How to discover a creative person or for the suppression of internal bores

Creativity is not the prerogative of the elite, and the inherent property of each person. In order to be creative, it is not necessary to paint or to play the trumpet. How to be a creative person at work or at home and how to make creativity common practice of life, said Olga Gavrilina, candidate of philological Sciences and coach of the scientific and creative process.

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How to support people who want to create, to write, to draw, to sing, to dance and to make creativity an integral part of my life — not for big screens and shelves, and for yourself to be and feel? Where should you start? Many creative people wonder, what if my procrastination, I'm lazy and lack of initiative? People are willing to produce a lot of words that do not allow them to do. And in order not to produce unnecessary fears, complexes and doubts, you need to know about their "creative nerds".


Impaired in relation to other people's opinions

When we share our creative ideas, we can reply: "you realize you're not Pushkin? You know that now it's not necessary that everything is already said?". And at this point, our creative nerd believes in the words, he does not find what to answer him, because nothing is created, he still doesn't know. And when we uncritically accept someone else's opinion, do not answer the question "why" at least a simple "I want", we go on about his creative nerds, forgetting that sometimes "the appetite comes during a meal", and understanding comes in the process of creativity.


Preference templatesThis bore requires us to concrete algorithms, which we will be able to create their job properly. He tells us "you have two degrees, and while you don't get a third until you wean on the writer, don't even think about writing a book. What is embroidery? You're not even some courses on the embroidery is not finished". He tells us "you will teach me first..."


Desire immediate results"I Want to write a novel, but it's one night not written. Want to dance, but something in me after the first session, not very good, probably not my thing." It's boring, which often hinders creativity, because we want to finish quickly. Desire quick results, the desire to come to the world glory to you translated into all languages, was shown on all channels and was invited to the radio station, makes us quick to complete, if we only started something global and big.


Self-doubt masquerading as laziness

Creative nerd tells us that we are lazy, we better lie down. But why really are underneath the insecurities? Because laziness never comes simply because you are too lazy. Usually one thinks, sure, or suggests that he is actually capable of nothing, he can't admit it to himself, and therefore seeks other employment, instead of to be creative. Sometimes laziness makes a person, for example, put all the socks in color, to place all the dishes by size, package books by color, poperepisyvatsya with someone in all possible social networks, to dream. But creative laziness stems from the fact that people do not know is it worth it to do it or not, what will happen soon will not work. I'm trembling creature or the creature I shivering? The third option is not given.


Negative thinkingNegative thinking is a Downer, which tells us that there is nothing, nothing happens, no one needs your creativity. He combines all five of nerds, but without it it is impossible to do, because it occurs by itself. Increased negativity of thinking: "I Have still not obtained". Many of his calls perfectionism.


What to do with the creative nerds?When we know that this is not our personal flaws, which we personally have to fight long, hard, all life that we know about their creative nerds, we don't have to constantly dig within yourself to find out why we have this time arose laziness? You can always bring it to one of creative nerds. Tell him, "thanks for coming" and let him stay. In psychology, there are techniques to deal with fear, but following them, we throw all forces on struggle and not do what we want. And again we go away from creativity, but now, to combat the disadvantages, the result is the same procrastination.

How to open yourself to creativity? How to get yourself to write? In fact, any answer to the question "how" begins with the question "why is this important to me." When we understand why it is important, then the answer to the question "how" will come, it will become obvious.

You can talk about the conditions that occur in people before they begin to be creative, which is often perceived as a constraint, but we can use them to their advantage. We begin to work with purpose, we need but not always able to recognize it, and demand of ourselves that we don't really need. To the questions: "why important for us to work?" people give different answers. It is important to understand to what extent they are willing to devote yourself to creative work. Some think about the work when they want to relax. When a person has a job that makes a person to be extremely focused, collected, always fit, he gets tired of it physically, he needs to rest, to relax, and that is the best relaxation not work? And we want to create, sometimes the most downloaded at work.


The desire of the restIf people want to relax, we immediately understand that art for him is not the priority of his life. This man needs to be creativity in the period when he is most tired, and it's not necessarily a long time: sometimes the person, for example, to relax enough to write a small stanza, he does not have to be published.


The desire to deal with your feelings, emotions and experiences

When we have a need to speak, to share their feelings when there is a need to be heard, the person begins to create. At this point it got very emotional. When driven by emotions a person writes, it includes certain mechanisms, he having thoughts about what to write in a more structured. Thus, he sets himself a task that can not be implemented, because his desire is quite another. If he is aware that for him, creativity is primarily the need to Express your feelings, not for recognition and fame, but for himself, then he takes off the excessive charge, excessive perfectionism, and begins to create in order to hear and feel.


The desire to systematize knowledgeWhen we start learning something new, we want to share with you my discoveries and what we found out. At this point, we are often comes a creative boring, and starts for us to say, "you know nothing, know everything better than you, you will not say anything new". But if we understand that the need to write for us is a desire to organize, we give ourselves the opportunity to record them in the form in which we need it.


The desire to leave behind a legacyThat desire comes to man together with the understanding that creativity needs to be a significant part of his life. When a person feels that he needs to create something greater, then he begins to take seriously any aspect of creativity, he begins to ask questions, to alter, to revise, to appeal to people who would be able to support him in this on a more professional level.

Many people think that the fourth desire is the most important, and the remaining three are not serious. But really there is no right or wrong answer, all desires are equally important for creativity. When we understand the origin of our need, we have more consciously and seriously wish.


How does one begin to create?When we ask the question "how?" there are side issues. For example, what will change in our lives when you see the creativity? What will change in our environment? When we understand, what external changes are made, we begin to take them, we'll clear the space, do the permutation, etc. the Next question is: what will change in our daily routine? We need to find the time for creativity. What will change in the relationship with relatives? When a creative person is in the process, he tends to withdraw into himself and not always able to respond to the needs of loved ones. When we understand that we will require attention, we think, how we will provide your loved ones communicating with us. And important question: what will change in my attitude? When creativity is a huge part of our lives, we begin to perceive itself, there is the pride, the confidence, the joy of what we do. We begin to discover in themselves new abilities, new talents, new interior characteristics that will support us to move forward.


What talents I have I will be able to access when the work will be part of my life?There is a belief that a wish does not occur without internal resources for its implementation, and hence the talent can be opened together with the manifestation of creativity. What then is important to me? For example, it is important for us to clear a space, to start, to continue or to finally, find the strength and courage to defeat fears, and when that happens, then we become important? After answering this question there is invariably a feeling that our familiar "clothes" of the thoughts and worldviews we become small. When we feel capable of something more, we always want to understand what we can become. I am the person who does? At this moment many start to look for some sort of a greater identity, a professional, a specialist, a harmonious person. And the next question. What more we should strive for? When there is a desire to develop, when there is understanding of the value of what we do, what we can strive for as professional growth we create for ourselves. Who do we want to leave that legacy?

When we want to start, the first thing we do is the decision to postpone the work or starting to do now. And after this decision, you can go further. After analyzing past experience, we can force ourselves to overcome it with willpower. When we analyze, we begin to think how to do otherwise. As they say, smart in the mountain will not go, clever mountain bypass. How do we get around this mountain to overcome. If so, we move on, if not — looking for how to do otherwise and go. For any doubt and question "how" there is always a lot of answers. published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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