Mom makes drawings of his son in pastries ...

Konel Bread - alias women from Japan, creating a seemingly ordinary bakery. However, multi-colored pictures show up when cutting inside loaves. Often the skilled worker draws ideas for them in pictures of their young son.

The complexity of creating a bread with the secret lies in the fact that during baking the dough increases in size and difficult to predict what the result will picture.

Revision Website surprised the art-filled bread rolls and share your photos with them.

Painted bouquet is an idea for filling

Mom loves when his son draws her flowers

and here is the young artist-inspiration

The natural ingredients are used as dyes, including spinach, beets and cocoa

cooking technology has not been disclosed. Apparently, it is similar to the process of creating rolls

son's favorite toy is also embodied in the bread

child painted on their day birthday cake, my mother baked

This resourceful mom knows how to arrange his son a real holiday

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