we are very happy, though!

In fact, the films that could result in a very different, much more. We have collected only those who have something hooked. And what alternative endings favorite movies began to have a revelation? Share in the comments.

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